Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Desiring To Go Up To The Ninth Heaven To Seize Heavenly Lightning

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Seeing that figure which made her long very much for, Yue Mengli was actually somewhat dazed for some time.

Nobody knew just how Yue Mengli lived through these past few years.

The agony of the divine soul tearing was what the average person could not imagine.

Whenever Yue Mengli was so overwhelmed with pain that she wished she was dead, that tall and straight figure would always appear in her mind.

It was Ye Yuan who gave her the courage to carry on living!

A beautiful shadow moved slightly and already wrapped around Ye Yuan’s waist.

“I finally waited until you came!”

Very calm, not that much fluctuation in emotion, and also would not complain tearfully like ordinary girls.

Yue Mengli had always been a fairy maiden who was otherworldly.

It was just that this simple and short one sentence already embodied all of it.

Longing, suffering, hesitation, perseverance, holding on until the clouds parted to see the bright moon, was all inside this one sentence.

Ye Yuan came, that was enough!

Everything else was not important.

Being hugged by a beautiful woman, Ye Yuan actually give rise to a very satisfying feeling. He could not help secretly heaving a sigh and also reached out to embrace Yue Mengli.

“Mm, I came, everything will be over,” Ye Yuan said softly.

“Cough, cough …” Behind Ye Yuan, several coughs suddenly transmitted over.

Yue Mengli was startled before noticing that behind Ye Yuan was actually Father.

Yue Jianqiu looked at Ye Yuan at the back, his gaze rather hostile.

But Ye Yuan paid no attention to his gaze and continued to hug Yue Mengli. He did not have the intention of letting go.

Zhou Yan’s face turned green, his gaze looking at Ye Yuan was filled with resentment.

He grew up together with Yue Mengli since young and could be said to be in a favorable position. Yet, Yue Mengli this bright pearl was grasped in Ye Yuan’s hand at present.

When had Yue Mengli ever been like this towards him?

Zhou Yan’s jealousy and hatred towards Ye Yuan in his heart was already unable to use words to describe.

But the moment he thought of the Soul Martial Divine King, he could not help shuddering from the bottom of his heart.

“You … You’re Ye Yuan? You’re actually already peak Ninth Level Heaven Enlightenment. How is this possible?”

At this time, Zhou Qianru’s astonished voice shattered the somewhat peculiar atmosphere of the scene.

She still predicted prior to this that Ye Yuan at most would not surpass Heaven Enlightenment Realm. But when Ye Yuan stood in front of her, he was actually peak Heaven Enlightenment Realm already; only a single step away to be able to step into Phaseless Realm!

This kind of cultivation speed was truly a little too horrifying as well, right?

At this time, Zhou Yan also discovered Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm already, his pupils involuntarily constricting.

The Zhou Family guessed that Ye Yuan was very likely the Soul Martial Divine King’s illegitimate son. Could it be that … this conjecture was true?

He knew that when Ye Yuan had just ascended, he only had a strength that just entered the Divine Traversing Realm.

This had merely been six to seven years time, Ye Yuan actually broke through three major cultivation realms in succession! This kind of cultivation speed was too terrifying!

Recollecting at that time, when he met Ye Yuan for the first time, Ye Yuan was still just an ant-like existence in front of him.

But when a mere seven to eight years had passed, Ye Yuan actually showed a trend of catching up from behind. This gave Zhou Yan an immense sense of pressure.

A Lower Realms aboriginal, if he did not have the aid of a Divine Realm’s major power, how could he possibly cultivate so quickly?

“Humph! So what if peak Heaven Enlightenment Realm? With your strength, it’s impossible to win in the Bright Moon Competition! Ye Yuan, if you’re a man, fight it out to see who’s the winner in the Bright Moon Competition!” Zhou Yan issued a letter of challenge to Ye Yuan in front of everyone.

The current Zhou Yan was like a rooster in heat. Him issuing a challenge to Ye Yuan was already the final grace that he could maintain.

