Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 948

Chapter 948 Half Dragon Physique Rampaging


“Since Ye Yuan has arrived, then begin!” Yue Jianqiu said coolly.


At virtually the same time, a fierce impact sound echoed out.

Ye Yuan actually unleashed an attack at Lin Chao with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder which left no time for covering ears!

This punch shocked the grand array until it trembled.

Lin Chao backed up a hundred steps in a row before barely stabilizing his figure. His essence sea churned, the essence energy within his body being thrown into disorder by this punch of Ye Yuan’s.

Below the stage, it was dead silent; all stunned by Ye Yuan’s punch.

They had seen before with their own eyes how Lin Chao countered Zhou Yan’s Vastsun Flameheart Pupil with one punch, sending him flying off the stage.

But right now, Ye Yuan stood on the spot without moving a muscle, while Lin Chao was struck until he fell back a hundred steps.

With this comparison, Ye Yuan was also a bit too strong, right?

Seeing that Ye Yuan was only First Level Phaseless, many people already did not harbor any hopes.

Lin Chao was peak Ninth Level Phaseless Realm, that was how he had the qualifications to have a showdown with Dao Profound Realms. But Ye Yuan was only First Level Phaseless. How to fight like this?

But this punch, it made everyone view him in a completely different light!

For this Ye Yuan to dare challenge the Bright Moon Competition’s first place, his strength was indeed daunting!

“Looks like your fleshly body is very powerful. No wonder you were able to defeat those so-called geniuses. However, if it’s only to this sort of degree, prepare to get wrecked by me!” Ye Yuan said indifferently.

Lin Chao finally managed to catch his breath, his expression incomparably ugly.

He thought that his strength was already ridiculously powerful. He did not expect that the strength of Ye Yuan who was only First Level Phaseless was actually so powerful!

Just based on that punch just now, the so-called geniuses were utter jokes in front of Ye Yuan!

Lin Chao drew a deep breath and was just about to fly off the handle when all of a sudden, his expression changed drastically.

An outrageous dragon pressure erupted. On Ye Yuan’s skin, actually grew numerous dragon scales!

His two arms became two dragon claws. And one of them actually faintly assumed a gold color. That was the hallmark of the primeval dragon bone!

His forehead actually grew two dragon horns!

Seeing this scene, everyone drew a cold breath.

“Half-Dragon Physique! This … How thick a true dragon bloodline does this need?!” Yue Jianqiu’s eyes erupted with rays of brilliance, as he said in astonishment.

Dragon transformation, this was the hallmark of a human martial artist who cultivated the dragon race bloodline reaching an exceedingly high realm.

But human martial artists, extremely few people were able to reach the extent of half-dragon physique. Because that requirement towards bloodline was way too high.

At this time, apart from Ye Yuan’s face, areas that could be seen on the body practically all grew dragon scales. It could be seen how thick his bloodline was!

One had to know that dragon transformation was not as simple as merely growing dragon scales.

After the dragon transformation, the martial artist’s physique would have a qualitative leap. If this martial artist knew the dragon race’s martial techniques, then the power of dragon race martial techniques would likewise have a qualitative leap!

Unfortunately for Lin Chao, not only did Ye Yuan knew dragon race martial techniques, he knew extremely profound ones among the dragon race martial techniques.

Ye Yuan looked at Lin Chao and said with a radiant smile, “Are you ready?”

With a whoosh, Ye Yuan’s figure vanished from sight.


An intense rumbling sound echoed. Lin Chao’s body flew out like a cannonball.


Lin Chao directly spewed out a large mouthful of fresh blood in midair. That appearance was horrifyingly ghastly.

Yet, this was only the beginning.

Ye Yuan’s Void Dragon Shadow Punch smashed towards Lin Chao with a force that toppled mountains and overturned the seas.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When everyone below the stage saw this scene, they virtually stopped breathing.

Too strong!

