Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 942

Chapter 942 Powerless To Turn The Tables

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On the arena, came waves of rumbling sounds. The battle situation was abnormally intense.

Although the Bright Moon Competition only had one spot, the allure was too great. Therefore, the young martial artists who registered this time were several tens of thousands of people!

What was currently taking place at the moment was only the preliminary selections.

The contestants were divided into several tournament regions to carry out several rounds of battle. The 16 people decided, in the end, would undergo the last final onslaught.

Hence, each and every one of these genius martial artists who bragged and boasted of being formidable unleashed out all of their might, in order to charge into the finals.

This period of time, there was already news that spread. Yue Mengli was currently receiving a mysterious expert’s treatment and was very likely to recover her health.

The moment this news appeared, those genius martial artists were all like they were injected with stimulants.

One had to know that Yue Mengli was an unparalleled beauty famous in the Divine Realm. In terms of beauty, only the Spirit Snow Divine King who remained reclusive could rival her.

They did not even need to think about the Spirit Snow Divine King. But Yue Mengli was within grasp.

As long as they won the Bright Moon Competition!

To be able to bring a beauty back and also obtain the qualifications to enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, this kind of temptation was sufficient to drive the genius martial artists crazy!

The preliminary selections were already underway for five day’s time. The geniuses fought in chaotic battles. The battle situation was incomparably intense.

But after five days had passed, the situation also gradually cleared up.

Super Holy Land Skypool Celestial Empire’s successor, Zhuo Bufan, became the top favorite to seize the championship.

Second only to Zhuo Bufan was Vastsun City’s Zhou Yan.

In addition, Rank One Holy Land, Crimson Cloud Sect’s successor, Bai Han, Big Dipper Holy Land’s successor, Jiang Yancai, as well as Spirit Crane Holy Land’s successor, Tang Yu, so on and so forth, were also favorites to take the championship.

These genius martial artists were all First Level Dao Profound experts without exception!

To be able to step into emperor realm at their age, they were absolutely all first-rate existences. These young men would become the Divine Realm’s new generation’s powerhouses in the future.

These people’s strength should all be almost on par. As for who could win in the end, it might still have to depend on live performance.

But with so many genius martial artists, there was bound to be some dark horses that pop out.

What made people the most surprised was that there was actually still a Phaseless Realm martial artist among the top 16.

That was a youth dressed in black clothing. His face was handsome, but that pair of deep eyes told everyone that this person was not to be trifled with.

“Where this did Lin Chao pop out from? Heard that in his last fight, he defeated a Rank One Holy Land’s genius martial artist and advanced.”

“On his data wrote that he came from the Divine Martial Hall. But what kind of faction is this Divine Martial Hall? Never seemed to have heard it before!”

“Reckon that it’s just a small faction. This Lin Chao being able to advance is actually good luck as well. His tournament region actually doesn’t have Dao Profound Realm geniuses. Otherwise, it would definitely have nothing to do with him anymore.”

“En, makes sense. There was a Rank One Holy Land’s Dao Profound Realm genius who was unlucky and got put in the same group as Zhou Bufan. The result was abysmal.”

The final 16 people who were decided, the vast majority were actually within expectations. But a dark horse like Lin Chao became everyone’s topic of conversation.

Lin Chao stood on stage, and looked at everything below the stage coldly, sneeringly coldly in his heart, “Ye Yuan, when you see me, you’ll definitely get a huge shock, right? This time, I’ll personally defeat you, and then make you watch me marry your woman!”

If Ye Yuan was here, he would recognize that this Lin Chao was precisely the Endless World Purple Mansion Sect’s Lin Chao!

Back then, he was beaten to serious injuries by Ye Yuan and dying. In the end, he disappeared.

It was unexpected that he would actually show up in the Divine Realm now!

But the current Lin Chao’s strength already could not be mentioned in the same breath. Not showing himself for many years, his cultivation realm actually already surpassed Ye Yuan’s, reaching peak Phaseless Realm!

In the arena match previously, he defeated a Rank One Holy Land’s young genius with ease.

It was evident that his strength was likely much stronger compared to even his cultivation realm itself.

Of course, the Bright Moon Competition this time, the top favorite was still Zhuo Bufan.

The foundation of a super holy land was not what ordinary people could imagine. Even existences like the Ten Great Divine Kings did not dare to rashly provoke a super holy land either.

Zhuo Bufan, this super holy land’s successor, his strength was naturally extraordinary.

However, Lin Chao, who was only at the peak Ninth Level Phaseless Realm, seemed to think nothing of him.

At this time, the Yue Mengli who cultivated the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, the divine soul in her sea of consciousness actually transformed into a mass of chaos 1 !

“Li-er, now it has reached the most critical moment, splitting the divine soul! This process is very painful, and it is also very dangerous! Consume the Soul Separating Pill first. When your divine soul splits into two, it will restore your two damaged divine souls with the greatest speed, and ensure that you tide over the most dangerous juncture! In order to prepare for the worst, my soul force will enter your sea of consciousness to assist you!” Ye Yuan said with a solemn expression.

Splitting the divine soul, even a powerhouse like Ye Yuan needed to be very cautious as well. A moment of carelessness, and it would be the outcome of the soul dissipating.

Ye Yuan had the help of the Soul Suppressing Pearl and would not have any problems. But Yue Mengli did not. Hence, Ye Yuan also made perfectly sound preparations, attempting to lower the risk to the minimum.

Yue Mengli drew a deep breath and nodded her head slightly as she said, “Alright, I’m starting!”

Yue Mengli started splitting her divine soul according to the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art’s incantation! Right at the start, the feeling of pain that penetrated to the depths of the heart engulfed her entire body like lightning.

“Ugh …”

At this time, Yue Mengli’s divine soul was not being torn at by two kinds of spirit physiques, but truly tearing apart!

This sort of agony was a hundred times stronger than the ripping!

Ye Yuan’s expression was also very ugly. He said in a solemn voice, “The fighting spirit is aroused by the first roll of drums, depleted by the second, and exhausted by the third! Li-er, you mustn’t give up halfway!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Yue Mengli no longer hesitated, revolving the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art desperately.

That cloud of chaos gradually divided into two like cells dividing!

At the same time, the Soul Separating Pill’s medicinal strength finally unleashed its effect. A bout of gentle energy gradually wrapped the two clouds of bisected chaos up and started restoring with all its might.

But right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that Yue Mengli’s Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art’s revolving got slower and slower.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. He knew that Yue Mengli almost could not hold on anymore. This sort of tearing pain was simply what normal people could not imagine.

“Persevere, Li-er!” Ye Yuan shouted.

Yet, Yue Mengli’s consciousness already gradually blurred, completely unable to hear Ye Yuan’s words anymore.

At this rate, Yue Mengli would die for sure!

Although he had long anticipated that this hurdle was not easy to cross, Ye Yuan did not think that it was difficult to this sort of extent.

Ye Yuan knew that Yue Mengli was tormented by the two types of spirit physiques all year round. Her divine soul was actually already incredibly weak. Using the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art would cause a massive load on the divine soul.

But Ye Yuan had no other options as well.

If she still did not use the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, Yue Mengli’s condition would become increasingly worse.

“Damn it!”

Ye Yuan clenched his teeth. A boundless soul force charged towards Yue Mengli’s chaos divine soul and frenziedly repaired the damage brought about by the tearing.

However, it was still trying to put out a cartload of burning logs with a cup of water!

Yue Mengli’s consciousness became more and more feeble. That bisected chaos gradually became faint, and was actually going to utterly dissipate!