Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Divine Soul Resonance


At Yue Family Inner Hall, two middle-aged men sat opposite each other.

Yue Jianqiu’s expression was rather ugly, with a frown that never left his face.

“Brother Zhou, this Divine Martial Hall, what do you think?” Yue Jianqiu said.

“Hard to tell! Looking at it right now, this Divine Martial Hall’s strength doesn’t seem to be weak! Perhaps, it’s not what you and I can afford to provoke. Heh, if Younger Brother Yue had long known about this day, why act that way at that time? If you married Li-er to Yan-er long ago, where would there be so many problems?”

The one talking was precisely Vastsun City’s city lord, Zhou Jia!

Hearing Yue Jianqiu inquired about the Divine Martial Hall’s matters, Zhou Jia could not resist rebuking the other party.

Yue Jianqiu heaved a sigh and said, “How can this Yue not know Yan-er’s feelings? It’s just that Li-er’s temper, you’re aware too. Her heart isn’t on Yan-er at all. If she’s pressed into a corner, she’ll go for mutual destruction!”

Zhou Jia shot Yue Jianqiu a glare and snorted coldly. But he also knew that what he said was the truth.

Want to blame, he would have to blame his son for failing to live up to expectations. Being in a favorable position for so many years and could not even obtain Yue Mengli’s heart.

Regarding Zhou Yan and Yue Mengli’s union, the two families were both happy to see it happen.

Apart from inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, there was actually still another way to obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, that was the union of an innate Vastsun Flameheart Pupil and an innate Moonlight Heavenly Eye!

For so many years, the Zhou Family and Yue Family very rarely had these two types of innate spirit physique appear before. Even if they did, it also very rarely appeared in the same generation.

No one expected that when it reached this generation, these two types of spirit physiques appeared in the two families at the same time. Hence, Zhou Jia and Yue Jianqiu quickly became partners, wanting to matchmake Zhou Yan and Yue Mengli.

Zhou Yan often came to the Yue Family since young and mingled together with Yue Mengli.

Except, as the two people gradually grew older, Yue Mengli slowly drifted apart from Zhou Yan.

Especially after Yue Mengli saw Qingyun Zi, her heart no longer had room for others as well.

Zhou Yan bitterly pursued Yue Mengli fruitlessly but did not expect that a Ye Yuan would charge out halfway.

With this, Zhou Yan had even less hope.

Actually, the Yue Family doing up this Bright Moon Competition this time, Zhou Jia was rather grateful instead prior to this.

Zhou Yan breaking through to Dao Profound Realm, his Vastsun Flameheart Pupil thoroughly awakened, its power increasing by folds. As long as he obtained the first place, he could marry Yue Mengli back home right and properly.

Regarding Zhuo Bufan, Zhou Jia had actually already planned it out well. He believed that as long as he paid an adequate price, he could absolutely let Zhuo Bufan throw the match.

The final victor would still be Zhou Yan.

But did not expect that a Lin Chao would charge out halfway again!

With this, the two families were put into an awkward situation.

If the one who won, in the end, was some major faction’s disciple, Yue Jianqiu would not go so far as to pull such a long face either. But this Lin Chao’s origins were unclear. Looking from the strength he displayed, this Divine Martial Hall was bound to be a leviathan.

Towards such an unknown powerful faction, how could Yue Jianqiu not worry? If Lin Chao went on to defeat Ye Yuan, then wouldn’t it be pushing his daughter into the fire pit?

“Now that it’s come to this, what other options are there still? There’s only entrusting hope onto Ye Yuan that brat! It’s just that he’s only First Level Phaseless Realm. In my view, virtually without any chance of winning! I think you’d best make preparations to renege on your word after that Lin Chao wins! It’s just that this way, you’d probably have to offend that Divine Martial Hall!” Zhou Jia thought it over and over and came up with a crappy idea.

The Bright Moon Competition’s commotion was blown so big, even the successor of a super holy land was startled. Once reneged, he would incur the ridicule of experts.

“But after Ye Yuan brought Li-er into closed-seclusion, it’s already been over ten days. They still haven’t exited seclusion till now. Tomorrow … they won’t fail to make it in time, right?” Yue Jianqiu said hesitantly.

Zhou Jiao was speechless. The development of affairs seemed to be somewhat deviating awau from their original plan.

“If they really can’t, there’s only forcefully disrupting their seclusion!” Zhou Jia said.

“No way! What if they are currently at a critical juncture of treatment, wouldn’t it ruin an important matter?” Yue Jianqiu said.

The two great family heads discussed about it. In the end, they did not come to a decision either.

In the lightning ocean, Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli marched forward hand in hand, and already walked as far as 90 thousand feet!

The radius of the lightning ocean was a distance of 100 thousand feet. There was still 10 thousand feet, and the two of them would be considered to have walked to the end.

If someone was here, they would be able to discover that around Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli, a sacred mass of light halo actually appeared, shining brilliantly. This made them look just like high and mighty divinities.

These violent bolts of lightning, after entering this stretch of light halo, would become incomparably gentle.

“Originally thought that this road is extremely bumpy. Didn’t expect that the two of us, you and I, walking over hand in hand, was actually so easy!” Yue Mengli looked at Ye Yuan, her eyes filled with bliss.

Receiving the lightning’s baptism these few days, her divine soul strengthened several times. The two divine souls which split apart actually already grew to its original size!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I also never thought that our two divine souls actually produced a resonance. This strengthened our soul force a hundred times! Even if this lightning ocean wants to cause us harm, it can’t do it.”

On that day, not long after Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli held hands, facing the lightning’s baptism, the two people’s hearts linked up in consonance, and their divine souls actually produced a resonance!

As long as the two of them were together, their soul force would magnify a hundred times over!

This way, the lightning’s baptism to them became very easy.

Even for Ye Yuan, it was also his first time feeling this sort of magical feeling. He savored it very much.

Yue Mengli said with a slight smile, “If not for Big Brother Yuan disregarding your life and death, helping me to cross the difficult hurdle with your origin power, it probably wouldn’t be that easy for the two of us to want to produce divine soul resonance.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Why make distinctions between you and me?”

Divine soul resonance this sort of thing, although Ye Yuan was aware, the level of difficulty was not an ordinary kind of high.

The two people resonating must be two hearts joined together and know what each other was thinking about, as if they were one body, for it to succeed.

But it was easier said than done to want to reach this step.

Some Dao companions were husband and wife for several thousand years and were unable to achieve this step. The level of difficulty could be imagined.

However, Ye Yuan helped Yue Mengli to divide her divine soul with his origin power previously. The two of their divine souls were actually already in perfect harmony, with no distinctions between each other anymore.

That moment when they held hands, it was as if the two people got shocked by electricity, two divine souls instantly linked up.

That instant, there was you in me, me in you. Nothing else in this world could separate them anymore.

That violent lightning was completely too weak to stand in competition in front of the two people’s divine soul resonance.

In a twinkle, the finals arrived. But Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli still had not exited seclusion.

Ye Yuan and Lin Chao’s battle was anticipated by millions of people. So below the arena, countless martial artists already gathered.

Lin Chao’s might, they already saw it. But that mysterious Ye Yuan, just what kind of person he was, they wanted to find out.

It was just that time slowly trickled by, Ye Yuan still did not show up.

On the stage, Lin Chao stood with his hands behind his back. He looked at Yue Jianqiu with a smile and said, “City Lord Your Excellency, two hours have already passed since the start of the match. That Ye Yuan keeps failing to show up. Could it be that … the Yue Family wants to make so many people keep on waiting?”