Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 943

Chapter 943 Enchanting Springtime Sight

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Ye Yuan’s soul force poured towards Yue Mengli without heed for his own life, attempting to salvage the deteriorating situation.

However, Yue Mengli’s life was trickling away at high-speed at this time. Even if Ye Yuan desperately plugged it up, he was powerless to turn the tides too.

“Damn it! Soul Suppressing Pearl, aren’t you very powerful? Quickly save Li-er!” Ye Yuan was very anxious and could not help cursing.

At this very moment, the only method Ye Yuan could think of was the Soul Suppressing Pearl!

Yet, no matter how he swore, the Soul Suppressing Pearl did not have any reaction.

Very soon, Ye Yuan’s soul force was exhausted fully, while Yue Mengli’s divine soul became increasingly fainter, already on the verge of disappearing.

Ye Yuan could not care about anything else. His divine soul tunneled into Yue Mengli’s sea of consciousness with a whoosh, fusing together with her divine soul.

He poured his own divine soul’s origin power crazily into Yue Mengli’s divine soul, only in hopes of being able to save Yue Mengli!

Pouring in origin power was equivalent to burning his own divine soul. Even if he could save Yue Mengli, it would be very hard for himself to survive.

Ye Yuan was using his own life as the price to save Yue Mengli here!

Sure enough, under this virtually insane action of Ye Yuan, Yue Mengli’s divine soul finally recovered some vitality and condensed together once more.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan could not help being overjoyed. His origin power poured into Yue Mengli’s divine soul with even less heed for his life.

For a moment, the two people’s divine souls started to mix together in perfect harmony.

“Urgh … Ye Yuan, you … What are you doing? You don’t want your life anymore?”

Finally, Yue Mengli recovered some consciousness and discovered Ye Yuan’s crazy action, and involuntarily turned pale with fright.

She was very clear what Ye Yuan doing this signified!

But Ye Yuan did not care at all. He beamed radiantly and said, “Letting me watch you die, I can’t do it. Don’t care about me, carry on revolving the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art and divide the divine soul! Quickly, otherwise, the two of us will die!”

Yue Mengli clenched her teeth tightly. Her heart was dripping blood.

She never thought that cultivating the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, the final result was actually like this.

If she had long anticipated this conclusion, she would have rather died than cultivate it.

But she knew that what Ye Yuan said was right. If she was indecisive, the two of them would have to die!

What she could do now was to finish the divine soul division as soon as possible. This way, Ye Yuan would no longer need to pour origin power into her.

Yue Mengli’s tears were like they broke the dam, flowing down unceasingly.

As tears ran down her face, she revolved the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, accelerating the divine soul’s fission.

At this very moment, the pain of the divine soul splitting could not match up to a one-ten thousandth of her heartache!

Yue Mengli felt like somebody was carrying a knife, and gouging out her heart’s flesh blade by blade.

Gradually, Yue Mengli’s divine soul became increasingly thicker, while Ye Yuan’s divine soul became fainter and fainter.

His life was rapidly fading away.

Suddenly, Yue Mengli’s entire body trembled. Her divine soul finally split into two!

The Soul Separating Pill and Ye Yuan’s origin power was repairing her injuries frenziedly.

“Ye Yuan, quickly stop!” Yue Mengli felt like she was almost suffocating, shouting herself hoarse.

That illusionary divine soul of Ye Yuan’s smiled slightly and said, “No need to worry, Li-er, I don’t believe that it’s able to watch me die!”

Yue Mengli froze. She had yet to figure out what was going on when she suddenly felt a blur before her eyes, and she suddenly ended up in darkness.

Arriving at this stretch of dark space, Ye Yuan finally let out a sigh of relief, separating himself away from Yue Mengli’s divine soul.

“Ye Yuan, a-are you alright?”

Yue Mengli was still a mass of chaos currently. No, wait, it should be two masses of chaos. That voice originated from within the chaos.

Ye Yuan’s body was already incomparably faint as if it could dissipate at any time.

“Arriving here, we should both be safe already! Quickly revolve the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art and restore your main body!” Ye Yuan said.

Although she did not understand what was going on, Yue Mengli still complied.

Right at this time, motes of fluorescent light appeared inside the dark space, akin to a resplendent galaxy; simply too beautiful to take in all at once.

Very soon, Yue Mengli recovered to her original body’s appearance, and actually became the appearance of two Yue Mengli.

Only to see Yue Mengli reciting the incantation silently. One of the figures directly scurried into the other body, and actually fused into one!

Seeing the situation, Ye Yuan forced a smile and said, “Heh, finally succeeded! In the future, you won’t have to suffer the pain of the divine soul tearing anymore!”

But Yue Mengli did not care about this. She went forward to support Ye Yuan and rebuked, “You were too reckless! Expending so much origin power at all once, you’ll die! If you die, what’s the point of me living alone?”

When Ji Qingyun, Yue Mengli was already overwhelmed with grief to the extent of wishing to die. At that time, she still did not have anything going on with Ji Qingyun.

Now that she obtained Ye Yuan’s acknowledgment, it was considered secretly pledging herself for life. If Ye Yuan died, she would definitely follow and depart without the slightest hesitation!

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “I said before, we’re going to reach the peak together! If you die first, even if I roam the Divine Realm unhindered, what’s the point? Although I wasn’t very certain, I know that it will save me! It’s just that I never thought that it would actually drag you in too.”

Yue Mengli’s eyes flickered, and she said curiously, “What on earth is it? Where are we? It seems like … our divine souls are imprisoned.”

“This place is the Soul Suppressing Pearl’s space. As for what the hell it is, I don’t know how to say it either. However, it should be a very remarkable divine item!” Ye Yuan said.

At this time, those countless fluorescent light actually moved, and swarmed towards Ye Yuan here!

The fluorescent lights directly landed on Ye Yuan, and actually let his body condense anew.

Seeing this inconceivable sight, the Yue Mengli who was always calm could not help opening her mouth wide.

“This … How magical! These fluorescent lights are actually able to replenish your origin power!” Yue Mengli said in wonder.

The divine soul’s origin power was akin to the martial artist’s blood essence; the most essential existence.

Furthermore, once the divine soul’s origin power was depleted, it was even harder to replenish than blood essence.

Ye Yuan virtually exhausted his origin power in order to save her and already reached the point where the oil ran out, and the lamp was expiring; possible to die at any moment. But these fluorescent light actually directly replenished Ye Yuan’s origin power back.

This scene was too magical!

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This is nothing. The last time, my divine soul was practically torn into shreds, and the Soul Suppressing Pearl helped me to restore it.”

Yue Mengli was startled and had a deeper understanding toward this Soul Suppressing Pearl’s miraculousness. It was just that she did not think that Ye Yuan actually encountered such a dangerous incident before.

Ye Yuan saw that she was curious and recounted the matter of running into Fiendgod Jia Lan in the boneyard, making Yue Mengli endlessly shocked.

“There’s actually really a fiend race in this world! The fiendgod coming into being, a storm of great bloodshed is probably going to be stirred up in the Divine Realm!” Yue Mengli said worriedly.

Ye Yuan nodded his head, but said with a bitter smile, “What’s giving me a headache now is, how should we go out! The last time, I was trapped for a full one year’s time!”