Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Dont Be An Eyesore Here

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“Humph! Abducting people on the streets. Have Ding Zhanguo’s descendants already fallen into such a mess?”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan suddenly slashed a sword out. Violent killing intent instantly locked onto Ding Shuo.

This move was precisely the first stance of the Slaughter Sword Art that Ye Yuan acquired at the Chaotic Devil Sea: the Killing Song of the Sword!

Ye Yuan’s Slaughter Concept already reached the level of great circle of six stars. Coupled with the Killing Song of the Sword, this level of profound martial technique, the power could not be underestimated.

Ding Shuo was still in shock currently. Suddenly seeing Ye Yuan attack, it was already too late to want to set up a formation.

Seeing this scene, Ding Shiyu could not help being horrified as she screamed, “Ye Yuan, don’t! That’s my big brother!”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he secretly cursed inwardly. But the sword qi already arrived in front of Ding Shuo.

“Ahh!” Ding Shiyu closed her eyes painfully, not daring to watch the scene that followed next.

Right then, a beam of light descended from the sky and instantly arrived in front of Ding Shuo, colliding together with Ye Yuan’s Killing Song of the Sword.

This ray of brilliance was extremely powerful. It actually annihilated the Killing Song of the Sword instantaneously.

The hairs on Ding Shuo’s entire body broke into goosebumps. His legs involuntarily turned soft, and he almost plopped down onto the ground.

In the air, a middle-aged man stood in high up in the air, the gaze he looked at Ye Yuan with was very unfriendly. He said in a solemn voice, “Junior, you dare to murder people on the streets. Do you not have any respect for my Yue Family?”

Ye Yuan was originally still rejoicing that this person saved Ding Shuo and that he did not cause a blunder. But the other party’s words made Ye Yuan greatly enraged.

Saying these words was obviously being partial to Ding Shuo. This was clearly bullying that Ye Yuan did not have a background.

Ye Yuan’s expression turned cold, and he opened his mouth and said, “Yue Family? Who does the Yue Family think they are!”

That middle-aged man’s expression turned cold. Powerful Dao Profound Realm pressure instantly cloaked downwards, wanting to put pressure on Ye Yuan.

“What an unbridled punk! To actually dare be so insolent in my Bright Moon City! Do you really think that this emperor doesn’t dare to do anything to you?”

The other martial artists immediately felt their bodies weigh down. This pressure crushed them until they could not breathe.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s expression was calm in the midst of his pressure. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Enough crap! If you have the capabilities, just bring it on! This bit of paltry skills still can’t do anything to your Grandpa Ye!”

The middle-aged man did not expect that Ye Yuan actually had no response to his cultivation realm pressure at all. The expression on his face involuntarily became even uglier.

“Stinking brat, I’ll take you down first, then tear that mouth of yours. See if you’re still able to be so cocky or not!”

The middle-aged man was provoked by Ye Yuan until he was smoldering with rage and was about to make a move.

Ding Shiyu seeing that the situation was not good, hurriedly blocked in front of Ye Yuan, and said to the middle-aged man, “Uncle Yunfeng, please calm your anger. This incident is a misunderstanding, it was all Shiyu’s fault. Uncle Yunfeng, please don’t make things difficult for Ye Yuan. He … He did it all to help me, t-that’s why he attacked Big Brother.”

Ding Shiyu put on a bold face at this time too. Regardless whether it was Ding Shuo’s side, or Ye Yuan behind, these two gazes were like two thorns, pricking at her body.

She wanted to borrow Ye Yuan’s strength to shake Ding Shuo off earlier. But she did not expect that Ye Yuan’s strength greatly exceeded her imagination, nearly breeding a great calamity.

Recalling it at this time, Ding Shiyu was filled with lingering fear after the event too. If not for Yue Yunfeng making it in time, Ding Shuo would have already become a deal soul under Ye Yuan’s sword at this time. Then she would probably never forgive herself in this lifetime.

When Ding Shiyu came forward, Yue Yunfeng could not help stopping in his tracks.

