Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 944

Chapter 944 Powerful Lin Chao


“One year! Then when we go out, wouldn’t the flowers have turned yellow?” Yue Mengli said in shock.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Either way, I can’t control this space at all. When we go out is entirely its call.”

Yue Mengli could not help being speechless and had a clearer understanding regarding this Soul Suppressing Pearl’s magicalness.

She knew that Ye Yuan’s means were immensely formidable. In terms of attainments in the field of divine soul, he was the Divine Realm’s top person. Even he could not do anything as well, showing that this Soul Suppressing Pearl’s origin was definitely extraordinary.

Crack! Crack!

Inside the dark space, all of a sudden, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Bolts of lightning pervaded within the entire area of space and actually formed an ocean of lightning.

Seeing this scene, Yue Mengli’s expression became incomparably ugly.

“What powerful lightning force!” Yue Mengli said solemnly.

Ye Yuan said, “If my conjectures are correct, if we can withstand these bolts of lightning baptism, we should be able to get out.”

Yue Mengli froze and said in astonishment, “These bolts of lightning are much more powerful compared to even heavenly tribulation. Going inside, our souls will disintegrate.”

Ye Yuan smiled. His figure moved, and he directly entered the lightning ocean!

“Ugh …”

The moment he entered the lightning ocean, Ye Yuan’s entire body was immediately enveloped by over a dozen bolts of lightning, putting his whole body in a paralyzed state, and he could not resist exhaling in pain.

Ye Yuan did not dodge nor avoid. He just allowed those bolts of lightning to encircle him.

When Yue Mengli saw this scene, she involuntarily shuddered. However, she took a deep breath and also plunged into the lightning ocean.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Lightning instantly enveloped Yue Mengli, making her had a feeling as if her soul was about to dissipate.

But seeing Ye Yuan grit his teeth and persevere, Yue Mengli’s stubborn temper flared up too, and actually gritted her teeth and endured it without making a sound.

No idea how long had passed either, Yue Mengli felt like her divine soul was already feeble to the extreme, really on the verge of dissipating.

But right at this moment, she suddenly felt those lightning force directly enter inside her body, and actually started nourishing her divine soul.

Very soon, Yue Mengli sensed that her divine soul was rapidly recovering!

She suddenly snapped open both eyes, only to see Ye Yuan currently a little way off, looking at her with a wide grin.

“How is it? Do you feel that your state is unexpectedly good?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Yue Mengli was startled and could not help examining her divine soul, discovering to her amazement that her divine soul was much stronger compared to before.

“This … What’s going on here?” Yue Mengli said in shock.

“This seems to be a kind of tempering. As long as we pass the test, there will be unexpected harvests!” Ye Yuan said.

Unconvinced, Yue Mengli said, “If we’re unable to pass the test? Would our souls really dissipate?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Seems like it won’t. But as long as we don’t pass the test for a day, we’ll always be trapped here.”

Ye Yuan had the experience of being baptized by will suppression before. Combining with the lightning ocean this time, he summed up some rules of the dark space.

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and said with a smile, “This lightning ocean, the deeper in we go, the greater the impact on the divine soul. As long as we work together with one heart, what would it even matter?”

Yue Mengli’s face reddened slightly. Nodding her head, she reached out her hand and held onto Ye Yuan. The two people headed towards the depths of the lightning ocean side by side.

The Bright Moon Competition top 16’s battles, drew countless people’s attention.

Zhuo Bufan left people far behind in the dust, overcoming all difficulties along the way, and already took the lead to obtain the finals’ spot.

And the other spot was emerging between Lin Chao and Zhou Yan!

One could say that Zhou Yan and Lin Chao, these two people, were both dark horses of the Bright Moon Competition this time!

Before this, Zhou Yan had only just broken through to Dao Profound Realm. Among these genius martial artists, he could be said to be at the bottom of the barrel.

But he relied on the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil, took Bai Han down, and obtained the semi-finals’ qualifications.

As for Lin Chao, he was even more a dark horse among dark horses.

Everyone all thought that he was lucky, and that was how he could enter the top 16. No one expected that his strength was actually unexpectedly daunting!

Facing Tang Yu in the first round, Lin Chao actually only used ten moves to defeat the opponent and entered the top eight.

Against Jiang Yancai in the second round, Lin Chao similarly only used ten moves.

Two rounds, both used ten moves, defeating two First Level Dao Profound genius martial artists neat and tidily.

With this, it astounded everyone!

Everybody all realized that this unknown young man did not seem to be so simple!

One had to know that Tang Yu and Jiang Yancai were both young talents whose fame spread far and wide in the Divine Realm. Their strengths were incomparably fearsome.

But Lin Chao, with only peak Ninth Level Phaseless cultivation, defeated them in succession. The might of his strength was clear at a glance.

The disparity between Dao Profound Realm and Phaseless Realm was not just a tiny bit.

Dao Profound Realm was the peak boundary of the Divine Realm’s martial artists! Many peerlessly talented genius martial artists were unable to leap over Phaseless Realm, and step into Dao Profound Realm.

This step was extremely hard to cross.

Those able to take this step were all geniuses among geniuses.

Tang Yu these people, although their age were all very young, they were able to take this step. This, by itself, illustrated many problems.

But they were still defeated at Lin Chao’s hands.

Furthermore, Lin Chao only used ten moves for two battles!

At this time, Zhou Yan also did not dare to be the least bit careless when facing Lin Chao.

Lin Chao looked at Zhou Yan contemptuously and said coolly, “Zhou Family’s young master, I know that you like Yue Mengli. But I advise that you give up. Yue Mengli is mine, Lin Chao’s!”

Zhou Yan’s face fell, and he said in a great rage, “Courting death!”

Flame flashed in the pupils of Zhou Yan’s eyes. The Vastsun Flameheart Pupil suddenly erupted!

After breaking through to Dao Profound, Zhou Yan’s Vastsun Flameheart Pupil underwent a qualitative change. The power of his ocular arts was goodness knows how many times stronger compared to before.

Being provoked by Lin Chao, the current Zhou Yan was incomparably furious. Unleashing a move, it was actually going to put Lin Chao to death.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The place Lin Chao was standing emitted a series of intense exploding sounds. Under the impact of the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil, the grand array trembled.

Zhou Yan saw that Lin Chao actually did avoid in the slightest bit, and could not help saying with a cold sneer, “Fool! To dare forcefully receive the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil head-on, simply courting death! But to dare make impertinent remarks about Li-er, death isn’t enough!”

The smoke formed from the explosion gradually dispersed, revealing Lin Chao’s figure.

It was only to see him lightly pat the dust on his body, saying calmly, “Everyone says that Vastsun, Bright Moon, these two cities’ ocular arts are unparalleled. Looking at it today, seems like it’s also nothing more than this. Making impertinent remarks? How I talk to my woman, that’s my business. Don’t you worry, I’ll dote on Miss Li-er lovingly.”

Lin Chao dismissed it casually as if Yue Mengli was already officially decided for him.

Zhou Yan’s pupils constricted. There was actually not a hint of injury on Lin Chao’s body!

His Vastsun Flameheart Pupil actually could not even harm Lin Chao?

“Don’t be insolent! Li-er is mine, nobody can snatch her away! Ye Yuan can’t, you can’t either!”

Zhou Yan roared, both eyes suddenly turning blood red in color. All of a sudden, violent flames formed a cage, covering Lin Chao completely inside.


Zhou Yan had yet to have time to be happy when a loud noise transmitted over. His flame cage actually had a large hole blasted out by Lin Chao!

Furthermore, the remnant power of the might of one punch did not diminish, flying straight for Zhou Yan.