Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Went Missing


The Vast Heaven Pagoda carried the might of heaven and earth, and it appeared behind Han Tong unexpectedly.

This scene was too sudden. Everyone did not expect that Ye Yuan actually still had such a trick.


A loud crash was heard. The people felt the earth was trembling.

The Vast Heaven Pagoda directly smashed towards Lin Chao, crushing him into minced meat!

Over here, Han Tong used the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror to extinguish Ye Yuan’s attack. But Lin Chao still died!

“Another divine artifact! My God, what on earth is happening to this world?”

“Fool, that pagoda isn’t a divine artifact, but a quasi-divine artifact! But even if it’s a quasi-divine artifact, it already infinitely approaches divine artifact too!”

“Ye Yuan this boy, he actually had such a heaven-defying fortuitous encounter, to be able to obtain a quasi-divine artifact! With this ingenious move to gain the upper-hand, it really let him kill Lin Chao!”

The Vast Heaven Pagoda’s appearance stirred up a commotion among the crowd once more.

Today, these martial artists really broadened their horizons.

Fusing supreme true intents, divine artifact, quasi-divine artifact, one appeared after another. It simply refreshed their three views on life.

What shocked them the most was still Ye Yuan!

This young man was too scary! His own strength was terrifying to the extreme. Furthermore, he even had innumerable contingencies!

Han Tong wielded a divine artifact and was incomparably arrogant. But he ultimately still suffered a loss at Ye Yuan’s hands.

Ye Yuan raised his palm. The Vast Heaven Pagoda returned to his palm.

He put the Vast Heaven Pagoda away and said to Han Tong nonchalantly, “So what if divine artifact? If I, Ye Yuan, want to kill people, nobody can stop it! Alright, now, you guys can scram!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan turned around to leave, flying over in Yue Mengli’s direction.

Han Tong was infuriated until he clenched his jaws tightly, his entire body quivering continuously. Looking at Ye Yuan’s back view, he made no effort to conceal his killing intent in the slightest.

At the same time, several auras already locked onto him. As long as he moved, what awaited him would be a terrifying blow!

Although he possessed a divine artifact, his scruples were also a lot.

Finally, he still gave a cold snort and said to Li Hun and the others, “Let’s go!”

Yue Mengli walked gracefully and went to greet Ye Yuan, and hurriedly supported him.

Using the Spirit Extinguishing Azure Cloud Sword twice in a row, the burden on Ye Yuan’s body was tremendous. The current Ye Yuan was already on the verge of collapsing.

“Big Brother Yuan, it was hard on you!” Yue Mengli said in relief.

Outside Bright Moon City, Han Tong and the others were walking unhurriedly.

“A bunch of reckless things. They also don’t use their brains to think properly. Is a divine artifact what they can covet?” Han Tong said to a subordinate.

Han Tong exposing the divine artifact would naturally draw the covetous eyes of forces everywhere.

At present, there were seven to eight major and minor factions targeting them. These people were wary of the divine artifact in Han Tong’s hands, and also apprehensive of other forces benefiting from their struggle. Hence, that was why they exercised restraint and did not make a move.

“They are naturally aware. It’s just that the temptation of a divine artifact is too great!” Li Hun said with a cold smile.

Han Tong said solemnly, “Draw them towards a place with less people. Spare no one!”

Lin Chao mastering the Blood God Transformation, the Divine Martial Hall attached a great deal of importance to him. Coming to Bright Moon City this time also had the intention of experiencing trials. But he did not expect that he was crushed by Ye Yuan just like that.

The current Han Tong had a stomach full of rage that just happened to have nowhere to vent. But these guys delivered themselves to the doorstep one by one.

If they did not have the strength to protect a divine artifact, how would they dare to reveal it?

Actually, everybody understood the logic. It was just that how many people were able to endure the temptation of a divine artifact?

A day later, inside a forest where few people tread, corpses were strewn all over the ground disorderly.

Among these corpses, the strongest one actually had late-stage Dao Profound Realm strength.

However, their strengths were not worth mentioning at all in front of Han Tong and his people.

“Your Excellency, these tail-ends are already taken care of. What should we do now?” Li Hun patted his hands and asked Han Tong.

Han Tong said with a solemn face, “The objective of this trip is the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. Since we’re already unable to enter with conventional means, then we can only use force! There’s still a few days away from the opening of the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm. We’ll hide first and wait for the right time to take action!”

“Then … the matter of Lin Chao being killed …” Li Hun said, rather hesitantly.

The moment Han Tong heard, his expression became even darker and he said, “Ye Yuan that brat will definitely enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm. At that time, we’ll settle the scores together!”

After Ye Yuan rested for a day, he recovered to his peak state.

When he exited seclusion, he discovered that there were already quite a number of people waiting for him.

The first one he had to meet was naturally Yue Jianqiu.

He was Li-er’s father. This face had to be given.

Seeing Ye Yuan again, Yue Jianqiu stared at him for a long time, as if it was his first time seeing Ye Yuan.

“City Lord Yue, does this Ye have flowers on his face?” Ye Yuan could only voice out.

Yue Jianqiu froze, then said, “This emperor has lived for many years. I can’t tell how many young geniuses I’ve met. But someone unfathomable like you, it’s still my first time encountering! Ye Yuan, you won the Bright Moon Competition,;we’re considered as a family as well. Can you give me an explanation as to just what kind of relationship is between you and the Soul Martial Divine King?”

Ye Yuan looked at Yue Jianqiu and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Soul Martial Divine King? This Ye don’t know him!”

The more Ye Yuan pretended to be profound, the more Yue Jianqiu could not figure him out. The more firmly Ye Yuan denied it, the more certain Yue Jianqiu was that he and Zhong Zizhen’s relationship was not shallow.

But this sort of thing, there was no way for Ye Yuan to admit it personally.

He and Zhong Zizhen’s relationship was indeed not shallow. But it was definitely not that sort of relationship Yue Jianqiu they all thought.

But this sort of influence, Ye Yuan did not mind borrowing it.

“Then … the quasi-divine artifact in your hands …”

To talk about what Yue Jianqiu wanted to know the most, it was naturally still the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s information.

Quasi-divine artifact, this kind of thing was too sensational in the Divine Realm. Although the Vast Heaven Pagoda could not compare to a genuine divine artifact, the might of a quasi-divine artifact was already sufficiently daunting.

More importantly, the one who possessed the quasi-divine artifact was even his, Yue Jianqiu’s, prospective son-in-law.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “City Lord Yue didn’t go and chase that Han Tong, but come and ask about my pagoda, where’s the logic? No matter what, my pagoda can’t compare to his Spirithorn Shattering Mirror either, right? According to what I know, the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror is an ancient divine artifact. Its power is extremely formidable. Furthermore … it even has a terrifying ability, which is that it’s able to shatter space! In my view, although those people retreated for the time being, they probably won’t withdraw easily either, right?”

What Ye Yuan thought of, how could Yue Jianqiu not think of it?

Hearing Ye Yuan bring it up, he heaved and sighed. He then said, “After the Bright Moon Competition, I sent a Yue Family’s expert to follow their tracks. As a result …”

Ye Yuan’s face fell slightly, and he asked, “As a result what?”

“News just came. Inside a dense forest 30 thousand miles north of Bright Moon City, over a hundred corpses were discovered. Among them had that disciple of my Yue Family. Those people’s traces have already utterly gone missing!” Yue Jianqiu said solemnly.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath. Did not expect that this bunch of people were actually so foolproof when doing things.

“Looks like the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm opening this time, it probably wouldn’t be too peaceful!”