Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Disappoint You

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“Leave Li-er’s illness to me. The Yue Family cancel the Bright Moon Competition this time!” Ye Yuan suddenly spoke up. It was just that his gaze became somewhat icy.

But Yue Jianqiu said, “Impossible! Currently, geniuses have gathered in Bright Moon City. There are many forces that even the Yue Family can’t afford to provoke as well. Wanting to cancel the Bright Moon Competition is already not possible! Still that sentence, if you can win in the Bright Moon Competition, this Emperor will marry Li-er to you without another word!”

Yue Jianqiu’s words had some intention of giving tit for tat.

But this could not be blamed on him either. Now, the Bright Moon Competition was already an arrow fitted to the strong; not up to the Yue Family to not release anymore.

Ye Yuan’s expression turned cold, and he said in a solemn voice, “The geniuses you’re talking about, could it be Zhou Yan they all? Forget it, it’s up to you to organize the Bright Moon Competition too. Whoever wins, just come and challenge me!”

These words were said domineeringly!

Ye Yuan’s meaning was that those so-called geniuses were not worthy of exchanging blows with him at all.

Yue Jianqiu turned stiff, and he said in a deep voice, “Simply presumptuous! What right do you have to get a different treatment from the rest? Furthermore, you, a Heaven Enlightenment Realm, what qualifications do you have to accept other people’s challenge?”

“Yue Jianqiu, I think you shouldn’t be mistaken! Right now, I’m not discussing with you, I’m only informing you! Doing so is already giving your Yue Family face. If not looking on account of Li-er’s face, I’d have directly brought her away. Heh, don’t look at me with this sort of expression in your eyes. If I want to bring Li-er away, you can’t stop it at all! As for the reason, I think you know.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Yue Jianqiu looked at Ye Yuan coldly, revealing a cold light.

This brat, facing him, this head of the Yue Family, he dared to be so unbridled too!

But Ye Yuan being so confident actually made him somewhat cautious in taking action.

He was naturally aware of what Ye Yuan was referring to. If the Soul Martial Divine King wanted to bring Li-er away, no one could stop it at all!

Clearly, this was also where Ye Yuan’s confidence lied.

Ye Yuan had an arrogant appearance, totally not placing Yue Jianqiu in his sights at all. This could not help thronging people with thoughts.

To the Yue Family and the Zhou Family, they speculated Ye Yuan’s identity before, and they felt that the greatest possibility was that Ye Yuan was Zhong Zizhen’s illegitimate son.

Otherwise, how could a puny little Heaven Enlightenment Realm possibly make one of the Ten Great Divine Kings take action?

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was exceptional in both the soul and martial arts. His alchemy strength was unparalleled; simply carved from the same mold.

Thinking up to here, how would Yue Jianqiu still have doubts?

“Fine, this emperor promises you! You’re so wildly arrogant, looking down on the Divine Realm’s outstanding heroes. I want to take a look at how much capability you have!” Yue Jianqiu said coldly.

Being kneaded by a junior, Yue Jianqiu felt as awful as having eaten a fly. Except, he ultimately had no choice but to agree to Ye Yuan’s demand.

The Yue Family was Bright Moon City’s de facto controller. The total area of the manor and courtyard was extremely vast.

Currently, beside a small lake with exquisite scenery, several figures were currently admiring the landscape and chatting.

“Oh Li-er, Yan-er has grown up together with you since young and has eyes only for you. The Zhou Family and Yue Family have been connected through marriage for generations. Why do you refuse to get together with Yan-er?”

A middle-aged woman did her best to persuade the young girl beside her earnestly. This young girl was none other than precisely Yue Mengli.

“Auntie, don’t make things difficult for Li-er anymore! The Bright Moon Competition this time, I’ll defeat all the geniuses and use my own strength to prove that I’m the one who’s most worthy of Li-er! Furthermore, as long as I win, I can help the Yue Family keep the spot to enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm!”

Zhou Yan was present too. Except, he already cut in halfway without waiting for Yue Mengli to reply.

