Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Long Tangs Transformation

"Huuu . . . I really don't know what to say about this Ye Yuan. Other people are filled with fear and trepidation before challenging the Nine Heavens Road, and he cleared it so effortlessly. Is there nothing that can stump him?"

Zuo Bugui looked at Ye Yuan halfway up the mountain and was likewise completely stunned.

The shocks that Ye Yuan brought him these few days was simply too many.

Jumping ranks and killing Fei Qingping. Consecutively breaking through five realms within a month. Becoming an Alchemy Master with a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation. Leaping across a major realm to kill Lin Tiancheng. Each one of these matters, when placed on a single individual, was an impossible task.

But Ye Yuan did them all!

Now, was Ye Yuan going to clear the Nine Heavens Road, which no Essence Qi Realm had ever passed through before? This was also simply inconceivable!

Even if he could not clear it, just based on his speed in the first 333 steps, it was sufficient to look down on all genius students!

"Yeah. There's really nothing that he can't do, and nothing that he doesn't dare to do. Compared to him, we're all self-boasting geniuses. Such a joke!" A deep shock was also plastered all over Long Tang's face.

"Old Long, I've never denied that I'm a genius. At least that's the case within the territory of the State of Qin. However, the degree of Ye Yuan's genius has already vastly exceeded the domain of genius." Zuo Bugui sighed in admiration.

All this while, only Long Tang could steadily suppress Zuo Bugui's arrogance. But now, his arrogance was shattered by Ye Yuan's performance.

The dazed look in Long Tang's gaze vanished, and what replaced it was incomparable determination!

He shook his head and said, "I'm not talking about his talent, but his heart of a powerhouse! Compared to Ye Yuan, what we lack the most is still the heart of a powerhouse! What a joke. I, Long Tang, have always prided myself on being able to look down on all experts. But in reality, I'm just a coward! Ye Yuan, thank you!"

Zuo Bugui was somewhat confounded by Long Tang's words. However, he could clearly sense some sort of transformation taking place in Long Tang's body.

Like the feeling of . . . enlightenment!

"What are you talking about, Old Long? Heart of a powerhouse? Even though we aren't as monstrous as Ye Yuan, our desire to become strong has never changed all this while right?" Zuo Bugui asked in puzzlement.

Long Tang did not look at Zuo Bugui but stared at Ye Yuan who was halfway up and gave a confusing answer. "Powerhouse? A true powerhouse is not about how strong his strength is but how powerful his inner heart is! Zuo Bugui, after this matter is settled, I'll also challenge the Nine Heavens Road!"

"What?! You want to challenge the Nine Heavens Road? Are you tired of living?" Zuo Bugui jumped in fright as he exclaimed.

However, Long Tang just smiled lightly as if he had seen past life and death. "If I can't even pass through a tiny Nine Heavens Road in the State of Qin, how can I talk about becoming a powerhouse? What qualifications would I have to look down upon this Endless World and ascend to the Divine Realm?"

This place Ye Yuan reincarnated in was called the Endless World.

Endless World was named after the Endless Forest. Because it was truly endless and limitless, separating the Endless World into the North and South domain.

"Mad! Completely mad! No matter how powerful you are, Old Long, are you more powerful than Mo Yuntian? You will die if you attempt the Nine Heavens Road! What will you have to look down on the Endless World if you lose your life?" Zuo Bugui was ruffled.

Ye Yuan was a madman, and now, even the rank one on the Martial Roll of Honor, Long Tang, also went crazy along with him! Just what was happening to this world?

Long Tang, on the other hand, was unmoved. Incomparable resolve could be seen in his eyes.

"Why should martial artists regret death? How can one talk about becoming a powerhouse without the realization of going to die?" Long Tang said casually.

"But even when martial artists die, they have to die with significance! What's the point if you challenge the Nine Heavens Road just to die?"

Zuo Bugui was still unable to figure it out. The way he saw it, the Nine Heavens Road was just a large scale array. Dying inside the array was something utterly meaningless.

"What kind of death holds meaning? Only now do I understand that victory and defeat lie in one thought. Strong and weak . . . also lies in a single thought! Zuo Bugui, you and I are ultimately not from the same world." Long Tang finally looked at Zuo Bugui. The expression in his eyes was something which he had never seen before.

Zuo Bugui was rank two on the Martial Roll. Apart from Long Tang, he was invincible in the academy. Even Feng Zhirou could not defeat him.

Even when facing Long Tang, the disparity with Zuo Bugui was actually not that large.

But now, Long Tang actually said that they were not from the same world? How could Zuo Bugui feel comfortable?

"What you meant is that you and Ye Yuan are people from the same world? Aren't your words too conceited, Old Long?" Zuo Bugui kept away that trademark cynical smile and said somewhat unhappily.

However, Long Tang shook his head and said, "Ye Yuan . . . I'm afraid I have no opportunity to catch up to him in this lifetime. He and I . . . are also from entirely different worlds."

After saying that, Long Tang kept silent and simply watched Ye Yuan halfway up patiently.

Zuo Bugui also fell silent and started to muse.

He felt that some sort of transformation had taken place in Long Tang's body. It was just that he could not understand what this transformation was even after cracking his head open trying to figure it out.

Except . . . could this transformation separate both of them into two different worlds? How was that possible?

Just because Long Tang was going to challenge the Nine Heavens Road?

Why don't I also try taking on the Nine Heavens Road?

Zuo Bugui swiftly rejected this idea. He was indeed strong, but he did not even have 10% confidence for him to challenge the Nine Heavens Road successfully. It was indeed almost certain death!

Although Long Tang was stronger than him, he was not that much stronger. That was to say even if he went, it would be virtually certain death!

Just what did this fellow come to realize?

Such a low survival rate and he still dared to try it? Wasn't this courting death?

Yes. Long Tang had truly been enlightened!

He saw what was called the heart of a powerhouse from Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan's chances were actually not that great when he challenged Lin Tiancheng. But he went to do it.

Ye Yuan's chances were even much lower than imagined when he went to take on the Nine Heavens Road. But he did it anyway.

Even though he clearly understood that killing fellow disciples would result in the death penalty, Ye Yuan still did it without looking back.

Even though he was clear that the Nine Heavens Road was certain death, he still did it without hesitation.

Breaking the rules, challenging oneself, and surpassing oneself.

This was the heart of a powerhouse!

For a martial artist to cultivate was originally already going against the heavens. Without the consciousness of death, how could one sense the unparalleled Heavenly Dao and reach the paramount Deity Realm?

Why should we rejoice over life, and why should we be bitter about death?

The road of a powerhouse was filled densely with thorns. Even if one did not go and challenge the Nine Heavens Road, there might still be an Eight Heavens Road, Ten Heavens Road.

A person could hide for a moment, but could he hide for a lifetime?

Only by braving forward could one trample all these ups and downs underfoot. Only by continually surpassing oneself could there be a possibility to truly look down on all life under the heavens!

Pursuing good fortune and avoiding disasters were the primal instinct of men. But if martial artists did not sever these instincts, how could they talk about being an expert?

Long Tang could see from Zuo Bugui's eyes that he simply did not dare to give birth to the thought of challenging the Nine Heavens Road. Hence, he said that they were not from the same world.

Long Tang was destined to walk out of the State of Qin; a person who would walk unparalleled throughout the entire Endless World.

But Zuo Bugui was only an expert in the State of Qin. Even if he forced himself to the limits, he would only be an expert in the Tranquil Cloud Sect.