Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Far Too Lacking

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Ye Yuan grabbed Ding Shiyu and left with a flash.

Ding Shuo had a dumbfounded look and could not help being stupefied where he stood, looking at this scene in a daze.

As the Ding Family’s future sect master, Ding Shuo had always thought highly of himself and was extremely confident in his Formations Dao!

At least among the junior generation, no one was able to contend with him in Formations Dao at all.

Furthermore, he could sufficiently contend with any genius martial artist by relying on Formations Dao attainments.

But the scene that happened earlier was seriously too demoralizing!

The array formation he set up actually could not cause the least bit of hindrance to Ye Yuan, as if it was thin air!

This … How was this possible?

Ding Shiyu being held in Ye Yuan’s arms, her gaze looked at Ye Yuan, extremely idolizing him. Ye Yuan’s Formations Dao strength was indeed much stronger than Big Brother’s!

Although she said so earlier, she actually did not really think that Ye Yuan was more formidable than Big Brother in her heart.

However, she did not expect that Ye Yuan’s Formations Dao strength was actually so frightening. The array formation Big Brother laid down, he actually directly disregarded it!

Upon landing Ding Shiyu hastily pulled Ye Yuan and left: “Quickly go, quickly go! If we don’t go now, he’s going to capture me!”

But Ye Yuan was ignorant of the inside story and even thought that Ding Shuo was a lecher who abducted Ding Shiyu.

Ding Shiyu wanted to drag him away, but he refused to leave, saying indifferently, “No worries, with me around, nobody can capture you.”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s presence of mind, Ding Shiyu became anxious instead. Dragging Ye Yuan, she said, “He’s not alone. There are still experts who are going to arrive very soon. If we still don’t go, it will be too late!”

Ye Yuan had not spoken yet when Ding Shuo already came back to his senses at this time.

He actually somewhat turned anger from embarrassment at this time. With a wave of a hand, a lantern actually appeared in his hand.

Only to see him suddenly pour in large amounts of essence energy into the lantern. That lantern immediately released a dazzling light.

Ye Yuan pushed lightly, pushing Ding Shiyu to Si Yin’s side and opened his mouth, “Help me take care of her!”

In a twinkle, the light condensed and formed into a terrifying array formation, shutting Ye Yuan inside.

“That’s the Dawn Heavenly Palace’s Ding Family’s top-grade holy artifact, Myriad Net Magic Lantern! It’s said that the Ding Family’s old ancestor imprinted ten types of Tier 9 array formations into the lantern with great magic powers. As long as one used essence energy to deploy, they could release them. It’s a top-notch holy artifact of the formation path!”

The moment this lantern appeared, someone immediately recognized it.

Lantern-shaped magic artifacts were too easy to recognize. Furthermore, this Myriad Net Magic Lantern was extremely famous. The moment it appeared, it stirred up a wave of commotion,

They all did not expect that the Ding Family actually placed such a formidable top-grade holy artifact in the hands of a young junior.

When Ding Shiyu saw this sight, her expression could not help changing drastically too. She did not expect that her big brother was actually for real, deploying the Myriad Net Magic Lantern, and could not help worrying for Ye Yuan.

She was just about to open her mouth, but saw Si Yin lightly patted her shoulder, saying with a light smile, “Relax, Ye Yuan will be fine.”

Si Yin had witnessed before Ye Yuan’s means. Even the Darkness Divine King, Sikong Shang, could not do anything to him. How could a Ding Family’s junior trap him?

When they witnessed Ye Yuan’s means back then, the group of people including Si Yin were all dumbstruck with amazement.

Ye Yuan was actually in possession of a divine artifact!

That was a divine artifact!

After the group of people came out from the Chaotic Devil Sea, they signed a soul contract with Ye Yuan, serving Ye Yuan as their master. Ye Yuan removed the Absolute Kill Token’s control on Shao Kai and their bodies too.

They all saw the Sacred Dragon Token in Ye Yuan’s hands. Even if they did not do so, Ye Yuan would not possibly let them leave either.

Divine artifacts were of utmost importance. Ye Yuan did not wish for news to leak out. As for the Chaotic Devil Sea there, Ye Yuan was not worried.

