Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Divine Dao Martial Technique Showdown



Zhou Yan was caught off guard and directly sent flying off the arena by this single punch.

Everyone looked at this scene with endless shock.

Just where did this Lin Chao come from? He was too powerful!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Zhou Yan was filled with endless regret and anger. With this defeat, he lost the chance to vie for Yue Mengli.

He was originally thinking of utterly wrecking Ye Yuan, then marrying Yue Mengli back home. He did not think that he actually did not even enter the finals.

“Heh, I was thinking how powerful the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil was originally, didn’t expect that Young Master Zhou would be too weak to take a single blow. Looks like the greatest pleasure this trip will be marrying Beauty Yue home,” Lin Chao said very arrogantly.

Regarding such an arrogant Lin Chao, many people all could not endure the sight of it. But his strength was placed here, there were really not many capable of beating him!

In comparison to the others, Lin Chao’s origin was too mysterious. That whatever Divine Martial Hall was simply unheard of.

If Yue Mengli married such a person, they were clearly all unwilling.

The second day, the day of the finals!

The champion would contend with Ye Yuan for the final ownership.

Zhuo Bufan stood on the arena, steady and composed, with quite the demeanor of an expert of a generation.

Skypool Celestial Empire was a super holy land with extremely deep foundations. Their ancestors had once produced many Deity Realm powerhouses before. Zhuo Bufan as the successor, how formidable his strength was naturally went without saying.

In contrast, Lin Chao appeared stubborn and unruly, even having that hint of sinister and ruthlessness, making people quite averse.

Although everyone could not obtain Yue Mengli, they all hoped from the bottom of their hearts that Yue Mengli would not marry someone like this.

For some time, the cheering and rooting voices were all for Zhuo Bufan.

“Hehe, this bunch of fools, do they think that by cheering for that Zhuo Bufan, he won’t lose? Lin Chao hasn’t even brought out one-tenth of his strength up till now. No matter how strong that Zhuo Bufan is, he can only lick his shoes for him,” among the crowd, in an inconspicuous corner, a middle-aged man in a strange attire said.

“Zhuo Bufan is totally not Lin Chao’s target. That Ye Yuan who comes out the last is his biggest objective this time,” another person said.

“Speaking of which, really underestimated Ye Yuan this punk at that time. I didn’t expect that he grew so quickly. In this less than ten year’s time, he actually already broke through to Phaseless Realm. But this time, Lin Chao shouldn’t drop the ball, right?” replied a middle-aged man dressed in black clothing.

This black-clothed man was precisely the person who was manipulating the Fierce Gale World’s Zhao Tianyin father and son! Of course, even if Ye Yuan was here, he would not recognize him either.

These few people were clearly together, all originating from that place called Divine Martial Hall.

Among these few people, there was a middle-aged man whose age was slightly older, looking rather level-headed.

“This trip, our objective is the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. That brat called Ye Yuan is merely a minor character of little importance. Later, have a word with Lin Chao, tell him not to cause complications!” the middle-aged man said solemnly.

The expressions of the few people at the back turned fearful as they acknowledged, “Yes, Holy General Han Tong!”

This man called Han Tong was actually that mysterious force’s holy general!

The strength of a holy general was a huge margin stronger than holy followers!

While they were talking, Zhuo Bufan and Lin Chao who were in the ring were already locked in battle.

Zhuo Bufan’s strength was indeed not what Zhou Yan and the rest could compare to. Similarly First Level Dao Profound, Zhuo Bufan’s every move and stance was watertight.

Even if Lin Chao was matchlessly powerful, he could not gain the least bit of advantage either. Both parties actually fought until neither could gain the upper-hand!

“Luofu Divine Spear!”

The two people were in the midst of fierce fighting when the Zhuo Bufan who was empty-handed all along suddenly took out a long spear.


Lin Chao could not avoid in time and was directly nailed onto the arena by the power of this spear.

