Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Engaging In Contest On The Street

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In Great Xiang Region, there were two cities famous throughout the Divine Realm: Vastsun City and Bright Moon City.

These two great cities were both Rank One Holy Lands. Their strength was tremendous. But the distance between these two cities was merely 10 thousand miles away.

This distance, Phaseless Realm experts could travel more than a dozen times within half a day.

Although these two cities each governed several major territories, the two cities were extremely close apart.

The Zhou Family and Yue Family, these two families, had already had God knows how many years of legacy. They had always been like birds of a feather. These two families were united in marriage for generations. Their relationship was also intricate and complex.

Legend has it that these two families’ ancestors produced Deity Realm powerhouses before. Their foundations were extremely deep. But later on, because their bloodline gradually thinned, they declined little by little.

Of course, even so, once the two great families joined hands, they were an extremely terrifying existence too.

Even Super Holy Lands were not willing to overly offend these two families’ teaming up either.

At this moment, on a street in Bright Moon City, there were two young people, a man and a woman, who were currently strolling around and sightseeing.

The girl looked all around and strolled everywhere. But her interest was not very high, while the guy did not talk either. He just slowly followed by the girl’s side.

Suddenly, the girl seemed to have thought of something and ran over to hug the young man’s arm, saying affectionately, “Big Brother, tell you something, I ran into a youngster when I was at the Yi Sea City. His age was roughly around mine too, but his Formations Dao strength is probably even above yours! Back then, the super transmission array was spoiled. It was he, who finished repairing it single-handedly! I’m afraid, your title of number two genius in the Formations Path will have to change owners!”

The young man did not show a visibly moved expression on his face. He just said indifferently, “Just repairing a super transmission array. It isn’t something of a big deal. In the entire Divine Realm, our Dawn Heavenly Palace’s Ding Clan admitting to be number three, absolutely nobody dares to admit to be number two! Among the young generation, apart from Zheng Xie, I, Ding Shuo, fear no one! Shiyu, stop racking your brain in vain. When Bright Moon City’s matters are settled, you’ll follow me back to Dawn Heavenly Palace obediently. You’re not allowed to go anywhere!”

This brother and sister pair were actually the Ding Clan brother and sister born in the Super Holy Land, Dawn Heavenly Palace! That Ding Shiyu was precisely that girl Ye Yuan encountered back then at the Yi Sea City.

The Dawn Heavenly Palace’s Ding Clan’s Formations Dao strength was illustrious in the entire Divine Realm too. They were fully deserving of being the number two in the world!

Number one was naturally the Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng, of the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Before Lu Linfeng came roaring into existence, the Ding Clan’s Formations Dao strength had always been the Divine Realm’s pinnacle existence.

And the Zheng Xie out of Ding Shuo’s mouth was none other than precisely Lu Linfeng’s head disciple!

Hearing Ding Shuo’s words, Ding Shiyu pursed her lips and said unhappily, “Humph! Arrogant fellow! Grandfather frequently says that there is always someone better, and heavens beyond heavens. We mustn’t be arrogant and conceited! I think you didn’t listen to his words at all!”

Ding Shuo glanced at Ding Shiyu and said nonchalantly, “Grandfather said this because he met the Grand Yan Divine King! And I have never been arrogant and conceited! At least, with Zheng Xie around, I’ll never be conceited!”

Ding Shiyu flung off her big brother’s arm and said with a disdainful look, “Stinking big brother, you’re arrogant! I dare say that that young man’s Formations Dao strength definitely isn’t inferior to yours! I really hope that you meet him in the Bright Moon Competition, after that … humph humph!”

This time, Ding Shuo did not refute.

He was utterly disdainful to refute!

The Ding Clan had a foundation of profound learning inherited for generations. In terms of foundation depths, even the Grand Yan Divine King could not compare either!

This Divine Realm, only one Grand Yan Divine King appear in these 100 thousand years too.