Sikong Shang’s original body was unable to come out definitely because of some special circumstances. And he knew that Ye Yuan had a divine artifact in possession, he definitely would not spread it. Otherwise, how would he seize the divine artifact from Ye Yuan’s hands?

Exiting the Chaotic Devil Sea, Ye Yuan rushed to Bright Moon City right away.

Calculating according to the time, Yue Mengli’s time was likely running out. If he did not come, Yue Mengli would die beyond a doubt.

“But …” Ding Shiyu panicked and still wanted to go and make her big brother stop.

However, it was already too late. The array formation already activated. Ding Shuo was clearly truly enraged, wanting to rely on this array formation to kill Ye Yuan.

“Tsk tsk, Tier 9 array formation! A high-rank Tier 8 array master actually laid down a Tier 9 array formation! That boy is in danger now!”

“Looking at this array formation’s appearance, it should be the Ding Family’s Tier 9 grand array, Jadelight Extreme Shadow Formation. That is an extremely powerful killing array. This boy could have pissed anyone off, but he just had to mess with the Ding Family’s Ding Shuo. Isn’t this courting death?”

“I heard that the Ding Family’s old ancestor relied on this set of array formation to compete in magic powers with the Grand Yan Divine King. In the end, he was only slightly inferior too. This boy is probably going to suffer a great deal!”

There were quite a few people who recognized the goods among the onlookers, saying out the origins of the Jadelight Extreme Shadow Formation readily.

Back then, when the Ding Family’s old ancestor just entered the Divine King Realm, he relied on this set of array formation to battle in magic powers with Lu Linfeng before. The result naturally could be imagined.

Except, the power of this set of array formation was beyond all doubt.

Using it to deal with a Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat, wasn’t the outcome be capturing with ease?

Yet, the Ye Yuan inside the grand array was incomparably calm, as if this horrifying Tier 9 grand array was like air.

“A measly Jadelight Extreme Shadow Formation, if Ding Zhanguo came to deploy it, I’d really be somewhat fearful. But as for you … still far too lacking!” Ye Yuan said with a light smile.

The moment these words came out, everyone was dumbfounded.

Where did this boy come from? Not scared of twisting his tongue when talking big?!

Who was Ding Zhanguo? That was the Ding Family’s old ancestor!

Making the Ding Family’s old ancestor personally deploy a Tier 9 array formation to deal with a Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat, wasn’t it using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken?

How could they know that Ji Qingyun’s attainments in the Formations Dao in his past life already did not lose out to Ding Zhanguo by much!

In Formations Dao, apart from Lu Linfeng, there really were no more than a handful able to harm him.

Even if Ding Zhanguo was a little stronger than him, wanting to use array formations to kill Ye Yuan was virtually something impossible.

And in this life, Ye Yuan’s attainments in Formations Dao improved a step further. If he could reach the Divine King Realm, Ding Zhanguo would probably not be his match anymore!

Therefore, Ye Yuan saying these words did not have any elements of exaggerating at all. He was just stating a fact.

Ding Shuo’s expression was also incredibly ugly. He berated furiously, “Insolence! Is Grandfather’s name what you can say directly without honorifics? I originally just wanted to teach you a good lesson. Looks like not showing you a thing or two properly, you really don’t know how the word death is written!”

Ding Shuo’s essence energy urged. The Jadelight Extreme Shadow Formation suddenly activated. Pale-yellow profound light suddenly ran amok, barreling towards Ye Yuan!

A hint of a mocking smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth. His figure started swaying bizarrely!

His footwork was extremely profound, leaving the audience wholly enraptured.

After ten breaths, Ye Yuan actually already exited the grand array by some means somehow!

Although the Jadelight Extreme Shadow Formation was extremely powerful, with Ding Shuo’s strength, even if he deployed the Myriad Net Magic Lantern, he could not unleash 1% of this grand array’s power.

Using it to deal with Ye Yuan was still too early!

When Ding Shuo saw this scene, his expression could not help changing drastically, as he said in shock, “This … How is this possible?”