Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Even More Unreasonable

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Yue Yunfeng was angered until his face was livid with rage. In Bright Moon City, there had never been anyone who dared to be so arrogant before.

This place was clearly Bright Moon City, but Ye Yuan actually reversed the roles of host and guest, making Yue Yunfeng get lost.

Everyone was speechless. This Ye Yuan was simply an example of being conceited and insolent on account of his ability. Relying on that he had some capability, he actually did not place even the Yue Family in his sights.

Geniuses like this would often suffer a great deal.

“Good! Very good! A measly little Heaven Enlightenment Realm is actually rampant to such an extent! Really bullying that my Yue Family has no one!”

Indeed, Yue Yunfeng was truly infuriated this time. He actually took out a talisman and ignited it with essence energy.


An ear-piercing sound rang out. That talisman actually flew up high in the air and combusted.

This combustion was extremely eye-catching. It clearly sent out a signal.

Seeing this scene, Ding Shiyu’s expression could not help changing greatly. This time, the matter had really gotten out of hand.

She only did not wish to return home at first but did not expect that things would end up in such a state.

“Ye Yuan, quickly leave! The Yue Family is powerful and influential. They are not people you can resist!” Ding Shiyu hurriedly said.

Yue Yunfeng sneered coldly when he saw the situation and said, “Brat, don’t run if you have the balls! The Yue Family’s prestige is not something people can just provoke!”

Actually, Yue Yunfeng was really somewhat apprehensive of Ye Yuan already. The Moonlight Heavenly Eye was his ace in the hole. Ye Yuan actually had no reaction in the slightest.

His natural disposition was prudent, that was why he sent out the family’s signal. Very soon, there would be even stronger people arriving.

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of running at all. He said calmly, “Run? Why do I have to run? Now that the situation has gotten out of hand, if Yue Jianqiu doesn’t come and invite me personally, I won’t go to the Yue Family. Instead, I feel that you have to be prepared to be punished by the Yue Family.”

The people on the streets were going to collapse. This Ye Yuan’s bragging simply reached the skies.

Who was Yue Jianqiu? That was the present Yue Family’s leader, a genuine Divine King powerhouse!

Such an existence would come out and receive a Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat?

Ye Yuan naming Ding Zhanguo, then Yue Jianqiu, those who did not know would even think that he was a major faction’s leader.

Only the top characters of the various major forces dared to directly call out these people’s names.

Even Eighth Level Dao Profound Realms did not dare to address them like so either. At least, they would have to add honorifics.

Yue Yunfeng said with a cold smile, “What a joke! Who the hell do you think you are? To even make Family Head come and receive you personally? Truly ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and did not have the intention of refuting at all.

Seeing this scene, Yue Yunfeng could not help feeling uncertain deep in his heart.

Could it be that this brat really had some mysterious plan, or he had a powerful background?

How was this possible!

The Divine Realm’s junior generation geniuses today, Yue Yunfeng knew very well in his heart. There was no Ye Yuan at all.

This brat was already putting up a bold front!

While talking, several figures arrived with a howl.

At present, geniuses gathered in Bright Moon City. Clashes like today were naturally unavoidable too. The Yue Family’s Dao Profound Realm experts, quite a number of people was sent out on patrol, in order to avoid causing some major trouble.

“What happened, Yunfeng?” said a middle-aged man with a frown.

Regarding Yue Yunfeng firing the family’s signal, he was clearly rather displeased. Currently, the factions in the city were messy and convoluted. If there was an incident, it was best to control within a small scope.

Once the family’s signal was fired, it would surely draw even more people’s attention. At that time, once it was not handled appropriately, it would set off a chain of reactions.

Some major forces were what even the Yue Family could not afford to provoke as well.

Seeing the arrivals, Ye Yuan could not help revealing a hint of a smile on his face.

Who Yue Yunfeng was, Ye Yuan did not remember him at all. His status in his previous life was too transcendent. When he came to Bright Moon City, Yue Yunfeng was far from being worthy. He naturally would not have an impression.

