Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 949

Chapter 949 True Genius


“Y-You got to be kidding, right? Phaseless Realm to Dao Profound Realm, the gap was broken through just like that?”

“Seeing ghosts! The disparity between these two realms is virtually the sum total of all the cultivation realms before! What kind of cultivation method can have such a huge boost?”

“With this, Ye Yuan is in danger! That Lin Chao was so terrifying at Phaseless Realm. Now that he broke through to Dao Profound Realm, wouldn’t he be defying the heavens?”

The scene of Lin Chao breaking through made everyone incredibly shocked.

This hard-to-surmount chasm was actually crossed effortlessly just like this. Many people found it hard to accept it.

Blood light covered the sky. The wounds on Lin Chao’s body could actually be seen recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The martial artists below the stage were all endlessly terrified. Ye Yuan’s indiscriminate bombarding earlier, even if Lin Chao did not die, he definitely suffered extremely severe injuries too.

But now, he recovered just like this?

This Lin Chao was simply a freak!

The current Lin Chao, his gaze showed scarlet-red eyes, his entire body feeling like it was in a state of rampage.

His eyes glued onto Ye Yuan, and he said with a wild laugh, “How is it, Ye Yuan?! Now, receive my judgment! Also, I remember that sentence, your woman, she’s mine!”

Ye Yuan still had a calm and collected look. Lin Chao’s astonishing aura did not affect him the least bit.

Hearing Lin Chao’s words, Ye Yuan’s gaze turned cold, but he said with a slight smile, “This is your trump card? You make me somewhat disappointed!”

Lin Chao brandished his curved blade and said with a cold sneer, “Stop pretending! In order to master the Blood God Transformation, I suffered all kinds of torture in these ten years. Every day was a life worse than death! And this was all in order to take revenge on you! Now that I broke through to Dao Profound Realm, my Heretic Cloud Blood Saber’s power will increase at least a hundred times! This time, I see what you use to block it!”

After breaking through, Lin Chao’s confidence swelled. At least, facing the First Level Phaseless Ye Yuan, he was teeming with confidence.

He completely could not think of what kind of measures Ye Yuan could use to block his Heretic Cloud Blood Saber. Even the Half-Dragon Physique could not either!

When Yue Jianqiu saw this scene, his face was also densely covered with a worried look.

That Lin Chao was very sinister. If he really won, it was not a good thing.

Ye Yuan’s performance earlier made his eyes lit up. He really did not know that Ye Yuan’s combat power was actually so formidable!

It was just that Lin Chao broke through to Dao Profound. His entire person underwent a qualitative transformation. It was completely not possible for Ye Yuan to be his match by relying on the Half-Dragon Physique as well.

Also, those few people below the stage, Yue Jianqiu heightened his vigilance too, informing clansmen in secret to increase vigilance.

Those few people concealed extremely deeply, mixing among ordinary martial artists inconspicuously. Even he did not notice either.

But Ye Yuan was actually able to perceive them among countless martial artists with one glance. He really did not know how this brat noticed it.

At this time, he could not help looking over towards Yue Mengli. He discovered that Yue Mengli was still calm as before.

“Li-er, aren’t you even a little worried about Ye Yuan? Or does he still have some trump card that he hasn’t used?” Yue Jianqiu said.

Yue Mengli shook his head and said, “I don’t know about Big Brother Yuan’s trump cards. But … there’s no way he would lose!”

Yue Jianqiu was thoroughly defeated. This sort of groundless trust was really not reliable at all.

He really could not figure out what kind of measures the First Level Phaseless Ye Yuan could use to defeat Lin Chao.

Ye Yuan looked at Lin Chao and said full of pity, ” Lin Chao, you and I are not of the same world at all. That so-called pride of yours, is not worth mentioning at all in front of me! Since you want to look, I’ll let you take a look at what’s called a true genius!”

Ye Yuan’s hand raised up; the Starmoon Sword was in his hand. He slowly closed his eyes, pointing at Lin Chao while holding the Starmoon Sword just like that.

There was clearly not a hint of dangerous aura coming off of Ye Yuan’s body. But no idea why, all the hair on his body stood on its end!

Lin Chao clenched his teeth. The blood qi on his body billowed to the skies once more. Berserk Dao Profound Realm pressure concentrated on his curved blade.

A shocking aura made the martial artists below the stage practically unable to open their eyes!

One made his move, while the other remained still. It was an extremely strong contrast.

Lin Chao’s aura was shocking. This blade cleaving down, it seemed like regardless of what it was, it could be split into two halves too.

While Ye Yuan did not have any aura at all, as if his entire world belonged to serenity.

Yet, the one who was able to sense Ye Yuan’s threat was only Lin Chao alone!

In other people’s view, Ye Yuan was being pretentious and did not have the least bit of threat at all. Because they could not sense it at all.

“What’s Ye Yuan doing? Putting on a pose like this, there’s no threat at all!”

Lin Chao’s blade momentum was already formed. Yue Jianqiu was no longer composed too.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan finally had movements.

“Huuuu …”

Two entirely different auras suddenly emitted off of Ye Yuan’s body, one black and one azure.

The two auras circled around Ye Yuan and started revolving vigorously, forming a vortex!

This vortex became stronger and stronger, gradually forming a storm.

Seeing this scene, Yue Jianqiu revealed a dumbstruck look!

“This … This is …”

But Lin Chao could not care that much anymore. His blade momentum was already formed, and he abruptly slashed the saber out, carrying an incomparably fierce and swift blood light as it rushed towards Ye Yuan.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks actually appeared on the protective grand array on the arena under this slash of his!

One could imagine how powerful the might of this slash of his was!

Yue Jianqiu’s expression could not help changing when he saw the situation, and he said sternly, “Quick, strengthen the array formation! Otherwise, the grand array is going to collapse!”

Actually, no need for him to instruct others. The Yue Family’s two Formation Emperors already leaped out and fired out countless spells towards the grand array.

Very soon, the grand array was stabilized.

The Yue Family’s Formation Masters also did not think that the Bright Moon Competition’s final battle would actually be fought to this sort of degree. Even the grand array they laid down already almost could not be sustained.

These two Formation Emperor powerhouses’ strengths were very strong. Under their consolidation, the grand array was already not in danger of collapsing.

But right at this time, Lin Chao’s saber already arrived within ten feet of Ye Yuan as well.

A hint of the delight of revenge flickered across the corners of his mouth. Ye Yuan’s move had yet to form. He believed that this saber of his was absolutely able to cleave Ye Yuan into two!

At least, it also had to make Ye Yuan heavily wounded and on the verge of death!

As long as he could win this match, he, Lin Chao, would still be the winner!

However, just as his saber arrived within three feet of Ye Yuan, he discovered to his astonishment that his curved blade was actually unable to advance an inch further!

Ye Yuan still maintained the pose of wielding a sword; virtually bumping together with Lin Chao’s blade point. However, Lin Chao’s saber had no way of advancing another step forward.

Huff huff …

Around Ye Yuan, the one black and one azure storms became increasingly fiercer.

Originally, Lin Chao’s saber momentum was way more powerful than Ye Yuan’s aura. Yet, Ye Yuan’s aura became more and more powerful. The radius of the storm also became greater and greater.

Gradually, it actually pushed Lin Chao’s body back.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly snapped open both eyes. A terrifying aura instantly swept across the entire square!

“Supreme True Intent Fusion!”

Virtually at the same time, Zhou Jia, Yue Jianqiu, Han Tong, these pinnacle powerhouses, cried out in alarm.