Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Dragon Sovereign Cauldron Appears

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From the Eight Extremities War Chariot, down came an old man with a skinny face.

The old man had a sage-like appearance, looking to have the air of a great master.

This old man was well-known in the Divine Realm.

Behind the old man even followed a young man. He did not look old, but his cultivation realm was not low. He already reached peak Phaseless Realm!

From this young man’s badge, one could tell that he was actually already a peak Alchemy Venerable at a young age.

Getting off the war chariot, the young man’s gaze when he looked at Ye Yuan was filled with contempt and thick enmity.

“Lord Quan Xingzi, Honorable Nephew Liang Yuan, this way please!” Yue Jianqiu’s attitude was very courteous.

Quan Xingzi nodded his head but opened his mouth to say, “Just a second, Family Head Yue, I’m very interested in this Little Friend Ye Yuan. Can you allow this elderly self to have a few words with him?”

Yue Jianqiu smiled and said, “Of course, go ahead, Your Excellency.”

At this time, Ye Yuan was currently resting with his eyes closed. Quan Xingzi slowly came before him and opened his mouth to ask, “Little Friend Ye Yuan, this elderly self is the Alchemist Association’s Vice-Chairman, Quan Xingzi.”

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes and said calmly, “I know.”

Quan Xingzi froze, not expecting that Ye Yuan actually had such an attitude.

With his status, even when Alchemy Emperor powerhouses saw him, they would also have to bow down and greet. But this little guy in front of him actually dismissed him with two words.

“Brat, what kind of attitude is this? You are still not paying respects when you see my master?” Liang Yuan was indignant and immediately voiced out to reproach.

But Ye Yuan did not even take notice of him. He said indifferently, “Those attending the ceremony go over there and sit. If there’s nothing, don’t interrupt my meditation.”

In the Divine Realm, the Medicine King Hall and Alchemist Association were sworn enemies. Before the Ji father and son died, the two houses fought for god knows how many years.

Although the Alchemist Association was powerful and influential, the Ji father’s and son’s Alchemy Dao strength were too heaven-defying. To really estimate it, they were roughly evenly-matched in strength.

The Alchemist Association was incomparably overbearing, wanting to control all of the alchemists in the world. And the Medicine King Hall’s existence was a major threat to their authority.

So back then, the Alchemist Association tried to suppress the Medicine King Hall. This Quan Xingzi naturally took part in it too.

Seeing the Alchemist Association’s people, it would be weird if Ye Yuan could show a good attitude.

When Liang Yuan saw that Ye Yuan’s attitude was haughty, he immediately blew his top. He was just about to give him a scolding but was stopped by Quan Xingzi.

“Huhu, looks like Little Friend has some misunderstanding towards this old man. But some things, this old man still has to ask,” Quan Xingzi said.

Ye Yuan said indifferently, “Ask away.”

“May I ask Little Friend, where this Soul Separating Pill’s pill formula came from? Does Little Friend really have the confidence to refine it?” Quan Xingzi opened his mouth to ask.

“This question you asked is ridiculous. If I can’t refine it, could it be that I deliberately called so many people over to make a spectacle of myself? As for the origin of the pill formula, no comment.” Ye Yuan laughed mockingly.

Quan Xingzi could not help being stifled when he heard that. Nodding his head, he sat down on the seat of honor.

This Ye Yuan was clearly very hostile towards him. It was just that he could not understand it; he had never met Ye Yuan before, so why was he like this?

The group of Alchemy Emperors all exchanged glances. This Ye Yuan was also too presumptuous, right?

What kind of status did Quan Xingzi have? He actually dared to talk like this. Was he not afraid of the Alchemist Association’s boycott?

One had to know that after the Medicine King Hall changed banners, the Alchemist Association became the alchemy world’s sovereign. Once the Alchemist Association carried out a boycott towards an alchemist, then this person would be very tragic.

It was just that Lord Quan Xingzi was good-tempered and would not stoop to Ye Yuan’s level.

After an hour, Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and slowly stood up.

Everyone suddenly felt a blur in front of their eyes. Ye Yuan actually became like a different person, on his body actually had the air of a great master. Even those Alchemy Emperors sighed at their inferiority too.