“It’s the Luofu Divine Spear! Skypool Celestial Empire’s Divine Dao martial technique!”

“Zhuo Bufan indeed concealed his strength too deeply! It is said that Luofu Divine Spear can only be started cultivating at the Dao Profound Realm. Furthermore, the difficulty of cultivating it is extremely high. I didn’t think that Zhuo Bufan actually already learned it!”

“In his hands is the transcendent-grade holy artifact, Heavenly Origin Howling Cloud Spear, right? This martial technique coupled with a transcendent-grade holy artifact, the power is unequaled! With this, Lin Chao is destined for defeat!”

Although there were already no more Deity Realm powerhouses in this world, there were still some deity realm legacies.

Like the Skypool Celestial Empire, this sort of super holy land with deep foundations, Divine Arts, Divine Dao martial techniques, they all had legacies.

Once it was unleashed, the power was even stronger compared to Tier 9 martial techniques.

Except, the true might of Divine Dao martial techniques, only Deity Realm powerhouses could unleash them. Even if Dao Profound Realm martial artists cultivated them, they could only unleash some scraps.

The people below the stage were all incredibly excited when they saw Zhuo Bufan’s spear succeed.

However, Zhuo Bufan himself, his face was covered in a layer of frost.

He already accumulated the power of this attack for a long time just now, but Lin Chao still neutralized a large part of the force, avoiding his vital parts.

His trump card was already exposed, while Lin Chao’s trump card was still not exposed.

Indeed, Lin Chao slowly crawled to his feet. Although somewhat ragged, there weren’t injuries that were too severe.

“Indeed well-deserving of being a super holy land’s disciple, to actually be able to injure me! But it’s only this and nothing more!” Lin Chao said it very scornfully.

A curved blade appeared in Lin Chao’s hands. The moment the curved blade appeared, a wave of sanguinary qi rapidly spread out, shocking people to the core.

“Transcendent-grade holy artifact! Just what faction is this Divine Martial Hall, to actually have such a powerful transcendent-grade holy artifact!” Someone exclaimed in shock.

Lin Chao looked at Zhuo Bufan and said with a light smile, “Since you used a Divine Dao martial technique, then I’ll use a Divine Dao martial technique too. Let’s have a showdown and see whose Divine Dao martial technique is more impressive.”

Lin Chao said it casually, but there was a wave of shock when it fell into other people’s ears.

“What? Lin Chao knows a Divine Dao martial technique too! How is this possible?”

“Forces that have Divine Dao martial techniques are only that few. Apart from the Eight Great Super Holy Lands, it can be counted with one hand! Just what kind of background is this Divine Martial Hall?”

“Transcendent-grade holy artifact, Divine Dao martial technique, this Lin Chao is too mysterious! If he beats Zhuo Bufan …”

How the result would be, everyone already did not dare to think.

Just the sanguinary qi on that curved blade made everyone feel uncomfortable.

If Yue Mengli married someone like this, then the Yue Family would have really blundered.

Zhuo Bufan’s expression was very grim, and he already secretly mustered up essence energy.

But his opponent, Lin Chao, appeared to be able to easily resolve any problems. The moment the blade momentum rose, his entire person turned into a cloud of green smoke, going for Zhuo Bufan.

At the same time, Zhuo Bufan also accumulated strength for an attack. Luofu Divine Spear was displayed once more!


Two figures collided together fiercely. The blood-red blade light actually overpowered the Luofu Divine Spear!

The blade momentum was akin to an overwhelming force, carrying indomitable and imposing momentum, and slashed Zhuo Bufan out!

Below the stage was complete silence. A super holy land’s successor was actually defeated, lost to a young man who was not a well-known figure.

This young man who originated from the Divine Martial Hall, not only was he holding a transcendent-grade holy artifact in his hand, he even possessed a Divine Dao martial technique.

Could it be that this Divine Martial Hall was a reclusive super holy land?