Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Vow To Travel Together With You

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The stars in the sky above shone brilliantly. A bright and clear moon hung at the corner of an orderly arrangement of houses along a street.

Bright Moon City’s moon was different from other places. Looking from here, the moon was always round and did not have cycles of waxing and waning.

Bright Moon City got its name from here.

Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back. Lifting his head to look at the moon, he sighed emotionally, “300 years a cycle. Vastsun and Bright Moon, the two cities are finally going to have the sun and moon shining together again! The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil already hasn’t appeared for 100 thousand years. I wonder if this time, anyone in your two families will succeed or not. However … I feel that Li-er, you have very high hopes.”

Li-er fell behind slightly by half a step. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, her beautiful eyes flickered, and she opened her mouth to say, “You … seem to be very familiar with the Vastsun and Bright Moon two cities.”

Ye Yuan turned around, looked at Yue Mengli, and said with a light smile, “You don’t have to approach the subject in a roundabout manner to find the answer, I can tell you. Your conjecture … is correct!”

Yue Mengli’s entire body trembled, her eyes revealing a look of not daring to believe it.

It was not that the result was unexpected, but Ye Yuan’s candidness that made her somewhat taken by surprise.

When at the Endless World, Yue Mengli wanted to find the answer once, but Ye Yuan did not give her a chance at all.

After returning to Bright Moon City, she gradually thought it through instead.

Yue Mengli was able to confirm that she had really fallen for Ye Yuan.

But today, when Ye Yuan told her the answer so casually and played it down, she was somewhat seized with panic instead.

Yes, it was seized with panic.

This youth in front of her was really that lord!

If Ye Yuan was Ye Yuan, Yue Mengli would do her best to love him. But when Ye Yuan was not Ye Yuan, she did not know what kind of an attitude to use to face him.

The mentality before and after was completely different.

That lord was an apex figure standing high above the masses in the Divine Realm; an existence which she needed to look up to. But Ye Yuan was merely just a Lower Realms’ measly little aboriginal.

Yet these two people actually really coincided together miraculously!

“W-Why did Your Excellency tell me this?” The calm and collected Yue Mengli finally lost composure this time.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “Didn’t you always wanted to know very much? Since you want to know, I’ll tell you.”

Yue Mengli fell into a daze, not expecting that the reason was actually so simple. After the surprise, a hint of sweetness trickled past in Yue Mengli’s heart.

This matter was of utmost importance. It might even affect the Divine Realm’s situation in the future.

To Ye Yuan, this was a colossal secret too. Once it was exposed, it would even draw a fatal disaster.

But he still told her!

“But in the past …”

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “In the past, my heart was uncertain. Now, my heart is already moved.”

Yue Mengli’s delicate body trembled, but still somewhat doubted the words she had just heard, her eyes shocked to the core.

A strong arm gently took her into his arms and said, “Li-er, you know that I’m carrying a blood feud. So … some things, I don’t think about them and dare not think either. But that instant when you hugged me, I discovered that I already can’t lie to myself anymore.”

Yue Mengli did not speak, but Ye Yuan could distinctly feel that she was trembling in his embrace.

“Milord, I … I’m so happy!” After a long time, these few words transmitted out from his embrace and was actually somewhat choking with sobs.

Under the bright moon, two people hugged, with no words in the middle of the night.

No idea how long had passed either, Yue Mengli said softly in Ye Yuan’s embrace, “Milord …”

“Call me Ye Yuan. The past have faded like smoke. In this life, the name Ye Yuan will inevitably shake the Divine Realm!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Yue Mengli nodded her head slightly and corrected herself, “Ye Yuan, the Spirit Snow Divine King she …”

Ye Yuan fell silent, and finally, let out a sigh and said, “Me and Spirit Snow … perhaps we weren’t meant to be. Compared to her, I care about you more.

Ye Yuan sensed that the Yue Mengli in his arms hugged him even tighter.

Another moment of silence. This time, it was Ye Yuan who opened his mouth first: “Li-er, you should know my matters. Honestly speaking, I also don’t know just what kind of existence I’m facing. But I think that Ji Canglan is probably not the most terrifying one. Maybe …”

Ye Yuan did not finish saying when a delicate finger was already placed on his lips, preventing him from continuing.

Yue Mengli slowly got up and met Ye Yuan’s eyes, saying sincerely, “Ye Yuan, you don’t know how happy I am right now! When I saw milord’s elegant bearing back then, I was already smitten by milord. I swore back then to only marry milord in this lifetime! When I heard the grievous news being spread over, Li-er felt like the world was going to collapse. It was also starting from then that the Innate Battle Soul Physique awakened, making me suffer the agony of the divine soul tearing from time to time. Later, I brought Yan-er to the Endless World to distract myself. Even in my dreams, I never thought that I could meet with you again either. I thought that this is the so-called fate that people talked about, right? Therefore, no matter how arduous the road ahead is, Li-er vows to travel together with you!”

Yue Mengli’s gaze was incomparably firm. She wanted to use her actions to defend this hard-earned fate.

“Thank you, Li-er!” Ye Yuan said excitedly.

Li-er had an outwardly soft and inwardly tough personality. Things that she decided, even eight horses could not drag it back. Apart from this, she was also so considerate. No matter what, she would think of Ye Yuan’s standpoint to consider problems.

Perhaps it was precisely because of these that she moved Ye Yuan’s heart.

Five days later, the Yue Family’s martial arts practice field was packed full of people.

At this time, the practicing field became an enormous pill refining room.

The Yue Family was an ancient alchemy family too. Many members of the Yue Family had alchemist backgrounds. Therefore, the Yue Family’s alchemy emperor powerhouses were quite a few.

At this time at the practice field, just the alchemy emperor powerhouses were as many as 20 to 30!

“The Soul Separating Pill, originated from this young man’s hands? It looks like he has merely just stepped into Alchemy Venerable Realm!”

“Family Head said that the Soul Separating Pill might be incomplete, or was tampered with. But this old man had refined many times and didn’t discover any areas that were amiss.”

“Me too! If say this young man can use some sort of method to hoodwink us, these old fellows, then his Alchemy Dao attainments are also too scary!”

At present, Ye Yuan was currently being surrounded in the center of the field. A group of alchemy emperor powerhouses was making frivolous remarks about him.

These people had all refined the Soul Separating Pill before. But not a single person discovered that the Soul Separating Pill had issues.

But Zhou Qianru’s words still fermented in the midst of these people.

After all, a Tier 8 medicinal pill that so many alchemy emperors could not refine, this was also too strange.

Right at this time, a powerful aura descended from the sky. Everyone raised their heads and looked. They saw the Eight Extremities War Chariot descending from the sky.

“It’s Lord Quan Xingzi! Family Head actually invited Lord Quan Xingzi to come and attend the ceremony!” Everyone said in astonishment.

As a peak Alchemy Emperor, the Alchemist Association’s vice-chairman, Quan Xingzi’s status in the Divine Realm was exceedingly high.

And today, he actually personally came to the Yue Family to attend the ceremony for the sake of a puny little Tier 8 medicinal pill. This was also too strange.

Except, they did not know that Quan Xingzi had also attempted to refine the Soul Separating Pill before, but the result was a failure.

He was also very curious what kind of Tier 8 medicinal pill it was that even he actually could not refine it too!