Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Call Yue Jianqiu Here

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A cold light glinted in Yue Jianfeng’s eyes. How could it escape Ye Yuan’s eyes?

Yue Jianfeng was Fifth Level Dao Profound Realm. Even in the Yue Family, his status was also rather high.

However, Ye Yuan did not care at all. Looking at Yue Jianfeng with a smile that was not a smile, he said, “Yue Jianfeng, no matter what, it was also your Yue Family who handled matters unjustly first. But you want to make a move now, is it?”

Yue Jianfeng’s face fell. Being spurred on by Ye Yuan like this, he could not very well make a move.

This brat was really troublesome to deal with!

Who knew that Ye Yuan continued, “Looks like your Yangqiao Meridian injuries are already pretty much healed!”

Yue Jianfeng’s entire body trembled, his gaze staring fixedly at Ye Yuan, his eyes showing a very doubtful look.

Several years earlier, Yue Jianfeng had his internal organs wounded by his opponent during a family clan’s operation. Although his injuries recovered later on, the power of his Moonlight Heavenly Eye had been greatly affected.

Members of the Yue Family, as long as they possessed the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, their greatest reliance was on ocular powers.

Yue Jianfeng’s ocular powers suffered impairment. The blow to him could be imagined.

The family clan’s Alchemy Emperor elder diagnosed it, turns out that his Yangqiao Meridian was damaged. Hence, it resulted in his ocular powers getting damaged. It was just that diagnosing was easy, but a radical cure was extremely, extremely difficult.

Yue Jianfeng sought treatment from many alchemy emperors before. Nobody was able to treat his Yangqiao Meridian injuries once and for all, all the way until Ye Yuan came to Bright Moon City.

During that period of time when Ji Qingyun came, Yue Jianfeng waited upon carefully the entire time, putting his heart and soul into it. Ji Qingyun was naturally able to make out his thoughts and casually gave him a prescription, letting him slowly nurse his health.

In these few years, Yue Jianfeng’s injury was indeed almost healed. The power of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye also recovered to its peak state.

Ye Yuan could be said to have given a new lease on life to Yue Jianfeng.

This matter was very likely to affect his position in the family clan back then, so it had always been carried out in secret. He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually spilled it out. How could this not make him shocked?

Ye Yuan looked at him and continued to say unhurriedly, “It’s a pity, oh, what a shame!”

Talking until here, Ye Yuan suddenly shut his mouth and said nothing, showing an appearance of closely guarding a secret.

Yue Jianfeng’s face fell, and he said coldly, “Pity about what?!”

Ye Yuan looked at Yue Jianfeng with a ruminating look and said, “Didn’t you want to make a move to capture me? Why are you still asking so much for?”

“Uncle Feng, don’t listen to him talk nonsense! This brat’s background is unknown. Befogging the minds of people here, maybe he’s here to make trouble! Capture him first then talk!” Yue Yunfeng interrupted.

Yue Jianfeng stopped him from speaking with a hand gesture. Drawing a deep breath, he said, “Young man, what do you know?”

Uttering these words actually had a bit of a tone of seeking advice.

Ye Yuan had an indifferent appearance as he opened his mouth to say, “During these several years, do you occasionally have situations where essence energy is lacking? Every time you sit quietly and meditate, do you frequently get cut short without rhyme or reason?”

The moment Yue Jianfeng heard, his expression could not help changing greatly. What Ye Yuan said was actually not the slightest bit off!

“You … How do you know?!” Yue Jianfeng said with great astonishment.

But Ye Yuan waved his hands and did not speak anymore.

Yue Jianfeng froze and knew that Ye Yuan was deliberately inciting him here. Want to make him say the words at the back, he must let him vent this anger first.

But hearing Ye Yuan’s tone, his body really seemed to be somewhat amiss. Furthermore … it shouldn’t be a small matter!

These little problems, he initially did not pay particular attention either. But recently, these conditions seemed to show a trend of worsening. He had no choice but to take it seriously.

