Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Sun And Moon Joint Brilliance


When Ye Yuan and Yue Jianqiu were conversing in the inner-chamber, Yue Mengli’s side was already thoroughly being assaulted.

“Li-er, your Uncle Jianye has doted on you dearly since young. The medicinal pills you ate when you were young, a lot of them were refined for you by Uncle Jianye. In a while, when our son-in-law comes out, can you let your Uncle Jianye meet him?”

“Bullshit! Back then, when you heard that Li-er found a Lower Realms’ bumpkin, you had no lack of objections! Li-er, to talk about doting you, it’s still your Uncle Jianxun who’s most fond of you! When you were young, Uncle Jianxun often carried you.”

“I say, Elder Brothers, all of you stop fighting! This younger brother’s illness is deadly and brooks no delay!” Yue Jianfeng shouted.

This period of time filled Yue Jianfeng with burning anxiety.

Ye Yuan’s words on that day were constantly lingering beside his ear, making him live in the midst of depression the whole time.

He wanted to find Ye Yuan to inquire just what it actually was, but Ye Yuan was too busy.

First was helping Yue Mengli to refine the Soul Separating Pill, immediately following that was closed-seclusion. Then after coming out was taking part in the Bright Moon Competition.

These were all important matters concerning the family clan. How could he squeeze inside?

Now, the dust of the Bright Moon Competition finally settled, he came over to find Ye Yuan straight away. But Ye Yuan was too in demand right now. A large group of people was waiting and lining up here.

Seeing this group of uncles arguing to see Ye Yuan, Yue Mengli felt honored because of it too.

“Uncles, not that Li-er isn’t helping you all, but it’s really that Li-er is unable to make the decision for Big Brother Yuan! Who he wants to meet, it’s best for him to come and decide himself after he comes out,” Yue Mengli said with a flattering smile.

Just as they were talking, Yue Jianqiu and Ye Yuan came out from the inner-chamber. The hall quietened down all of a sudden.

Yue Jianqiu’s expression was rather ugly. Ye Yuan was simply impervious to everything. He did not obtain any useful information at all.

Rather, Ye Yuan’s analysis made him faintly worry about Han Tong and his group.

Yue Jianqiu swept a glance over everyone and did not say anything either, and he directly left.

The moment he left, a group of people crowded around all at once, chirping non-stop.

“Alright, all shut up for me!” Ye Yuan shouted coldly. These people stopped very obediently.

If an ordinary junior dared to talk this way to them, a tight slap would have been smacked over long ago.

But Ye Yuan was different. He did not even show respect to Quan Xingzi! Furthermore, Ye Yuan was an alchemy and martial dual prodigy. In the future, he would absolutely have terrifying accomplishments in alchemy and martial arts.

Perhaps, Ye Yuan would be the next Soul Martial Divine King!

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Yue Jianfeng stay, the rest all leave! Tomorrow, I’ll open a forum and give a sermon. Whatever questions you all have in alchemy, you can seek guidance from me at that time. Each person only has one chance. Go back and think carefully about what to ask!”

The moment everyone heard this, they could not help being overjoyed. They took their leave one after another.

The group of alchemy emperors was like students in front of Ye Yuan; incomparably respectful.

Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli exchanged a glance, and could not help revealing a hint of helplessness.

This outcome could be predicted.

The alchemy path strength that Ye Yuan displayed already far surpassed ordinary alchemy emperor powerhouses. As the saying went: those who reached first were the teachers. Receiving these alchemy emperors’ soughting after was also within reason.

“About that … Son-in-Law, my body, just what kind of problem occurred?” Yue Jianfeng clasped his hands and consulted.

Ye Yuan sat on the seat of honor’s position carelessly and said coolly, “Bluesky Spirit Root is very scarce. I believe that your Yue Family’s reserves aren’t many either. If my conjectures are right, it should be another alchemy emperor in your Yue Family who took the liberty to change the Bluesky Spirit Root into Brahma Secret Leaf, right?”

In his previous life, Ji Qingyun wrote a prescription for Yue Jianfeng before. As long as Yue Jianfeng ate the medicine according to the prescription, the Yangqiao Meridian injuries would naturally heal.

