Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 940 1

Chapter 940 Just A Part Time Occupation

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“So fragrant! Is this the fragrance of the Soul Separating Pill?”

A thick medicinal fragrance wafted out along with the wind, tunneling into everyone’s nostrils, and refreshing the mind.

On the table, a crystal-ball like medicinal pill lied in a jade container quietly.

When the group of Alchemy Emperors saw the medicinal pill, all of them revealed astonished looks.

“Transcendent-grade! Transcendent-grade Soul Separating Pill!” An Alchemy Emperor exclaimed in shock.

These Alchemy Emperors could not even refine a defective product, but this initial-rank Alchemy Venerable youth before their eyes actually refined a transcendent-grade Soul Separating Pill. This was also too freakish, right?

Soul Separating Pill, although it was just a Tier 8 medicinal pill, in terms of refining difficulty, it was absolutely harder than the vast majority of Tier 9 medicinal pills!

From a certain degree, it was even harder to refine than high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills!

Otherwise, how could Quan Xingzi this peak Alchemy Emperor possibly be unable to refine it?


Ye Yuan lightly moved his body a bit, but his feet gave way, and he almost tumbled to the ground. Luckily, he held onto the table, that was how he did not fall down.

Yue Mengli’s expression changed, arrived beside Ye Yuan with a large stride, and supported him.

“Ye Yuan, are you alright?” Yue Mengli asked concernedly.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said feebly, “I’m fine, just a little drained.”

With Ye Yuan’s present cultivation realm, refining the Soul Separating Pill was indeed rather forceful. Furthermore, during the refinement process, he suppressed his soul force to initial-rank Alchemy Venerable the whole time. This way would make his pressure skyrocket.

Actually, Ye Yuan’s present soul force magnitude already far exceeded initial-rank Alchemy Venerable. If he erupted with full force, refining the Soul Separating Pill also would not be so arduous.

It was just that some things were not appropriate to show in front of so many people.

Especially with Quan Xingzi this sly old fox present, slightly giving himself away a little would be found out. Therefore, during the refinement process, Ye Yuan had constantly exercised extreme caution.

“The medicinal pill is already completed. I wonder if anyone has any doubts?” Ye Yuan said to the audience.

“None! A flawless refinement! Honestly speaking, seeing Little Brother Ye’s pill refinement, this elderly self feels like so many years of living were considered to have been utterly wasted!” An alchemy emperor shook his head and said.

“Refinement technique, ratio of spirit medicines, were exactly the same as on the pill formula! Even if there’s really any underhanded activities, very sorry, pardon this old man for not being able to perceive it,” another alchemy emperor said.

“If we really have to say, then it’s that our skills are not there yet! Little Brother Ye’s alchemy skills simply take people’s breath away in amazement! This old man admires it! I wonder if Lord Quan Xingzi has any thoughts?”

Utilizing the Eight-Diagrams Wandering Dragon Secret Art to the Legendary Realm, if these Alchemy Emperors still could not perceive the disparity, then they would be a bunch of fools.

Some medicinal pills, could not be refined based solely on the pill formula.

When the medicinal pill’s composition was complicated to a certain degree, what alchemists contended in was refinement skill, as well as understanding towards medicinal theory.

Very clearly, in these aspects, their disparity with the initial-rank Alchemy Venerable Ye Yuan was too great!

Quan Xingzi gave a very meaningful glance at Ye Yuan and slowly opened his mouth to say, “There’s naturally no problem. Truly didn’t expect that Little Friend’s pill refining skills are actually so transcendent! Having seen Little Friend’s refinement, this old man thought of another genius alchemist.”

The group of Alchemy Emperors was startled. Someone opened his mouth to say, “Could what Your Excellency be talking about be … Lord Qingyun Zi?”

When Yue Mengli heard this name, her heart involuntarily pounded, her expression becoming ugly.

Fortunately, the rest of the people’s expressions were very ugly too. Yue Mengli’s expression did not have any areas which drew people’s attention.

