Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Crushing All Resistance

"Nine Heavens Road, 999 steps. He only crossed 33 steps by luck, the first minor barrier. Each and every one of them is behaving like he already cleared it!"

Su Yubai snorted coldly. Evidently, he was very displeased by everyone's astonishment.

The way he saw it, Ye Yuan only passed the first barrier by luck!

Furthermore, passing the first barrier did not signify anything. Many Essence Qi Realms were able to cross it.

The true terror of the Nine Heavens Road was in the last 333 steps!

"Yeah. One look and you can tell that this Ye Yuan is a slippery punk. He probably excels in exploiting gaps. Most likely he took advantage of some loophole. That's why it was so easy for him." Another elder chimed in.

"Mm. No matter what you say, the Nine Heavens Road is a death zone for Essence Qi Realm. That is the truth that nobody can alter! Looking at the past, the highest record for Essence Qi Realm was at the middle 333 steps. Even if Ye Yuan's incredibly heaven-defying, his limit will at most be at the last 333 steps." Zhang Songtao also agreed.

Unlike the other elders, Ye Yuan's performance gave Huyan Yong and Feng Ruoqing more confidence.

"The most terrifying aspect of these first 333 steps is the exhaustion of essence energy! Spirit Condensation Realms are a little better, but it's very difficult for an Essence Qi Realm's essence energy to sustain till the end. Even if they are lucky enough to bear through it, the middle 333 steps will only get more terrifying than the front part. In the end, they still die. But Ye Yuan didn't even use essence energy protection in the first round. He basically didn't expend much essence energy at all," Huyan Yong said agitatedly.

Ye Yuan can really bring people limitless surprises. Perhaps . . . he might really make it? Feng Ruoqing muttered to herself.

"Tch. That fellow is smelly and hard. It's better if he's dead!" Feng Zhirou recovered her fierce and unreasonable nature.

Feng Ruoqing smiled and said, "If he dies, you can forget about breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm in this lifetime."

". . . Who cares!" Feng Ruoqing remained stubborn, but her eyes kept following Ye Yuan on the steps.

. . . . . .

The Strong Gale round did not pose much difficulty to Ye Yuan. The instant he crossed the 33rd step and landed on the 34th step, the scenario suddenly transformed once again, becoming a stretch of fiery sea.

The concept of fire!

This was a flame road!

The scorching flames roasted Ye Yuan until he was about to combust, but a cold smile flashed across the corner of Ye Yuan's mouth.

"I wonder what the Spirit Bristle Divine King will feel if he knew that someone was playing with fire in front of his cultivation law!"

Saying this, Ye Yuan revolved the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art not to activate essence energy protection, but to completely release his aura to let his essence energy erupt out!

Then Ye Yuan made his strides and steadily went up. Where he passed by, the flames automatically retreated!

Playing with the concept of fire in front of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was simply a joke!

The Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was the supreme fire attribute cultivation law in the Divine Realm. It had virtually reached the limits of the concept of fire!

Back then, the Spirit Bristle Divine King relied on the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art's ultimate technique, Nine Suns Burning Heaven, and became renown in a single battle! He used the Nine Suns Burning Heaven during that battle, and he directly burnt the numerous Divine Kings attacking him into nothingness. Since then, nobody dared to provoke him.

Even though Ye Yuan's current power was still shallow, it was still not something that a Lower Realm mortal flame could compare to.

This was like a young, juvenile dragon. No matter how little he was, he would still be the king of all beasts. All laid dormant where he passed!

Ye Yuan continued forward steadily as the flames around him automatically gave him a wide berth.

Just like that, Ye Yuan passed through the second round, Flame Sea, with unbelievable speed.

Ye Yuan had to waste around an incense of time to avoid the strong gales in order to pass the first round.

As for this second round, Ye Yuan passed it in a blink of an eye.

Third round, Arctic World!

This was a world of ice and snow, and it was extremely cold.

Yet, this sort of cold seemed to be unable to pose any form of threat in front of Ye Yuan's Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art.

Ye Yuan immediately cleared it once again!

In a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan crossed 99 steps!

Next was the fourth round, Gravity World. Fifth round, Thick Earth World. Sixth round, Water World . . . All the way until the tenth world, Ye Yuan came all the way here unimpeded.

Ye Yuan's realm was much higher than the creator of these arrays. These barriers were simply unable to cause any great difficulty for him. He did not even expend much essence energy.

"I wonder who from the Tranquil Cloud Sect created these arrays. They actually integrated metal, wood, water, fire, and earth; these concepts of five elements as well as the other five types of concepts derived from them. Truly a genius! I wonder what happened to this person afterward. Did he ascend to the Divine Realm? I've never heard of such an array formations genius before in the Divine Realm. Could it be that he had long fallen?" Ye Yuan was overcome with emotion.

The world of martial artists was filled with countless dangers. Aside from the dangers on the road of cultivation, what was even scarier was the human heart.

Since ancient times, regardless of whether it was the Divine Realm or the Lower Realms, geniuses were as abundant as the hair on an ox. However, only a remarkable handful was able to truly mature.

Which of the figures standing at the pinnacle of the Divine Realm did not tread over countless corpses of geniuses to attain their current position?

Even a peerless genius like Qingyun Zi plummeted after being harmed while in the process of maturing; let alone the others.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan's speed of clearing the rounds caused a huge uproar in the outside world!

He was too fast!

From the first step to crossing the first 333 steps, Ye Yuan spent less than two hours. This was simply too harrowing!

One student rubbed his eyes and asked in disbelief, "Do I have something wrong with my eyes? Since when did this Nine Heavens Road become so easy to pass?"

"Does your brain have holes? Why don't you try it, if it is easy to cross! I think you won't even know how you die!"

"But Ye Yuan is only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. How could he possibly be this fast?"

"I heard that this Nine Heavens Road is not a place that tests strength solely. What the test placed emphasis on, is potential! Looking from that perspective, this Ye Yuan's talent is truly so monstrous that it's inconceivable! But I don't know if he can cross the later 666 steps or not."

"Maybe he can really cross it?"

The two exchanged glances. They were both frightened by this thought!

Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm passing the Nine Heavens Road?

This was impossible! Absolutely impossible! The Nine Heavens Road was a forbidden ground for Essence Qi Realm martial artists!

They did not know why either, but once this thought arose, it was like a seed, buried at the bottom of their hearts. It grew roots and sprouted, and it could no longer be stopped!

On the other hand, when Ye Yuan passed the first 333 steps, Su Yubai jumped to his feet. He looked at Ye Yuan who was halfway up the mountain similarly with incredulity.

One could not blame him for being so shocked. Ye Yuan's speed in passing the rounds was too quick!

He crushed all resistance along the way without any delay!

There were only that few students who passed through the Nine Heavens Road. Their performance was not kept a secret. As the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder, Su Yubai was naturally very clear on that!

However, nobody among those who challenged the road had Ye Yuan's crossing speed, including those Spirit Condensation Realm students who passed!

Even the Mo Yuntian who was brimming with talent spent an entire day to pass the first 333 steps!

But Ye Yuan only took two hours!

Doesn't that mean that the degree of Ye Yuan's genius was several times, even tens of times that of Mo Yuntian's?

Su Yubai did not dare nor was he willing to believe this thought!