Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Him Without A Doubt

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Ye Yuans essence energy spewed wildly, but the lightning in his hand was unbelievably violent, wanting to kill Ye Yuan off for good.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not care about the lightnings violent force at all. With his left hand pulling out a greenish-black small bottle and drawing with his essence energy, he directly stuffed the lightning into the small bottle.

"Hiss So strong! Who is that? How can transcending Phaseless Realm heavenly tribulation have such horrifying power?"

"Did you see it? He sealed the lightning bare-handedly just now. This heavenly tribulation is completely like playing around to him!"

"What he transcended was a dual-colored heavenly tribulation. Transcending lightning tribulation and soul tribulation together is extremely perilous! But this boy is also too freakish, right?"

When Ye Yuan was transcending tribulation at the Yue Family, the might was extremely great. It naturally aroused much attention.

Especially the scene of him bare-handedly grabbing heavenly lightning, it made everyone unbelievably shocked. For some time, Ye Yuan actually became the idol of many of the Yue Familys juniors.

When Zhou Yan saw this scene, his expression became incomparably ugly.

He thought that by breaking through to Dao Profound and achieving Emperor Realm, it was already sufficient to shake Ye Yuan off. But looking at it now, it was not that easy at all!

Ye Yuans breakthrough to the Phaseless Realm was simply too effortless.

Without incomparably daunting strength, who dared to transcend tribulation like him?

Although Yue Jianqiu was calm on the surface, he was likewise incomparably shocked in his heart.

He had only heard of his name all this while, and his impression of Ye Yuan was not good. A bumpkin used who knows what kind of method to beguile his daughter. If not looking on account of the Soul Martial Divine Kings face, the Yue Family would have long made a move to kill Ye Yuan.

But now, Yue Jianqiu finally knew why Ye Yuan dared to be so wildly arrogant. He was not just relying on Zhong Zizhens awe-inspiring fame.

He himself similarly had incomparably fearsome strength.

Finishing transcending the tribulation, Ye Yuan strolled down leisurely, his entire persons aura rising substantially.

When he arrived in front of everyone again, he actually gave people a mystifying feeling.

The Phaseless Realm, Law-less and Phaseless, the entire person had a sensation of merging into heaven and earth. This was the manifestation of having extremely profound comprehensions toward Heavenly Dao.

However, Ye Yuans situation was clearly much more intense compared to ordinary martial artists who had just entered the Phaseless Realm.

This indicated that Ye Yuans comprehension toward Heavenly Dao was far above ordinary First Level Phaseless martial artists!

"Now, I can refine the Soul Separating Pill!" facing everyone, Ye Yuan said coolly.

Zhou Yans expression changed, then he immediately sneered coldly and said, "If initial-stage Phaseless Realm can refine the Soul Separating Pill, then wouldnt those Alchemy Emperor powerhouses become a joke?"

The difficulty of refining the Soul Separating Pill had obtained goodness knows how many peoples confirmation in these seven to eight years time.

Clearly just a Tier 8 medicinal pill, but numerous Alchemy Emperors just could not refine it!

Even someone as powerful as Quan Xingzi likewise lost under this measly little Tier 8 medicinal pill.

Furthermore, the pill formula Ye Yuan gave Yue Mengli, the notes were very detailed. Areas where refining the Soul Separating Pill needed to pay attention to, he marked each one of them.

Yet, there was still no one able to refine it.

Ye Yuan was very calm. He just said coolly, "In front of me, they are indeed a joke!"

"What a wildly arrogant youth! Simply ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth! This Soul Separating Pill came from your hands, but even Alchemy Emperor powerhouses cant refine it. If you, a puny little initial-stage Phaseless Realm can refine it, its probably because the pill formula you gave has issues, right?" Zhou Qianru suddenly spoke up with a cold smile.

The moment these words came out, everyones faces changed. Zhou Qianrus deduction was perfectly logical and reasonable, making they all unable to refrain from having suspicions towards Ye Yuan.

No reason that a medicinal pill which even peak alchemy emperors could not refine, an initial-rank Alchemy Venerable could refine it, right?

This sort of situation simply did not conform to common sense.

Seeing everyones reaction, Zhou Qianru became even more pleased with herself. She looked at Ye Yuan with a cold smile and said, "You used a fake pill formula and deceived Li-er for so many years, truly malicious! Or perhaps, Li-ers illness wasnt that serious in the first place. You used some trick in-between to aggravate her illness? Then, you lend a helping hand, so as to make Li-er follow you whole-heartedly?"

The expressions of the Yue Familys members became increasingly ugly. Especially Zhou Yan, his gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was even filled with killing intent.

Setting up a ten-year hoax, cheating Li-ers heart, Ye Yuan simply deserved death!

"Ye Yuan, youre really dark and scheming! All of us were kept in the dark by you! Li-er, dont get swindled by this abominable guy!" Zhou Yan gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

Ye Yuan looked at him like he was looking at an idiot, and said coolly, "Five days later, Ill publicly refine the Soul Separating Pill! All of the alchemists who have refined the Soul Separating Pill before, you all can invite them here to attend the ceremony! Whether the pill formula I gave have problems or not, it will naturally be clear at a glance at that time!"

The moment these words came out, everyone was incomparably stunned.

Every alchemist treasured their own belongings. They were like that towards pill formulas, and similarly like so towards refining method. Publicly refining the Soul Separation Pill, this would display Ye Yuans refining process in front of the world, receiving everyones review and approval.

Those who have refined the Soul Separation Pill before were all alchemy emperor powerhouses. They could not refine the Soul Separation Pill, but if the pill formula really had problems, they would be able to tell.

Perhaps Ye Yuan had the means to deceive one or two people. But so many alchemy emperors observing the ceremony, even if he had exceedingly high abilities, he could not deceive them either!

If not for having absolute confidence in his own alchemy skills, Ye Yuan absolutely would not dare to do so.

"Also, this Auntys imaginative powers are still quite rich. But using this sort of method to sow discord between Li-er and me, I can only say, hopelessly foolish!" Ye Yuan said scornfully.

Zhou Qianrus expression changed and was going to open her mouth and refute, but she heard Li-er slowly say, "Aunt, Li-er trusts Ye Yuan! If theres still anyone able to save me in this world, this person is without a doubt Ye Yuan! He wont deceive me! Also, regardless who wins the Bright Moon Competition in the end, the one who obtains the final victory will definitely be Ye Yuan!"

Yue Menglis words were like a whip strike, lashing fiercely onto Zhou Yans heart.

This trust, he had never gained it before.

But Yue Mengli and Ye Yuan were merely acquainted for ten plus years. In-between even had six to seven years time they were apart. On what basis did she trust Ye Yuan like that?

"Li-er, w-why?! Just what the hell is good about this brat?" Zhou Yan asked with his entire body trembling.

Li-er looked at Zhou Yan and said calmly, "Zhou Yan, my heart, you wont understand it. So give up!"

Indeed, nobody could understand Yue Menglis heart.

Many years ago, from that moment she saw Ji Qingyun, her heart had been tied to him. Nobody else could enter.

Yet, Ji Qingyuns demise made her heart like dead ashes for a time.

What she did not expect was that she went to the Lower Realms to distract herself from her worries, but ran into Ye Yuan miraculously!

And this youth actually gradually superimposed with that person, making her dead heart slowly revive.

To Yue Mengli, nothing was more beautiful than this!

However, what truly made Yue Mengli unbelievably joyous was still that sentence Ye Yuan just said earlier. "Your man is naturally the strongest!"

Could it be that she finally obtained his acknowledgment?