And Ye Yuan, it was as if they were talking about another person, an expression of indifference towards honor or humiliation.

Quan Xingzi nodded his head and said, “Although the Medicine King Hall isn’t on particularly good terms with our Alchemist Association, Qingyun Zi’s Alchemy Dao attainments are indeed remarkably startling! But I observed that Little Friend Ye’s alchemy skills will likely be even above Qingyun Zi’s in the future!”

All of the alchemy emperors were taken aback and could not help looking towards Ye Yuan with extremely astonished gazes.

These words coming out from the mouth of the Alchemist Association’s Lord Vice-Chairman, the weight was extraordinary!

This was extremely high praise and honor towards Ye Yuan. This sentence of Quan Xingzi’s was sufficient to let Ye Yuan’s name shake the Divine Realm!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Alchemy Dao, is it? This is just my part-time occupation. This Ye’s pursuit is the paramount Martial Path! If Senior wishes to invite me to join the Alchemist Association, please save your breath.”

The moment these words came out, the group of Alchemy Emperors was collectively dumbstruck, including Quan Xingzi.

Part-time occupation … could even have such standards. Then wouldn’t they all, these full-time alchemists, have to find a piece of tofu to commit suicide and be done with it?

Posturing was not postured this way!

Exasperating people to death without paying for it?

Yet, they did not know that to Ye Yuan, this was his genuine thoughts now.

No matter how formidable his Alchemy Path strength, it could not help him take revenge either.

Only by taking his revenge could he place all of his body and mind on alchemy.

The Liang Yuan beside Quan Xingzi already did not know what he should say at this time.

The haughty look right at the start had already completely disappeared from him.

Observing Ye Yuan’s pill refinement process, it didn’t only shock his heart, but also his entire being!

His age was even quite a bit older compared to Ye Yuan. But the disparity between the two people was simply comparing a firefly to the bright moon.

Ye Yuan’s one sentence repelled Quan Xingzi back. The final result was naturally departing on a sour note.

That night, Ye Yuan’s condition already recovered to its peak state, and he brought Yue Mengli away into closed-seclusion.

Through this ceremony, Yue Jianqiu became even more firmly convinced regarding that conjecture.

Perhaps, Yue Mengli following Ye Yuan would really be a pretty good choice.

Being connected by marriage with the Ten Great Divine Kings was something that many family clans did not even dare to think about.

The Ten Great Divine Kings’ existence was too special in the Divine Realm.

Furthermore, according to what Ye Yuan said, if Yue Mengli’s illness could obtain a fundamental cure, her future accomplishments would be immeasurable!

Perhaps, the Yue Family would still have to rely on Yue Mengli in the future.

Thinking this way, Yue Jianqiu did not have that much psychological resistance regarding the two people staying together in a room, and also just turned a blind eye to it.

As for whether Ye Yuan could triumph over the Bright Moon Competition’s champion or not, that was not what he could control.

But to really talk about it, he was still pessimistic about Ye Yuan.

After all, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was still a little too low.

Participating in the Bright Moon Competition this time were quite a number of major factions’ juniors. Among them were some who stood out above the masses, who already broke through to Dao Profound Realm!

First Level Dao Profound versus First Level Phaseless, Yue Jianqiu seriously could not think of what kind of means Ye Yuan would use to win.

Yet, Ye Yuan did not have too much happy thoughts about staying together in a room with Yue Mengli.

Yue Mengli’s state was actually already very terrible.

These few years, Yue Mengli had been using the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid to nourish her divine soul all along. The Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid was able to bolster up the divine soul. But it was precisely because so that the two types of spirit physique’s scramble would be even fiercer.

Each time it flared up, Yue Mengli would also be in great agony.

Ye Yuan looked at Yue Mengli and said with a light sigh, “It’s been hard on you these few years!”

But Yue Mengli said with a smile on her face, “Meeting you, this pain is all sweet memories!”