Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Eight Extremities War Chariot

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“Could this brat has lost his mind? What kind of person is Lord Yue Jianqiu? How can he possibly lower his dignity to come and meet a junior?”

“Even if this brat really has some background, it’s also impossible for Lord Yue Jianqiu to come! If he came, the Yue Family would lose all of its face today.”

“Heh heh, it’s really getting more and more lively! I want to take a look at just how the Yue Family cleans up the mess.”

Ye Yuan stood on the streets calmly, giving no thought to everyone’s widespread comments at all.

However, the people watching the show were getting more and more. Refusing to budge like this, it would be harder and harder for the Yue Family to wind up the matter.

Ye Yuan burned half of Bright Moon City’s skies with a torch. If Yue Jianqiu deigned himself and bent the knee to come and meet in person, Bright Moon City would really not be able to lift its head in front of the outstanding heroes under the heavens anymore.

By the side, Yue Jianfeng’s world was turned upside down in his heart. He totally did not expect that this young man before his eyes was actually that Ye Yuan who made the Zhou Family dusty and dirty in the face!

Two years ago, Zhou Yan secretly went to find trouble with the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. In the end, he was put into a coma by someone and returned to the Zhou Family.

This matter had once stirred up massive waves in Vastsun and Brightmoon, these two cities.

After Zhou Yan was brought back, the Zhou Family’s elders raised a clamor at one point, saying that they wanted to exterminate the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Then later, this incident was left unsettled just like that.

The whys and wherefores of it, outsiders did not know, but the Yue Family was perfectly clear! Zhou Jia discovered that Zhou Yan was actually injured by the Soul Martial Divine King!

Ten Great Divine Kings, that was absolutely an existence which the Zhou Family could not afford to provoke.

And a puny little Lower Realms’ aboriginal youth was actually linked in many ways with the Soul Martial Divine King. How could the Zhou Family dare to act rashly without careful consideration?

The Yue Family knew about Ye Yuan’s existence very early on. But regarding Ye Yuan being able to treat Yue Mengli’s illness, they did not believe at all.

All the way until Zhou Yan returned in defeat, after which the incident gave them hope.

But so many years had passed, Ye Yuan did not show up all along. This made the Yue Family involuntarily anxious about a favor, and worried lest they should lose it.

Although Ye Qing had the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid, these two years, Yue Mengli’s body still deteriorated steadily.

Yue Jianfeng also did not think that Ye Yuan actually turned up at this time!

Except, he did not expect that both parties actually met in such a way.

Just as the people were discussing animatedly, a series of horse neighing sounds came from the sky.

Everyone looked over and discovered that a war chariot was currently flying over from a distance.

This war chariot’s momentum was extremely shocking. Its entire body emitted a bright bronze color, giving people an intense sense of oppression.

Judging from the imposing momentum, this war chariot was clearly a transcendent-grade holy artifact!

“It’s the Eight Extremities War Chariot! The Yue Family actually dispatched the Eight Extremities War Chariot! This Eight Extremities War Chariot is Yue Jianqiu’s ride! Furthermore, it’s the symbol of status. Only when the most honored guests come to visit will Yue Jianqiu personally drive the chariot out to welcome! Could it be that there’s some big shot currently on the way?”

The appearance of the Eight Extremities War Chariot immediately caused an uproar in the crowd.

This war chariot was a transcendent-grade holy artifact. Its combat strength was shocking. But more importantly, it was the Yue Family’s courteous reception towards the most distinguished guests.

Even for Divine King powerhouses, the Yue Family might not dispatch this war chariot to welcome too.

At present, right during the period of the Bright Moon Competition, quite a number of Divine King powerhouses would come and attend the ceremony. Sending out the Eight Extremities War Chariot at this time was very clearly in order to receive some important person.

Ye Yuan looked at the Eight Extremities War Chariot from a distance, a hint of a smile flashing by the corners of his mouth.

This Eight Extremities War Chariot, he was not foreign to it. Back then, when he came to Bright Moon City, Yue Jianqiu personally rode precisely the Eight Extremities War Chariot out to receive him.

Times have passed, and circumstances have changed, to think that Yue Jianqiu drove the chariot to come and receive him once more now.

