Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 950

Chapter 950 Spirithorn Shattering Mirror


“Not good, Lin Chao is in danger!”

Han Tong’s expression changed drastically, his entire person dashed over in the direction of the stage like an arrow that left the bow.

Yue Jianqiu gave a cold snort and said, “Your esteemed self is truly looking down on my Bright Moon City too much!”

At the same time, Yue Jianqiu’s figure suddenly vanished from where he was. When he appeared again, he was already blocking in front of Han Tong.

Han Tong’s face fell, and a mirror actually appeared in his hand!

The moment the mirror was displayed, it erupted with an outrageous aura.

Yue Jianqiu originally came carrying flames of wrath, wanting to teach Han Tong a good lesson. But seeing that mirror’s power, his expression involuntarily changed drastically, and his figure retreated explosively.

Right then, Ye Yuan’s aura became more and more astonishing. The two strands of azure and black forces suddenly rolled together, forming a terrifying attack.

“Ahh! Don’t!” Lin Chao did not have the chance to escape at all at this time, and could not help giving off a cry of despair.

“Spirit Extinguishing Azure Cloud Sword!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. Sword qi flashed and disappeared, heading straight for Lin Chao!

This streak of sword qi alternating between azure and black contained two types of supreme true intent!

One was the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword, the other was the Slaughter Supreme True Intent!

Two kinds of supreme true intent fusing, the power of this sword actually tore a large rift in the void.


The powerful sword qi directly made the defensive grand array shatter, blasting the Yue Family’s two formation emperors flying out.

Under this sword, Lin Chao was dead for sure.

But right the final juncture, a figure suddenly cut in between the two people!

Han Tong scared away Yue Jianqiu with one move and blocked in front of Lin Chao with the fastest speed.

“Spirithorn Shattering Mirror! Break for me!”

Han Tong gave a fierce cry. The mirror in his hand erupted with shocking power!


Terrifying azure-black sword qi actually gradually became faint under this mirror’s illumination, and finally vanished from sight!

Ye Yuan’s certain kill sword was actually extinguished just like this!

Lin Chao plopped onto the ground, his face incomparably ashen. His eyes were dull and lifeless. Clearly, he had not walked out of the fear of death yet,

Ye Yuan’s face fell, and he looked at Han Tong as he said icily, “Divine artifact!”

Everyone was staring fixedly on the mirror in Han Tong’s hands. This mirror was actually a divine artifact of the legends!

To be able to repel Yue Jianqiu, this level of pinnacle expert, it had to be a divine artifact.

“Divine artifact! It’s actually a divine artifact! Didn’t think that this trip to Bright Moon City, I’d actually see a divine artifact come into being!”

“Just what background does this Divine Martial Hall have? To actually possess a divine artifact?!”

“Divine artifact coming into being, could it be that … Divine Dao is going to descend again?”

The martial artists watching the fight were all shocked to their core. They did not think that coming to watch the Bright Moon Competition, they actually saw a divine artifact come into being!

Today’s battle situation was simply where developments of the situation kept reaching new heights!

First was Ye Yuan transforming into Half-Dragon Physique, then it was Lin Chao’s Blood God Transformation directly breaking through to Dao Profound. Following that was Ye Yuan actually fusing supreme true intents. Lastly, even a divine artifact actually came into being as well.

In the beginning, it was still okay. But fusing supreme true intents, that was something that divine king powerhouses did!

The disparity between divine king powerhouses lied on this supreme true intents’ fusion.

Only by fusing supreme true intents, could it allow a divine king’s strength to surpass other divine kings.

The reason why the Ten Great Divine Kings were powerful was that they fused several kinds of powerful supreme true intents. That was how they were able to show disdain on all under the heavens!

But Ye Yuan this youngster who was just at First Level Phaseless Realm, he was actually able to fuse supreme true intents already. When he broke through to Divine King Realm, how terrifying would he be?

One could say that as long as Ye Yuan did not perish, he would inevitably become a Ten Great Divine Kings class powerhouse in the future!

As for the divine artifact, Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, that went even more without saying.