Bluesky Spirit Root was a type of spirit medicine in the prescription.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Yue Jianfeng was incomparably shocked.

Ye Yuan did not even need to take his pulse and already knew his prescription. This was also too freakish, right?

Furthermore, what Ye Yuan said did not have the slightest error. The Yue Family’s Bluesky Spirit Root was indeed pretty much depleted by him very quickly. Forced under the circumstances, Yue Jianfeng could only take the prescription and ask for help from a family clan’s alchemy emperor elder.

As a result, that alchemy emperor elder decided without consulting others to change the Bluesky Spirit Root to Brahma Secret Leaf.

“Son-in-Law is truly god-like, to actually even know about this! The Yue Family’s Bluesky Spirit Root was only sufficient for me to use for half a year’s time. Compelled by the circumstances, I went to Elder Ling Tao to ask for help. He looked at the prescription and said that I could use Brahma Secret Leaf to replace the Bluesky Spirit Root. Hence …”

The Elder Ling Tao out of Yue Jianfeng’s mouth was a middle-rank alchemy emperor elder in the Yue Family, whose status was revered.

Ye Yuan nodded when he heard that and said, “The medicinal effects of the Brahma Secret Leaf and Bluesky Spirit Root indeed has interchangeable aspects in this prescription. It is also indeed able to treat Yangqiao Meridian injuries. But … there is still another supplementary medicine in this prescription, Green Jade Heavenly Star Grass. Mixing together with the Brahma Secret Leaf to brew into medicine will produce a slow-acting toxin which will paralyze the martial artist’s mind at indeterminate intervals. As time passes, when the toxins accumulate to a certain level, it can even make the person utterly insane! It’s this reason that you find it hard to meditate and why your essence energy would also occasionally get interrupted.”

Yue Jianfeng’s expression could not help changing drastically!

Back then, when Elder Ling Tao helped him to alter the prescription, he discovered that the medicine effects were not very different from before, and even thanked Elder Ling Tao with tears in his eyes.

He did not expect that this Brahma Secret Leaf actually had such severe consequences!

“This … What to do about it?” The moment Yue Jianfeng heard this, he thoroughly lost all social graces.

Ye Yuan said, “If it were others, I couldn’t care less. But I know that you’ve shown extra considerations towards Li-er these few years. On account of Li-er’s face, I naturally won’t leave you be. I’ll write a prescription for you. Take the medicine according to the prescription. Within ten days, you’ll definitely be cured.”

Yue Jianfeng could not help being overjoyed the moment he heard that and said, “Thank you so much, Son-in-Law! Thank you so much, Son-in-Law!”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “You’re Li-er’s elder. Naturally, you’re my elder too. This kind of solemn respects, best to drop it in the future. I can’t bear it.”

Getting the prescription, it was like Yue Jianfeng obtained a priceless treasure, and he left in great spirits.

Yue Mengli let out a sigh and said, “Big Brother Yuan, it’s really hard on you!”

Ye Yuan and her both knew what the other was thinking, and was naturally aware of what Yue Mengli was referring to. Ye Yuan was once a peak existence that everyone looked up to. Yue Jianfeng, this kind of Dao Profound Realm powerhouse, would also have to be extra respectful towards him.

But now, getting burdened by her, he had to lower his status and call these people uncle.

But Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I said before long ago, Qingyun Zi is already past cloud and smoke. The one before your eyes now is just a bumpkin who ascended from the Lower Realms. As for those vain glories, as long as your strength is sufficient, it will naturally come in a throng!”

The following two days, Ye Yuan opened a forum and gave a sermon at the Yue Family, answering every one of those alchemy emperors’ queries.

In two days, these alchemy emperor powerhouses all started to respect a puny little alchemy venerable from their hearts.

His alchemy Dao understanding was completely not what they could compare to.

The disparity was too great!

One evening half a month later, the moonlight in the skies of Bright Moon City suddenly became abnormally bright, illuminating the entire city like it was daytime!

At the same time, Vastsun City’s sun even shone with a boundless radiance, as if it was going to shoot through the horizons.

The sun and moon joint-brilliance finally arrived!

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