In front of the youngest peak Alchemy Emperor, Yue Yunfeng only had the right to observe far away.

But this one in front of him, Ye Yuan had some impression.

This person was a little older than Yue Yunfeng but was the same generation as Yue Jianqiu, who was also Yue Yunfeng’s uncle, Yue Jianfeng.

Coincidentally enough, back then when Ye Yuan came to Bright Moon City, it was this Yue Jianfeng who was in charge of his daily life. The two people had some contact.

Yue Yunfeng whispered a few words by Yue Jianfeng’s ear. Yue Jianfeng’s brows involuntarily knitted together, his gaze looking at Ye Yuan piercingly.

“Young man, although my Yue Family isn’t a top family clan in the Divine Realm, we’re also not what anybody can insult! Do you want to give an explanation to this Yue?” Yue Jianfeng said solemnly.

Currently, the people surrounding and watching were getting more and more. This matter became very sensitive.

If they could not make Ye Yuan apologize, the Yue Family’s prestige would reach rock-bottom, and become a laughingstock for the Divine Realm’s various major forces.

What Yue Jianfeng wanted was just an opportunity to disentangle from the awkward position.

Ye Yuan stood proudly, his imposing manner when facing Yue Jianfeng was still fearless as he said coolly, “Explanation? What explanation? Today’s matter had nothing to do with your Yue Family in the first place. But the moment Yue Yunfeng came, he was biased towards Ding Shuo without distinguishing black from white. Isn’t he bullying me because my background isn’t as powerful as his? The Yue Family handling affairs like this, wouldn’t it cast a chill over the hearts of all heroes in the world?”

Ye Yuan’s words stirred up a wave of commotion in the crowd.

Martial artists were divided into different grades and ranks. It was naturally impossible for the Yue Family to take an impartial stance. But this sort of thing was hard to say openly in public. Otherwise, there would be too many people offended.

After all, the geniuses martial artists with strong backgrounds were just a small minority.

Yue Jianfeng secretly cursed slippery little fellow. One sentence actually seized the initiative of public opinion.

Being together with Ding Shuo, Ye Yuan was indeed in the disadvantaged group. These words very easily aroused the same feelings in the vast majority among them.

This way, for the Yue Family to want to make a move against Ye Yuan, they would have to be careful.

A single misstep would drag the Yue Family’s reputation through the mud.

Public clamor could melt metals, accumulated defamation ruins a man.

Although the Yue Family did not fear these people, this had an immense influence on the Yue Family’s reputation.

“Yunfeng was indeed a little rash in handling this. But that’s also seeing that you drew the sword to kill people, that’s why he would misunderstand. But making impertinent remarks about the Yue Family is your wrongdoing!”

Yue Jianfeng was old-handed as well, clinging hard to Ye Yuan insulting the Yue Family.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Ding Shuo took out the Myriad Net Magic Lantern wanting to kill me. I don’t believe that Yue Yunfeng did not see it! At that time, why didn’t he come out and stop it? When I retaliated, it became murdering people on the streets and scorning the Yue Family? If other people are unreasonable, I, Ye Yuan, will be even more unreasonable than others! What does scolding your Yue Family a few words count for?”

Ye Yuan had long known that Yue Yunfeng was present back then. It was just that he did not expose it.

If Yue Yunfeng handled the case impartially at that time, Ye Yuan would just turn a blind eye to it. But he called Ye Yuan to account the moment he came up, thoroughly enraging Ye Yuan.

Ding Shuo did not speak by the side the entire time. Hearing these words of Ye Yuan’s, his face reddened to the ears.

He even used the Myriad Net Magic Lantern and was actually nearly killed by Ye Yuan still. This was simply an unprecedented humiliation.

After today, he would likely become a laughingstock to all.

Yue Jianfeng’s brows knitted, immediately feeling incredibly vexed.

Ye Yuan’s heart was like a clear mirror. Furthermore, he was incomparably stubborn. Wanting to make him lower his head was probably not such an easy matter!

If he really could not, then there was only using martial strength to make him submit!