Ever since Divine Dao dwindled to zero, divine artifacts no longer appeared as well. Even the Ten Great Divine Kings only used transcendent-grade holy artifacts too.

But today, a divine artifact actually came into being once more. How could this not astonish them?

Han Tong did not answer Ye Yuan directly. His expression was likewise solemn as he said, “Truly didn’t expect that at your young age, you’re actually able to fuse supreme true intents already. It was this Han who miscalculated instead! Since Lin Chao is already defeated, your esteemed self is the victor. Why is there a need to exterminate ruthlessly? Our Divine Martial Hall will just concede!”

At this time, Lin Chao abruptly startled awake, and suddenly let out a loud laugh and said, “H-Haha! I’m not dead yet! I’m not dead yet! Ye Yuan, so what even if you fused supreme true intents? Aren’t you still unable to kill me?”

Lin Chao state was as if he went mad, shouting at the top of his voice, venting the negative emotions in his heart.

Ye Yuan looked at Han Tong and said coolly, “If I, Ye Yuan, want to kill people, you can’t stop it! Today, Lin Chao must die!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, the people all sighed unceasingly.

A divine artifact coming into being, even if Ye Yuan had three heads and six arms, it was also not possible to kill Lin Chao.

As long as there was Han Tong around, their Divine Martial Hall was in an impregnable position. Didn’t he see that someone as powerful as Yue Jianqiu also kept a good distance away in the face of a divine artifact?

Ye Yuan’s words were clearly putting up a bold front.

Han Tong sneered coldly when he heard that and said, “What an arrogant brat! I want to see just how you breakthrough the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror in my hands!”

“Haha! The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror can shatter all attacks. Unless you’re an expert on the level of the Ten Great Divine Kings, otherwise, forget about wanting to break through! Just the likes of you want to kill me too?” Lin Chao said haughtily.

At this time, Yue Jianqiu slowly came to Ye Yuan’s side as well, and said to Han Tong, “Since you all have a divine artifact in possession, I’ll spare you all from death today! Bring your people and immediately get lost for me!”

Han Tong chuckled and said to Yue Jianqiu with cupped fists, “It’s still City Lord Yue who knows better! This Han will take his leave here! Ye Yuan, your talent surpasses others, but desperately upholding your face, the one who loses face can only be you.”

Done talking, Han Tong brought Lin Chao was about just about to leave.

“Halt!” Ye Yuan said in a cold voice.

Han Tong turned around and said indifferently, “What? What guidance do you still have?”

“Did I let you guys go?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Yue Jianqiu also did not think that Ye Yuan would pester so unreasonably. The other party was holding a divine artifact in his hand. Once they lost all decorum, Bright Moon City would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Even if they could strike down the other party, in the end, the losses outweighed the gains too.

“Ye Yuan, as long as the green hills remain, there will be no shortage of firewood. Better let them leave first! The might of a divine artifact is not what you can contend with!” Yue Jianqiu urged.

“Hahaha! He who understands the times is a wise man! Ye Yuan, you even used supreme true intent fusion. Could it be that you still have some trump card?” Han Tong said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “I, Ye Yuan, always mean what I say! If I want Lin Chao to die, then he has to die today!”

Seeing Ye Yuan still harass with an unreasonable demand, Han Tong was finally truly enraged: “Humph! Truly refusing face when it’s given! If not for cherishing divine essence, you’d already become a dead man earlier! Is it possible that you really think I don’t dare to kill you?”


Ye Yuan did not speak. Two streams of black and azure force formed around him once again. He was actually going to use the Spirit Extinguishing Azure Cloud Sword once more!

“Reckless and blind thing! Since you’re seeking death yourself, then I can’t save you either!” While talking, Han Tong brought out the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror.

“Spirit Extinguishing Azure Cloud Sword, kill!”

One sword unleashed, shook the world!

“Fool! It’s all the same outcome even if it’s repeated a thousand times! Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, break for me!” Han Tong shouted.

But right at this time, an enormous pagoda descended from the sky, crushing toward Lin Chao!