Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art

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People, no matter how powerful, they would all have a soft side.

In the past, when Ji Qingyun died, Yue Mengli’s heart was like dead ashes too.

If she did not encounter Ye Yuan, maybe she would have quietly died in the Endless World.

But a chance encounter let her find the driving force to carry on living once more.

This was also why she could hold on until now.

If there was no Ye Yuan, even with the Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid, Yue Mengli would also absolutely not survive until now.

“These few years have passed, I believe you have also researched the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art considerably too, right?” Ye Yuan asked.

Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art was the divine soul splitting art that Ye Yuan imparted to Yue Mengli back then.

Yue Mengli nodded slightly. This close to a decade’s time, Yue Mengli had basically given up on cultivating, her cultivation realm remaining at a standstill. When she had free time, she would study this Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art.

“This technique is very profound. It can actually divide the divine soul into two, and let each grow by itself. It’s simply inconceivable! Li-er studied for ten years and still have many areas that I’m unclear,” Yue Mengli said.

Yue Mengli was naturally gifted with exceptional intelligence. But wanting to learn this divine soul mystic art inside out was not easy.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “The Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art was obtained by me in an ancient record. It’s an ancient Divine Dao secret art! It’s a shame that that ancient record was only an incomplete copy. This divine soul mystic art is heavily incomplete. So when cultivating Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, the risks are extremely great. Hence, when I gave you this mystic art back then, I repeatedly exhorted you not to cultivate it. A single mishap and you would end up with an outcome of your divine soul extinguishing.”

Yue Mengli revealed a look of realization and said, “So that’s how it is! No wonder when I researched it, I keep feeling that it’s hard to understand.”

“Actually, when I obtained this mystic art back then, I planned to cultivate it too. But before that, I had to think of ways to restore this mystic art. Sadly, before this thing started, I met with an extermination calamity,” Ye Yuan sighed and said.

Yue Mengli’s body stiffened up when she heard it. Although Ye Yuan said it calmly, the blow that incident back then was to an Alchemy Emperor powerhouse who had reached the acme of perfection could only be imagined!

She could feel how heavy a burden Ye Yuan was shouldering on him.

Her eyes became slightly wet as she said softly, “Ye Yuan, I hope that I can carry the load together with you and proceed forward!”

Ye Yuan gently wiped away the tears for her and said with a faint smile, “I’ve never thought of drawing support from others before. However … you’re an exception. Someday, I, Ye Yuan, will definitely take you along and reach the peak, and we’ll assault the transcendent Deity Realm!”

Yue Mengli was incredibly touched and nodded her head repeatedly.

“But this mystic art is incomplete. How should I cultivate?” Yue Mengli said, uncertain.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Before meeting you, this mystic art has always slumbered in my memories. I never thought of it at all. But after meeting you, I started to set about to restore this mystic art.”

Yue Mengli said in surprise, “You … You really restored it? This Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art is an ancient Divine Dao secret art!”

Yue Mengli’s astonishment was written fully on her face.

These ten years, the thing she did the most was studying the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art. But facing this incomplete cultivation method, it was a little overwhelming to even understand, let alone talk about cultivating.

But Ye Yuan actually only used ten year’s time to restore an ancient Divine Dao secret art to its original state!

This … How monstrous a talent did this require?!

Divine dao cultivation methods, not one was not abnormally abstruse. Those whose talents were slightly lacking could not even achieve learning the rudiments.

An incomplete mystic art, the difficulty of cultivating soared even more exponentially, let alone talk about restoring the cultivation method!

But Ye Yuan actually restored this cultivation method. How could this not shock her?

“Huhu, actually, it isn’t as terrifying as you imagine. Although this Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art is an ancient divine dao secret art, it’s only the section beneath the Deity Realm. Connecting it carefully, it can still be restored,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Yue Mengli looked at Ye Yuan with a look of worship and sighed in admiration, “Milord is truly a genius! Just this one matter is sufficient to cause a stir in the Divine Realm!”

Ye Yuan touched on the matter casually, but Yue Mengli was not some naive little girl.

Although she was not an arrogant individual, she was still quite confident in her own natural endowments.

If not because of the spirit physique triggering, resulting in the divine soul tearing, she would definitely have stepped into Dao Profound Realm now already.

She used ten year’s time but did not even figure out the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, while Ye Yuan used ten year’s time to restore this mystic art thoroughly.

The disparity involved could not be measured with distance!

But the more it was so, the prouder Yue Mengli was.

This was the Lord Qingyun ZI she idolized. Being able to restore a cultivation method was the most normal thing.

Resulting in when she was talking, she would unconsciously use honorifics.

Ye Yuan smiled and opened his mouth and said, “Alright. Now, I’ll explain this cultivation method for you in detail. Even if the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art is restored, cultivating it is also very dangerous. Splitting the divine soul, even the Ten Great Divine Kings don’t dare to rashly attempt it either.”

Yue Mengli nodded her head, and started to put away her thoughts, and listened to Ye Yuan’s explanation attentively.

When Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli were in closed-seclusion, Bright Moon City was in a mess.

The cause was that the Yue Family added a new rule to the Bright Moon Competition: the champion of the Bright Moon Competition would contend for the only spot with Ye Yuan!

For some time, the entire Bright Moon City burst into an uproar.

“Who the hell is Ye Yuan? Why should he obtain such preferential treatment?”

“The geniuses who came to Bright Moon City this time, the truly formidable ones are those few. I’ve never heard before of anyone called Ye Yuan. Wonder where this guy popped out from.”

“Investigate for me! Must dig out just who the hell this Ye Yuan is! Ferret him out! This young master, I, guarantee that I won’t beat him to death!”

The entire Bright Moon City seethed with excitement. Chaotic information started flying everywhere.

Some said that Ye Yuan was a certain major power’s last disciple, whose strength had already reached Dao Profound Realm, and was incomparably fearsome.

Some said that Ye Yuan was some distant relative of the Yue Family. Because he and Yue Mengli were betrothed when they were young, the Yue Family was forced to set this rule.

All in all, all sorts of versions of rumors flew everywhere. But without exception, this never-seen-before Ye Yuan was a peerless genius whose combat strength was off the charts!

To dare clash alone with the victor, this guy had to be formidable even if he did not want to!

At Drunken Dream Inn, Bright Moon City’s top-notch wine-house, where Waning Moon Falling Petals Wine enjoyed widespread renown.

At this time, three young men were currently drinking alcohol at the top level. These young people were all of striking appearances. One look, and it was clear that they were top experts.

“Heh heh, a rookie who just broke through to Phaseless Realm is actually going to clash with the champion. Did Yue Jianqiu eat the wrong medicine?” said a young man.

“Jiang Yancai, regardless of whether or not it’s confronting that rookie, you have no hope! Yue Mengli is mine, Bai Han’s!” said a young man who called himself Bai Han.

“Who doesn’t know how to boast? If you have the capabilities, showcase your true abilities on the stage! Your, Bai Han’s Coldmoon Late Autumn, I really want to experience it a little!” Jiang Yancai said with a cold smile.

“Rest assured, I’ll let you witness it.” Bai Han did not show the least bit of weakness.

“Alright, stop fighting! Each of us has our own trump cards. Before going up the stage, nobody knows who’ll win or lose either. But I heard that Zhuo Bufan has also taken fancy on the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm’s qualifications this time.”

Hearing this name, Jiang Yancai and Bai Han’s expressions changed.