An old and shabby incense burner appeared in Ye Yuan’s hand. Seeing this incense burner, everyone could not help being dumbfounded.

They were wondering what kind of medicinal cauldron Ye Yuan would bring out. They did not think that it was actually a dilapidated incense burner.

This thing could also refine pills?

“Haha! This brat is indeed trying to impress people by doing something sensational! If a lousy incense burner can refine pills too, that it would truly be the biggest joke in the world!” Liang Yuan burst into laughter.

The surroundings where Ye Yuan was refining had a noise-isolating array formation set up. He could not hear Liang Yuan’s mocking.

He held the incense burner on the palm of his left hand and bit a finger on his right hand. A drop of fresh blood dripped onto the incense burner.

Instantaneously, a terrifying aura undulated out. The smile on Liang Yuan’s face instantly turned stiff right there.

Quan Xingzi shot to his feet and cried out in shock, “Dragon Sovereign Cauldron! This … How is this possible? How can the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron possibly be in his hands?!”

Seeing his master lose composure like so, even if Liang Yuan was any dumber, he would also know that the origin of the worn-out incense burner in Ye Yuan’s hand was extraordinary.

“Master, what is … the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron?”

Forget about Liang Yuan, even those Alchemy Emperors did not know the origins of the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron either.

Quan Xingzi drew a deep breath and cleverly concealed the scorching heat in his eyes, and opened his mouth to say, “In the ancient era, an exceedingly powerful Alchemy God powerhouse had once appeared in the dragon clan before! Before he achieved Deity Realm, what he used was the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron! This Dragon Sovereign Cauldron accompanied him for half his life! The Dragon Sovereign Cauldron looks just like a small incense burner normally. But once it encounters dragon blood, it will immediately transform to become a top-tier medicinal cauldron!”

Everyone all drew a cold breath. They did not think that the origin of the shabby incense burner in Ye Yuan’s hands was actually so great!

The medicinal cauldron of an Alchemy God!

Even if it was just the medicinal cauldron before becoming a deity, the power was also unimaginable!

A dumbfounded look showed on Liang Yuan’s face. He was still mocking Ye Yuan before this. Did not expect that in a twinkle, he had his face utterly smacked.

“Master, just what grade is this Dragon Sovereign Cauldron?” Liang Yuan asked.

Quan Xingzi fell silent for a moment and opened his mouth to say, “If it must be classified, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron can absolutely squeeze into the ranks of transcendent-grade holy artifacts. However … the power of the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron should be even stronger than transcendent-grade holy artifacts!”

“Hiss …” The group of Alchemy Emperors sucked in cold breaths. Their eyes when looking at that tiny little incense burner in Ye Yuan’s hand were filled with intense heat.

To an alchemist, the medicinal cauldron was everything!

In his past life, Ye Yuan’s equipped sword was merely a top-grade holy artifact, while the Limitless Cauldron was an extremely hard to come by transcendent-grade holy artifact.

Ye Yuan actually had a transcendent-grade holy artifact medicinal cauldron in his hands. How could they stay calm with this?

In a twinkle, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron expanded several times and was already not much different from ordinary medicinal cauldrons.

While at this time, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron’s dilapidated appearance already completely faded away. Dragon qi revolved around the entire medicinal cauldron. Medicinal fragrance filled the air. Inside the medicinal cauldron, transmitted out powerful undulations of array formations.

Without a doubt, the Dragon Sovereign Cauldron was a transcendent-grade holy artifact!

In a corner, Yue Mengli’s gaze when looking at Yue Mengli was filled with worship and affection.

This man, even if he lost his previous life’s halo, he was still so dazzling, dazzling to the extent it pricked the eye!

Ye Yuan slowly came in front of the operating platform. Several dozen stalks of spirit medicine were placed on the operating platform.

Only to see him wave his sleeves grandly, sweeping those several dozen stalks of spirit medicine into the air.


Ye Yuan abruptly slapped a palm out. An intense tremor emitted in the air. Those several dozen stalks of spirit medicine were directly turned to dust!