Of course, other people would not think that the Eight Extremities War Chariot was here to receive him.

Using the Eight Extremities War Chariot to come and welcome a Heaven Enlightenment Realm boy, how was this possible?

“Deserving of being the head of a family, indeed have some boldness when doing things!” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

By the side, Si Yin’s eyes flickered, and she said softly, “Young Master Ye, you don’t think that the Eight Extremities War Chariot is here to receive you, right?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Otherwise, what do you think?”

The Eight Extremities War Chariot’s speed was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, it arrived above this street’s sky. Everyone looked left and right, wanting to find that big shot.

But they could not find it at all!

On the chariot, a middle-aged man in fine-clothing with a handsome face like carved jade had his clothes fluttering, the air of an expert out-and-out.

“Master Ye, Jianqiu has waited bitterly for many years! You finally came to Bright Moon City! This one has prepared some weak wine. Can Master Ye come up and have a chat?”

A deep voice sounded out. The middle-aged man was actually inviting a person called Master Ye up.

The people below looked here and there, all searching for that ‘Master Ye.’ However, how was anyone able to be called Master Ye in existence?

Even though Ye Yuan raised a hue to make Yue Jianqiu come, they completely did not believe that Yue Jianqiu would personally drive the Eight Extremities War Chariot here to welcome Ye Yuan.

Yet, Yue Jianfeng and Yue Yunfeng, the uncle and nephew pair, were both incomparably astounded at this time!

They never would have thought that Family Head actually gave Ye Yuan such a highly courteous reception! Even when Vastsun City’s Zhou Family’s Family Head came to visit, it was absolutely impossible for Yue Jianqiu to mobilize the Eight Extremities War Chariot too!

But facing Ye Yuan, he actually used it!

Si Yin similarly looked at Ye Yuan with incredible astonishment. She did not think that Yue Jianqiu was really here to receive Ye Yuan.

It was only to see Ye Yuan slowly got up, and flew over toward the Eight Extremities War Chariot with a leap.

Seeing this scene, everyone was all stunned.

“This brat, does he really think that he’s something? Even if Family Head Yue really agreed to come and meet him, it’s also impossible to drive the Eight Extremities War Chariot, right?”

“What a joke! A Heaven Enlightenment Realm brat also dares to accept the name of master? Family Head Yue coming out personally is merely a coincidence. He really took it seriously!”

“Haha! This boy is simply a clown! Family Head Yue is currently receiving an honored guest, he actually ran up to make a spectacle of himself!”

For a moment, the mocking voices rose one after another.

Although Ye Yuan clamored to make Yue Jianqiu come all the way, they totally did not believe that Yue Jianqiu would personally ride the Eight Extremities War Chariot here to receive Ye Yuan.

The Eight Extremities War Chariot had once received many important personages before. But these big shots, there had never been one who was lower than Divine King Realm before!

Who did Ye Yuan think he was?

Yet, the scene of Ye Yuan being annihilated by the Eight Extremities War Chariot did not occur.

At this time, Yue Jianqiu actually got down the chariot and went to greet Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan looked at Yue Jianqiu and said coolly, “This facade of Family Head Yue’s is done a little over the top!”

Yue Jianqiu’s gaze was profound, currently sizing up Ye Yuan, rather surprised in his heart.

Ye Yuan was very young, but he did not have the least bit of young man’s impulsiveness on him. On the contrary, when Ye Yuan was facing him, he actually had the bearing of an expert!

Yue Jianqiu’s sovereign disposition was accumulated for months and years on end. Yet, when Ye Yuan was standing opposite him, his aura was actually not weak in the slightest!

This scene made him feel very discordant.

Yue Jianqiu said smilingly, “Master Ye’s alchemy strength is unparalleled. However solemnly I welcome you is not too much! This place isn’t a venue to speak. Master Ye, please board the chariot for a chat.”

Ye Yuan slowly nodded his head. Lifting his leg, he directly entered inside the Eight Extremities War Chariot.

But Yue Jianqiu did not enter inside right away. He nonchalantly threw down an instruction. “Feng-er, you nearly caused big trouble today. Go to the Disciplinary Hall yourself to receive punishment!”