Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 947

Chapter 947 The Lin Chao Who Was Courting Death


Yue Jianqiu was riding a tiger and found it hard to dismount right now. Being squeezed by Lin Chao like this, he really did not know what he should do.

What was certain was that Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli’s closed-seclusion definitely encountered some problems.

The perils of dividing the divine soul, how could he, this Divine King powerhouse, not know?

Even if there was the Soul Separating Pill, this process was still incomparably dangerous.

Yet, Ye Yuan was already his last hope!

Initially, towards Ye Yuan, he was half-skeptical as well. But witnessing Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying Alchemy Dao strength, Yue Jianqiu still decided to take his chances.

Except, looking at it now, it seemed like problems really occurred.

“If your esteemed self can’t wait, you can forfeit your right and leave!” Yue Jianqiu said with a cold snort.

He was at any rate the ruler of a city as well, a Ninth Level Dao Profound Divine King powerhouse. How could he be kneaded by a junior?

Except, Lin Chao did not seem to have the intention of skating over, saying with a faint smile, “This Lin naturally can afford to wait. It’s just that Bright Moon City organizing such a grand meet, you got to at least give this Lin a time limit, right? If Ye Yuan doesn’t come out for a month, would this Lin have to stand here for a month’s time? Furthermore, even if we’re determining the loser, it seems like this Lin shouldn’t be judged so, right?”

Yue Jianqiu’s face turned black. This Lin Chao was not easy to deal with!

Furthermore, this matter was Bright Moon City not taking the side of reason to begin with. Continuing to take it seriously clearly did not have any benefits for the Yue Family.

Just as Yue Jianqiu was caught in a bind, two figures descended from the air.

The two people held hands, just like a pair of immortal lovers.

After the divine soul resonance, Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli being together would give people a sensation of exceptional harmony.

Seeing this scene, Yue Jianqiu could not help being very surprised. Just what in the world happened between the two people during these few days of closed-seclusion?

“Really made me surprised. I didn’t expect that my final opponent is actually an old acquaintance!”

While talking, Ye Yuan leaped and went up to the arena.

Truthfully speaking, that moment when Ye Yuan saw Lin Chao, he was very surprised too.

He never would have thought that his final opponent was actually Lin Chao.

Back then, Lin Chao was utterly crippled by Ye Yuan in front of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates. Originally, he thought that even if he did not die, he would be wasted too.

Did not think that so many years passed, not only was he not crippled, he already reached peak Phaseless Realm!

The scene just now, Lin Chao took it into his sights too. Not only was he not surprised, but he was also instead incomparably delighted in his heart.

The better Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli’s relationship was, wouldn’t he be happier breaking them up?

This joy of taking revenge must be very wonderful.

Lin Chao said with a laugh, “Yeah! Just earlier, I even thought that you couldn’t come today, and I was very regretful in my heart!”

The two people were beaming from ear to ear. The audience below the stage were all very surprised when they saw the situation. These two incomparably mysterious young geniuses were actually long acquainted.

Looking at the way they were talking, seemed like they were even old friends who had not met for many years.

“Looks like you’ve prepared very long for the sake this day!” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, that appearance had indescribable mockery.

Ye Yuan’s smile pricked Lin Chao like a thorn.

His face was still smiling. It was just that the smile became somewhat unnatural: “Yeah, I’ve waited over ten years for today! Today, I’m going to take back everything I lost!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “Looks like you’re the same as Zhao Tianyin father and son, selling your soul for power. But in front of me, Ye Yuan, even if you sold your soul, what remains, in the end, is also just despair.”

Ye Yuan had a bearing that looked down on all life. This sort of bearing deeply wounded Lin Chao’s pride.

Even if he, Lin Chao, could think of hundreds of schemes, even if he, Lin Chao’s cultivation realm, was above Ye Yuan’s, the final outcome was still a tragedy.

Back then, the Purple Mansion Sect bore down upon the borders with a great army, wanting to crush the Tranquil Cloud Sect with absolute strength.

In the end, not only did Ye Yuan rescue all of the captives with his strength alone, he even seriously wounded Lin Chao, nearly causing his death.

This sort of suppression that disregarded ranks simply made people despair.

In truth, he really despaired back then. All of his skills was crippled, his heart was like dead ashes.

But the Divine Martial Hall gave him a second life, letting him cast off his old self and take on a new self, giving him unrivaled strength!

By relying on this strength, he even defeated the successor of the Skypool Celestial Empire!

Ye Yuan was even more of a cinch!

“Heh heh, Ye Yuan, you’re still that arrogant! But today’s Lin Chao is already not the Lin Chao of yesteryear! Today, not only do I want to trample you underfoot, I even want to snatch away your woman! Let you experience a little what’s called true despair!” Lin Chao said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan smiled. Lin Chao’s words infuriated him.

“Very good, remember the words you said just now!” Ye Yuan said with a broad smile on his face.

To Ye Yuan, his kins were not permitted to be affronted. Now, Lin Chao actually pointed the spearhead at Yue Mengli. His fury was successfully stirred up.

Looking at Ye Yuan’s smile, Lin Chao actually felt a chill from the bottom of his heart.

Damn it! What the hell am I afraid of? The present me can even defeat the Skypool Celestial Empire’s successor, why would I be afraid of a measly little Ye Yuan? Lin Chao secretly cursed in his heart.

“Provoking Big Brother Yuan like this, that Lin Chao is courting death,” beside Yue Jianqiu, Yue Mengli said coolly.

After the divine soul resonance with Ye Yuan, she was deeply affected by Ye Yuan’s thoughts as if it was her own. She knew that Ye Yuan was truly enraged.

Yue Jianqiu looked at his daughter, rather surprised. He was uncertain where his daughter’s confidence came from.

But starting since just now, Yue Jianqiu discovered that his daughter seemed to be rather different.

At this time, that sort of sickly-paleness on Yue Mengli’s face already disappeared thoroughly. That melancholy concealed in dullness also vanished without a trace already.

The current Yue Mengli was elegant and poised, immortal qi lingering, appearing even more otherworldly and unattainable.

One could say that Yue Mengli’s entire temperament underwent a qualitative change.

The current Yue Mengli was confident and calm, no longer that former little girl appearance. And her gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was with great tenderness between lovers; clearly still that little girl appearance.

That sort of attitude belonged only to Ye Yuan!

What on earth did Ye Yuan do to his daughter?

“How so?” Yue Jianqiu said.

Yue Mengli smiled and said, “Father, just watch.”

“Li-er, Ye Yuan he … really cured you?” Yue Jianqiu said rather uncertainly.

Yue Mengli nodded and said, “Father, the Yue Family won’t have to ask people for help anymore in the future as well! Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, maybe it already really counts for nothing!”

Yue Jianqiu’s entire body trembled, looking at Yue Mengli in disbelief.

Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, was the Zhou and Yue two families’ countless generations’ pursuit! That was an ocular art capable of achieving Deity Realm! How could it not make people envious?

But now, Yue Mengli actually did not even think anything of the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil!

He naturally knew what Yue Mengli was referring to. Innate Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique plus the Innate Battle Soul Physique, Yue Mengli would become a peerless powerhouse!

Although the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was strong, it might not be able to rival the Innate Battle Soul Physique either!

In the Divine Dao Era, innate battle soul physiques, not one was not an existence who roamed the world unhindered.