“Ye Yuan, I …”

Yue Mengli looked at Ye Yuan, rather embarrassed. This Bright Moon Competition was even fixed up by her to drag the time. She did not expect that it would entrap Ye Yuan in the end.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said smilingly, “Li-er, what you said is right. Your man is naturally the strongest! Zhou Yan, don’t blame me for not giving you the chance. Want to challenge me, you have to beat everybody in the Bright Moon Competition! Otherwise, you won’t even have the opportunity to challenge me!”

Zhou Yan froze and said with a snicker, “Ye Yuan, you’re also too conceited, right? The Divine Realm’s geniuses are innumerable. Even if your cultivation speed is amazing, you don’t even rank in the top 100. What right do you have to let me challenge you?”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and could not even be bothered to explain at all.

“Yan-er, I already promised Ye Yuan, the victor of tomorrow’s Bright Moon Competition will fight with Ye Yuan for the qualifications to enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm!” Yue Jianqiu spoke up.

Zhou Yan turned rigid, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“Uncle Yue, you … you aren’t joking, right? Ye Yuan, what qualifications does he have to obtain such a treatment?”

This decision of Yue Jianqiu’s was simply too preposterous!

Ye Yuan was just a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist. Letting him face off with the victor of tomorrow’s Bright Moon Competition, wasn’t it making a joke?

Yue Jianqiu’s face fell slightly, and he said, “You know that Ye Yuan has this qualification!”

Hearing these words, Zhou Yan’s heart could not help tightening. Could it be that that speculation was actually true?!

“Alright, enough crap, all disperse! Li-er’s illness brooks no delay. I have to start taking Li-er’s pulse,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“You? Really going to treat Li-er’s illness? According to what I know, wanting to treat Li-er illness requires refining the Soul Separating Pill, right? That medicinal pill is what even Alchemy Emperor powerhouses can’t refine. You’re merely Heaven Enlightenment Realm and can refine the Soul Separating Pill?” Zhou Yan said with a look of contempt.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a smile that was not a smile, “This pill formula was given to Li-er by me. Only I can refine it. As for cultivation realm … what you said is right, I indeed can’t refine the Soul Separating Pill right now.”

Zhou Yan smiled coldly when he heard that and said, “See, I knew it! Even if it’s your own pill formula, without peak Alchemy Venerable strength, don’t even think about this medicinal pill at all!”

“Alchemy Venerable is it … Alright then, it’s too easy for me.”

Zhou Yan was just about to scoff in contempt when suddenly, his expression changed greatly.

A horrifying energy crept out. This stretch of sky suddenly dimmed. In the sky, two types of colors of tribulation clouds condensed and formed very quickly.

Dual-colored heavenly tribulation!

Ye Yuan actually broke through at a word of disagreement!

“Ye Yuan, are you insane? Transcending tribulation like this will make the Yue Family become a wasteland!” Yue Jianqiu said in a solemn voice.

The power of Ye Yuan’s heavenly tribulation was very horrifying. Yue Jianqiu was also incomparably shocked in his heart when he saw it.

When ordinary people transcended tribulation, most would make ample preparations, and find an empty field in the wild to transcend tribulation.

But Ye Yuan was actually transcending his tribulation in front of everyone!

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and said, “Refining the Soul Separating Pill requires the power of lightning. This heavenly tribulation’s power is most suitable! Everyone wait calmly, I’ll be right back!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan leaped and headed straight up to the ninth heaven!

Ye Yuan was actually going to face the heavenly tribulation in mid-air!

Crack, crack … Rumble!

Horrifying dual-colored heavenly tribulation hurtled down, heading straight for Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan gave a loud roar and actually forcefully withstood this blow!

His fleshly body was middle-stage Tier 8 and did not fear the power of this heavenly tribulation at all. As for the soul tribulation, Ye Yuan was even less worried.

With the Soul Suppressing Pearl around, he had nothing to worry about at all.


Bolts of heavenly tribulation hurled down as if it was the fury of heaven.

But Ye Yuan was akin to strolling idly in a courtyard being immersed inside.

Finally, a final bolt of terrifying heavenly tribulation fell down. Everyone’s eyes went wide.

Ye Yuan actually went to grab the lightning of heavenly tribulation bare-handedly!