He was severely wounded by the Soul Martial Divine King the last time he went to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. The Zhou Family expended a huge price before obtaining the method to let Zhou Yan regain consciousness from the Soul Martial Divine King there.

But Zhou Yan’s talent was indeed very heaven-defying. Experiencing the serious injury this time, not only did his strength not regress, it advanced instead, and actually directly broke through the shackles of Dao Profound Realm, stepping into the ranks of Emperor Realm in one stroke!

So this time, that was why he was full of confidence, wanting to trample all the geniuses underfoot.

The middle-aged woman’s name was called Zhou Qianru, Zhou Jia’s cousin. She married Yue Jianqiu’s brother, Yue Jianke. Therefore, Zhou Yan called her auntie.

The Zhou Yan after breaking through to Dao Profound Realm, his edge seemed to be much more restrained, and he was also much more level-headed. It was just that he was still determined to get Yue Mengli.

“Li-er, in the past, you turned your nose up at Yan-er, that was because he was young. This time, he grew wiser with each setback and is already much more mature. Marrying him, the Zhou and Yue two families will be even more closely related. Wouldn’t it be better?” Zhou Qianru continued to persuade.

Zhou Yan said, “Auntie, don’t say anymore! Since Li-er said that she wants to marry the strongest genius, then … I’ll become that strongest one!”

The two people sang in chorus. Yue Mengli actually did not even have room to interject.

Actually, the initiator of the Bright Moon Competition this time was still Yue Mengli.

Back then, Yue Jianqiu was too relentless, insisting on her marrying Zhou Yan. But Yue Mengli refused to no matter what and said to Yue Jianqiu: If I, Yue Mengli, have to marry, I got to marry the strongest young genius too!”

Therefore, that was why there was the Bright Moon Competition this time.

In a twinkle, seven to eight years passed. The agony of Yue Mengli’s divine soul tearing already became more and more out of hand. The frequency of outburst also became greater and greater.

Even with the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid, she could not hold on much longer either.

However, Ye Yuan did not show up all along.

But Yue Mengli did not lose faith in Ye Yuan. She knew that Ye Yuan would definitely come and save her!

“Aunt, the Bright Moon Competition is already a foregone conclusion. What’s the point of saying these? If Zhou Yan can take first place and come back, I’ll keep my promise,” Yue Mengli said coolly.

Her complexion was very pale, her brows furrowed slightly, looking very haggard. But even so, it still could not block her charm.

The current Yue Mengli instead had a kind of sickly beauty, making people feel even more protective towards, and more willing to care for.

“Huhu, this … I’m afraid it won’t be easy! With Ye Yuan around, first place definitely won’t fall into another’s hands!” Behind Yue Mengli, a youth in azure clothing opened his mouth.

This azure-robed youth was Ye Qing.

Seven to eight years had passed, Ye Qing’s aura was way more powerful compared to before. At present, he was already faintly going to break through to Tier 9!

Erupting with deep accumulations was likely talking about Ye Qing’s situation.

But Zhou Yan did not get angry. He said with a faint smile, “Ye Yuan? Even if he’s any more powerful, he has to arrive at Bright Moon City before the Bright Moon Competition too. It’s said that he has already disappeared for many years.”

“Yeah! A Lower Realms bumpkin, only ascended for several years’ time, how much can his strength increase? Perhaps, he hasn’t even reached Heaven Enlightenment Realm now,” Zhou Qianru said disdainfully.

Yue Mengli’s brows furrowed and she said with displeasure, “Aunt, Li-er’s illness already can’t endure much longer. Could it be that you wish to see Li-er leave this world here and now?”

Zhou Qianru’s heart thumped, not expecting to overshoot the mark, and hurriedly said with a smile, “Li-er, isn’t there a misunderstanding? Auntie naturally hopes that you recover soon. But just now was just considering the facts as they are. That Ye Yuan merely ascended for around six to seven years, even if his talent is anymore monstrous, his progress also has to have a limit, right?”

“Is that so? This aunty, I’m afraid that this Ye will have to disappoint you!”

At this time, a young profile slowly walked out. That tone had indescribable mockery.