He was indeed looking on account of the Dawn Heavenly Palace’s face earlier, that was why he had scornful words and jeering sneers towards Ye Yuan.

The Dawn Heavenly Palace was a super holy land. Their strength was far from what Bright Moon City could match. And the Ding Family line’s status in the Dawn Heavenly Palace was transcendent. The Ding Family’s brother and sister, their statuses could be imagined as well.

When Yue Yunfeng rushed here, he instinctively thought that Ye Yuan only came to blows with Ding Shuo for the Ding Shiyu’s sake.

Except, he did not think that Ding Shiyu would actually step forward to speak on Ye Yuan’s behalf.

With this, his existence appeared extremely awkward.

“Humph! Even so, he made impertinent remarks towards my Yue Family! It’s hard to escape punishment too!” Yue Yunfeng said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan pushed Ding Shiyu aside and said with a cold smile, “This Young Master, I, want to take a look at how you’re planning on punishing me!”

Ding Shiyu did not expect that Ye Yuan was so unwavering, not lowering his head in the slightest when facing a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse, and could not help panicking inwardly.

Ye Yuan made a move all for her sake. She could not watch Ye Yuan get captured by the Yue Family no matter what!

“Ye Yuan, can’t you say a word or two less?” Ding Shiyu pulled Ye Yuan and winked continuously

Yet, Ye Yuan shot her a fierce glare and said crossly, “Our business, we’ll settle in a while! Right now, go to one side for me!”

Ye Yuan usually did not cause trouble, but he never feared to get into trouble before either!

If he really fell out with the Yue Family, worst comes to worst, he would stir up a storm in Bright Moon City. Who was afraid of whom!?

“Hahaha! Good! Truly, heroes come from among the youngsters! This emperor wants to take a look today at how much capability you, this child, have!”

Yue Yunfeng laughed wildly. His eyes suddenly shot wide open. An invisible attack directly shot into Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

“It’s the Moonlight Heavenly Eye! Although Yue Yunfeng’s Moonlight Heavenly Eye bloodline is thin, unleashing it with his Dao Profound Realm strength, it can absolutely directly exterminate that brat!”

“Moonlight Heavenly Eye, that is an extremely terrifying divine soul attack. It’s simply impossible to guard against!”

“This boy is truly steadfast, to actually dare provoke the Yue Family. Although he has some means, he’s bringing about his own destruction!”

Even members of the Yue Family might not be able to awaken the Moonlight Heavenly Eye bloodline. For Yue Yunfeng to be able to awaken the bloodline, he was clearly a genius figure in the Yue Family.

Except, such an attack was simply child’s play to Ye Yuan.

“You … How can you be fine?” Yue Yunfeng said in disbelief.

Yue Yunfeng’s certain kill attack actually did not have any effect on Ye Yuan at all. This made his countenance change drastically.

Ye Yuan looked at Yue Yunfeng with a smile that was not a smile, and said tauntingly, “Moonlight Heavenly Eye, is it? Your bloodline power is too thin. Want to kill me with just this bit of degree of ocular power? You’re too naive!”

Everyone looked at Ye Yuan with eyes like they were looking at a freak. This brat was seriously too abnormal!

Yue Yunfeng was a well-known figure among the Yue Family’s third generation. He stepped into the Second Level Dao Profound Realm at a young age. Coupled with the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, his strength approached Third Level Dao Profound.

But now, he unleashed the Moonlight Heavenly Eye and actually could not do anything to a Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat. This was also too nonsensical!

Yue Yunfeng’s expression changed, and he said, “Could it be that … you have a divine soul attack blocking top-grade holy artifact on you?”

Top-grade holy artifacts that blocked divine soul attacks were very seldom-seen and also very precious. But what Yue Yunfeng did not know was that Ye Yuan’s treasure was much more valuable compared to some top-grade holy artifact.

The Soul Suppressing Pearl was something that even Fiendgod Jia Lan was exceedingly fearful of. How could it be what top-grade holy artifacts could compare to?

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Stop making wild guesses. With your strength, this Young Master, I, still don’t take it seriously at all! Now, scram further away for this little lord. Don’t be an eyesore here!”