Martial artists looked powerful, but once something went wrong with their bodies, it was even more troublesome than ordinary people.

Yue Jianfeng drew a deep breath and bowed low towards Ye Yuan, saying, “This Yue had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai! This matter was indeed Yunfeng’s transgression! I apologize to Little Brother on his behalf! If Little Brother is free, could we go to my humble abode to have a chat? This Yue apologizes to you on his behalf!”

When these words came out, the audience burst into an uproar!

Yue Jianfeng was a figure who grasped authority over major issues. He actually paid such great respects to a brat still wet behind his ears, this was simply unimaginable.

The gloomiest one had to be Yue Yunfeng. He relied on Yue Jianfeng’s arrival, thinking that he got Ye Yuan for sure. Who knew that a few fleeting words of Ye Yuan’s made Yue Jianfeng lay down his arms and surrender.

Now, it became his fault.

But Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Don’t give me that crap! Make Yue Jianqiu come and invite me. Otherwise, no way! Don’t use that sort of expression to look at me. I can tell you directly that the problem in your body is absolutely not a minor thing. As for whether you believe or not, it’s all up to you.”

Hearing these words, Yue Jianfeng’s heart could not help palpitating.

The things that Ye Yuan said previously were too accurate. He had no choice but to believe it!

Except, wanting Yue Jianqiu to come and receive Ye Yuan, this was also making things too difficult for people.

“Uncle Feng, talking nonsense with this punk for what?! This brat is definitely talking rubbish! Capture him first and grill him under torture. He’ll confess everything!” Yue Yunfeng rebuffed.

Yue Jianfeng’s expression turned cold, and he reproached, “Shut up for me! This matter was originally your fault. Hurry up and apologize to Little Brother!”

Yue Yunfeng froze, not expecting Yue Jianfeng to set fire onto him. For a moment, he was actually at a loss on what to do.

“What are you still in a daze for?! Is it possible that you want to receive the family’s punishment?” Yue Jianfeng’s words were even colder as if Ye Yuan was the one who was his kin.

Interrogating under torture? What kind of joke was this?!

To be able to see through the recurring illness in his body, this sort of existence would not be an existence who was that easy to provoke no matter what.

At least, ordinary alchemy emperor powerhouse, if they did not carry out pulse-reading, they could not tell that his body had an underlying illness at all!

Such a figure, once he really offended him to the core, there would not be anymore leeway to salvage it.

Hearing family punishment, these two words, Yue Yunfeng involuntarily shuddered. Gritting his teeth, he said to Ye Yuan, “L-Little Brother, this matter … this matter … was all Yunfeng’s fault! I hope that you will forgive me!”

Yue Yunfeng was very depressed. Today was not only him losing face completely, but the Yue Family’s face was also utterly thrown away!

Just what medicine did Uncle Feng eat wrongly? A brat talking nonsense here, he actually believed it to be true!

Ye Yuan nonchalantly darted him a glance and said, “I said before, you have got to be prepared to be punished. Mm, this is merely just the beginning!”

Done talking, he turned to Yue Jianfeng again and said, “The words I said before, I’d never take them back myself! Today, Yue Jianqiu must come!”

Seeing Ye Yuan so serious, Yue Jianfeng was displeased in his heart too. But he also knew that Ye Yuan could not be offended and could not help being put on a spot.

“Little Brother, the Bright Moon Competition is at hand, Family Head has endless matters to busy with. He … He seriously can’t make the time!” Yue Jianfeng said with difficulty.

Ye Yuan looked at him and suddenly smiled and said, “Go find him, he’ll come! Just say that the person saving his daughter’s life came.”

Yue Jianfeng’s expression changed, and he cried out in shock, “You … You are that … young man called Ye Yuan!”

He originally wanted to call him a ‘brat.’ But when the words reached his mouth, it changed to ‘young man.’

These few years, Ye Yuan this name reverberated like thunder in the Yue Family!