Achieving this extent just by relying on the power of the fleshly body, it was simply unimaginable.

That insufferably arrogant Lin Chao from before was too weak to stand up to a single blow in front of Ye Yuan.

This match today, Zhou Yan naturally would not miss it either. From the very beginning, he was watching the battle below the stage.

When Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli descended from the sky, he felt all sort of emotions in his heart; completely awful.

But looking at such a fearsome Ye Yuan, he could not help feeling a chill from the bottom of his heart.

If it was him on the stage, he would likely already be bashed into minced meat, right?

Vastsun Flameheart Pupil?

Simply a joke!

Facing the Ye Yuan in a rampaging state, everything was unfounded.

Don’t believe it? That Lin Chao on the stage was a living example.

“Half-Dragon Physique. Didn’t think that this brat already grew to such an extent! A Lower Realm’s ant actually already became a colossal dragon! Lord Han Tong, if it’s convenient, it’s best to finish off this brat while you’re at it.”

Han Tong’s gaze had been staring at Ye Yuan all along. He nodded and said, “En, Li Hun is right. However … Lin Chao this boy’s strength has yet to be fully displayed. Half-Dragon Physique is not enough!”

Li Hun was that holy follower who controlled Zhao Tianyin father and son.

Hearing Han Tong’s words, Li Hun smiled too.

On the arena, a beam of blood light shot toward the sky!

A blood-red blade light erupted in adverse circumstances, cleaving straight at Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan also did not think that Lin Chao was actually still able to strike back under such a state.

But although this blade light was impressive, it was still a little unskilled to want to harm him.

His divine sense stirred. A large bell suddenly appeared in front of him. The Heavenly King Bell emitted a beam of pale-yellow protective shell to withstand the blood-red blade light.


The Heavenly King Bell was smacked flying backward. Ye Yuan took advantage of the situation and put it away.

Ye Yuan withdrew the Half-Dragon Physique and restored his original appearance.

Looking at Lin Chao again, he was currently bathed in blood from head to toe. There was not an intact spot on his body from top to bottom.

The Ye Yuan in a rampage did not show the least bit of mercy. It was virtually every fist hitting flesh.

After breaking through to Phaseless Realm, the primeval dragon bone’s potential was developed a step further. His fleshly body also broke through to late-stage Tier 8 already.

Half-Dragon Physique, coupled with the Void Dragon Shadow Punch, this set of combination was simply a bulldozer; crushing all obstacles!

The fleshly body that Lin Chao took pride in was not worth mentioning at all in front of Ye Yuan.

“The average person, even if their fleshly body reached late-stage Tier 8, they should also have been smashed into minced meat at this time. You’re still able to maintain human-form, looks like you’re the same as Zhao Tianyin father and son; all cultivated heretic cultivation methods. I’m really curious right now, just what on earth is the force behind you plotting in the dark? Those people below should be together with you, right? You guys coming to Bright Moon City, if there aren’t accidents, it should be for the sake of the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil?”

Regarding Lin Chao still having the strength to retaliate, Ye Yuan was not surprised. Instead, he asked Lin Chao calmly.

However, when those few people below the stage heard Ye Yuan’s words, their faces all changed, including Holy General Han Tong.

They were already very low-profile in the crowd. Furthermore, they deliberately restrained their vital activities, looking not much different from ordinary martial artists.

He did not think that it was seen through with one glance by Ye Yuan.

“H-Hahaha, Ye Yuan, you indeed didn’t disappoint me! The stronger you are, the more delighted when I kill you! Blood … God … Transformation!” Lin Chao shouted fiercely.

All of a sudden, only to see Lin Chao’s blood qi billowed into the sky. His two pupils becoming scarlet-red, his entire person being shrouded by a mass of blood light too.

Lin Chao’s aura was rapidly rising, getting closer and closer to Dao Profound Realm!


Finally, this huge chasm between Phaseless Realm and Dao Profound Realm was actually directly crossed over by Lin Chao!