Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Will Be Sure To Return It Someday

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This palm seemed like a world-destroying palm; blotting out the sky and covering the sun, with boundless might!

Even if it was still at the distant horizon, everyone here already felt the terror of this palm.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The scattered rocks on the Myriad Devil Ridge were directly crushed to dust.

For some time, sand and stone were flung all around, rock debris flying through the air. The entire land seemed to be trembling.

Everyone dare not imagine what kind of sight it would be after this palm landed.

“This palm is too terrifying! Could it be … a Deity Realm powerhouse?”

“N-No way, right? This palm landing is an apocalyptic calamity! What kind of existence did Boss Ye provoke?”

“Could it be that we disturbed an old monster slumbering in the Heavenly Slaughter Pit? The power of this palm is also too terrifying, right?”

Si Yin’s slaughter generals sensed an incredible threat, all crying out in shock.

“Kicking up a fuss over nothing! If Deity Realm powerhouses only have this bit of strength, they can find a piece of tofu to go commit suicide with! Damn Sikong Shang, you really think that you’ve stumped your Grandpa Ye?”

While talking, Ye Yuan leaped up and actually charged towards that enormous palm.

Seeing this scene, everyone could not help being tongue-tied.

Although Ye Yuan’s aura was imposing, under the terrifying might of the gigantic palm, it seemed so insignificant.

Everyone could even feel that Ye Yuan was going to be pulverized to dust by the gigantic palm in the next instant.

The huge palm came closer and closer, oppressing the entire space terrifyingly.

Puu, puu, puu 

Si Yin’s slaughter generals’ strengths were lacking. Being overwhelmed by the palm force, they directly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

At this rate, there was no need for the huge palm to land at all, they would all be utterly crushed to death.

Under this palm, they did not have the slightest strength to resist at all!

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh. The Sacred Dragon Token already arrived in his hand at goodness knows when.

At this very moment, there was no way he could conceal his strength anymore.

Even if divine essence was any more precious, forfeiting his life, it was also futile.

With Sikong Shang attacking personally, the might of this palm was simply too terrifying!

The terror of the Ten Great Divine Kings, ordinary people were completely unable to imagine it. Back then, just the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s one move, Nine Suns Burning Heaven, slaughtered dozens of divine king powerhouses.

This level of strength was simply daunting until it made people despair.

If not for so, how could the Ten Great Divine Kings be so revered by the Divine Realm’s martial artists?

Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang, was the most mysterious one among the Ten Great Divine Kings. Outsiders simply had no way of finding out his strength.

But no matter how poor his strength was, it also would not be much worse off compared to the Spirit Bristle Divine King.

Although this palm was only unleashed across space by him and the power was not even 1% of his absolute height of power, the aura had already locked onto Ye Yuan from far away long ago.

Such a palm, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to block it.

“Quickly run! If we’re still here, we’ll be affected by it!” Si Yin shouted.

Even if Si Yin did not speak, they would not dare to stay anymore either. They each displayed their movement techniques, wanting to escape far away from the heart of the storm.


The huge palm became closer and closer. The land actually cracked inch by inch under the power of this palm. The area within a radius of ten thousand miles actually had a massive crater struck out under this palm!

Seeing this scene, Shao Kai and the rest all opened their mouths wide, unable to close their mouths for a long time.

In the era where Divine Dao dwindled to zero, could there still be people with such horrifying strength?

They could not help looking at the Ye Yuan in midair, simply unable to imagine that he could actually still maintain standing in the air under such a palm.

If it were them, they would have probably been long smashed into minced meat already.

Even so, Ye Yuan was still pressed down by this palm.

He was already unable to advance an inch further anymore. Conversely, he was directly pressed down towards the ground by the huge palm’s power.

“A palm like this, how can it possibly be blocked? Boss Ye is … in danger this time!”

Not that An Ren did not view Ye Yuan favorably, but that this palm was seriously too powerful already.


The huge palm pressed down suddenly, directly crushing Ye Yuan into the ground!

The surface of the ground directly had a massive deep pit pressed out by the massive hand. The people were unable to imagine that Ye Yuan who was situated in the heart of the storm could still survive!

“Heh heh, Ye Yuan this brat was so arrogant. This time, Master personally took action and he actually still dared to resist. With this, he’s deader than dead, right?” Coldblood laughed mockingly as he said; his words had unspeakable ridicule.

“Master’s strength, outsiders simply cannot imagine it! Under this palm, there are absolutely no intact eggs! Ye Yuan this brat was cocky throughout the journey. He finally received retribution!” Heavenly Hedonist also concurred.

The two of them had both suffered considerable losses at Ye Yuan’s hands. Most importantly, Ye Yuan was clearly only Heaven Enlightenment Realm, but his strength was terrifyingly powerful.

Even if they wanted to take revenge, they had the heart but were lacking in strength too.

Now that their master personally took action, they were naturally incomparably excited.

“En? What’s going on?”

All of a sudden, Coldblood’s expression changed.

They sensed that a frightening aura was currently welling up from underneath the earth. That enormous black palm was actually showing signs of unsteadiness under this aura!


A scorching ray of light shot up towards the skies from under the huge hand, directly shattering the massive black palm. After that, it carried an unparalleled aura and charged straight for the horizons, speeding like the wind in the direction the gigantic palm came from.

That was an azure-colored huge dragon soaring above the nine heavens. That image was too shocking!

In a blink of an eye, the huge dragon disappeared!


The Sikong Shang at the extreme recesses of the Heavenly Slaughter Pit suddenly sensed a terrifying surge of aura spreading over following his gigantic palm!

His brows furrowed, but he stood up from meditation.


The enormous dragon shuttled through space, directly arriving in front of him.

Sikong Shang’s expression changed, but he lightly tapped a finger out, instantly erupting with a terrifying essence energy undulation.


The enormous dragon scattered and disappeared with a loud bang under this finger.

Yet, Sikong Shang’s expression was very ugly. His gaze could not help looking over towards the abyss not far away.

It was only to see a terrifying aura indistinctly transmit out from the depths of the abyss. It was as if there was something that was startled.

“I didn’t expect that this brat is actually carrying the dragon race’s divine artifact! Once this matter is settled, it looks like there’s a need to take a trip outside!”

As he said, he looked in the direction of the abyss again and said with a frown, “That fellow was startled, how troublesome! Now, I have to expend much more effort for no good reason again! This punk is seriously detestable!”

Inside the deep pit pressed out by the huge hand, Ye Yuan slowly crawled up, the clothing on his body already in tattered scraps. His aura was also very disorderly.

But when Coldblood and Heavenly Hedonist saw this scene, their blood ran cold, not daring to even breathe heavily.

Divine artifact!

It was absolutely the might of a divine artifact!

Ye Yuan actually had a genuine divine artifact in his hands!

What was even scarier was that Ye Yuan could actually unleash the true power of a divine artifact. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to survive under this palm of their master!

The two people exchanged a glance, both reading the incomparably shocked expression in the other party’s eyes.

There was a ripple in space. The Exalt Netherkill wearing black clothing finally came out from that space.

Ye Yuan glanced at him coldly and said, “Tell Sikong Shang, today’s palm, I’ll be sure to return it one day!”