After the Grand Yan Divine King, Ding Shuo believed that the Ding Family would climb to the peak anew! His life-long rival, Zheng Xie, he would definitely trample underfoot.

His grandfather lost to the Grand Yan Divine King. This humiliation needed him, Ding Shuo, to wash away!

As for this punk who repaired the super transmission array, he did not take it to heart at all.

Long ago when he was at Tier 7, he could already repair Tier 9 array formations! The present Ding Shuo, his strength was even more unfathomable.

What was amazing about repairing a transmission array?

He did not deny that the Divine Realm had many Formations Dao genius. But he, Ding Shuo, was the strongest genius!

“Ah! H-H-He …”

Ding Shiyu suddenly cried out, using a finger to point in a direction.

Ding Shuo followed the direction his younger sister pointed at and looked over, and saw a 20 plus-year-old youth, bringing a group of people currently walking on the streets.

“You’re saying that he’s that person you were talking about earlier?” Ding Shuo said rather surprisedly.

Ding Shiyu nodded and said, “That’s right! He’s called Ye Yuan!”

Ding Shuo swept a glance over Ye Yuan, then lost interest: “A brat who isn’t even at Phaseless Realm is actually lusting after swan flesh too, what a joke.”

But Ding Shiyu’s eyes swiveled around at this time; a scheme developed!

Only to see her figure move, instantly dashing out several hundred feet away, fleeing in Ye Yuan’s direction.

Then, with a bang, Ding Shiyu actually seemed to have directly collided into a wall and was no longer able to advance anymore.


Ding Shiyu winced in pain, smashing until a lump came into her throat, tears about to fall down. She could not help letting out a pitiful cry and fell over onto the ground.

Ding Shuo said coolly, “You can’t escape. Stop racking your head in vain!”

Who knew that Ding Shiyu did not care at all. She suddenly shrieked at the top of her voice, “Ye Yuan, help! Ye Yuan, help!”

Ye Yuan heard someone calling him and could not help turning his head to look. He recognized Ding Shiyu with one glance, and his brows could not help furrowing slightly.

He and Ding Shiyu were only chance acquaintances. But Ding Shiyu was clearly being put on a spot by someone at this time. Making him to look on with folded arms, he could not do it.

The Ye Yuan who did not know the inside story chose to attack immediately!

When Ding Shuo saw that Ye Yuan really attacked, his expression involuntarily darkened. He sped towards Ding Shiyu with a large stride forward, wanting to restrain Ding Shiyu first.

At the same time, his two hands were like phantom images. He actually condensed an array formation en route!

Such a level of attainment aroused a wave of applause from the onlookers.

“This young man has such formidable Formations Dao attainments! Just this one move already has the air of a master!”

“Do you not recognize? This boy is Dawn Heavenly Palace’s Ding Family’s Formations Dao genius, Ding Shuo. That young man only has peak Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment strength. He actually dares to get into a conflict with him. Isn’t that seeking death?”

“Heh heh, there’s a good show to watch now! Now that geniuses have gathered in Bright Moon City, such spectacles will probably happen often!”

Ye Yuan was several thousand feet away from Ding Shiyu. Ding Shuo was only several hundred feet away from Ding Shiyu.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s dashing speed was extremely fast and actually reached first despite moving later!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s faces changed. They did not think that this unassuming Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat’s speed was actually so fast.

When Ding Shuo saw this scene, he could not help sneering coldly as he said, “So what if your speed is fast? Aren’t you still going to meet with a rebuff?!”

At the same time, his array formation already condensed and formed!

Ding Shuo was extremely confident in his Formations Dao attainments. He believed that by relying on this array formation, he was absolutely able to make Ye Yuan suffer a huge loss!

To dare meddle in the Ding Family’s affairs was simply looking for a thrashing!

Yet, in the next instant, he was utterly stunned.

Ye Yuan actually disregarded his array formation, directly passing through from inside his array formation!