Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Doing One Thing Under Cover Of Another


Under the light of boundless radiance, it illuminated a radius of 10 thousand miles of the two Vastsun and Bright Moon City, turning the dusk sky into daytime.

Gradually, clouds of multi-colored mist rose upwards, thoroughly covering the skies.

At this instant, it was as if Vastsun City and Bright Moon City became a mortal world paradise.

This kind of wondrous sight could only be seen once every 300 years.

“Sun and moon joint-brilliance! The Vastsun Bright Moon Realm is finally going to see the light of day once more! I wonder this time, who can obtain the ancestors’ favor and acquire the spirit spring to wash their eyes!”

Up in Bright Moon City’s sky, in-between the multi-colored immortal qi, a gap actually slowly split open in the space, as if it was somebody’s eye, slowly opening.

That was the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm’s entrance.

At the same time, a rift similarly appeared in the skies above Vastsun City. That rift belonged to Vastsun City.

Many martial artists all closed in on the rift area. Very clearly, they all wished to get a slice of the cake.

This kind of grand event occasion that would only open every 300 years, who would be unmoved?

It was just that each time the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm opened, Vastsun City and Bright Moon City absolutely prohibited others from encroaching on it.

The entrance area would be heavily guarded.

Several figures slowly rose up, arriving in front of the entrance.

The one in the lead was precisely Yue Jianfeng.

“Unauthorized people, quickly back away! Otherwise, we’ll capture and summarily execute! The Vastsun Bright Moon Realm opening, Bright Moon City’s permanent residents, martial artists under the skeletal age of 300 years old, and whose strength reached Phaseless Realm, after receiving inspections at designated venues in the city, you can enter!” Yue Jianfeng said coldly.

Entering the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm was not the Yue Family’s members’ exclusive right.

Though the Yue Family was strong, one Yue Family could not support such a big Rank One Holy Land.

Hence, the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm would also be opened to the martial artists in the city. However, wanting to obtain the qualifications to enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, one must be a permanent resident of Bright Moon City.

Of course, wanting to obtain the qualifications of permanent residency was very difficult. The conditions were extremely harsh.

These people were either pledged loyalty to the Yue Family for generations or swore a Heavenly Dao Oath to swear lifelong fealty to the Yue Family.

One does not allow benefits created by one’s own work to accrue to others. The Yue Family naturally would not let others get the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm’s quotas easily.

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes, waking up from a meditative state.

When he saw Yue Mengli, he could not help jumping in fright as well. “Li-er, it’s only been a few days of not seeing, you actually broke through already? Innate Battle Soul Physique indeed lives up to its reputation!”

Yue Mengli was exceedingly talented, even a notch above Zhou Yan!

It was just that after her Innate Battle Soul Physique flared up, her cultivation realm remained at a standstill all along. These dozen over years, her cultivation realm did not advance but fell instead. It even dropped quite a few realms.

From when she recovered until now, it was merely half a month’s time. Not only did Yue Mengli’s cultivation realm recover to its peak state, it even scaled to new heights, and she broke through to Ninth Level Phaseless!

Such cultivation speed was simply too shocking!

Ye Yuan’s understanding of the Innate Battle Soul Physique was also merely limited to the records. But now, only when he saw Yue Mengli’s cultivation speed with his own eyes, did he know how terrifying this spirit physique was.

When Yue Mengli cultivated to Divine King Realm, coupling with the Innate Moonlight Heavenly Eye’s ocular arts, it was simply, killing gods when encountering gods, killing Buddha when encountering Buddha!

Two kinds of heaven-defying physiques being born in the same person, this was simply heaven’s joke.

After experiencing suffering, Yue Mengli finally dispelled the clouds and saw the bright moon!

Li-er smiled sweetly and said, “Isn’t this still all thanks to Big Brother Yuan? Without you, Li-er would have long become withered bones in a graveyard. How could I have today?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Look, you’re at it again! Looks like the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm is already opened. Should we prepare a bit to enter inside?”

Yue Mengli smiled and said with a nod, “Coming to find Big Brother Yuan is precisely for this matter. Father has already decided. Tomorrow at noon, the passageway should be able to thoroughly stabilize. At that time, we’ll enter inside together with Bright Moon City’s martial artists.”

Ye Yuan said with a nod, “That’s fine. But Han Tong that bunch of people, we had no news the entire time. I’m afraid that they will cause trouble!”

Just what Ye Yuan knew at present, there were two divine artifacts in this world. One was the Sacred Dragon Token in his hands. The other was the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror in Han Tong’s hands.

The might of a divine artifact, only Ye Yuan had a clear understanding.

Once a divine artifact was infused with divine essence, the strength of its power was unimaginable!

“Father is also worried about this matter and already arranged a large number of forces around the entrance. There’s absolutely no way for them to barge inside,” Yue Mengli said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head but felt that this matter probably would not be so simple.

At noon the next day, Bright Moon City’s side had a thousand people gathered at the entrance.

These people have already been through Bright Moon City’s stringent screening. They would enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm to seek out that glimmer of good luck.

If they could obtain a spirit spring to wash their eyes, not only were they able to obtain powerful ocular arts, it would also be greatly beneficial to their cultivation.

Of course, if they were able to have heaven-defying fortuitous encounter and obtain the Sun Moon Divine Spring of the legends, there was even a possibility that they could obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil!

It was just that these 100 thousand years, there had yet to be anyone who was so lucky.

Rumor has it that inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, there was only one Sun Moon Divine Spring. Furthermore, the location was erratic.

In 100 thousand years, there had actually been someone who found the Sun Moon Divine Spring before. It was just that sadly, he did not acquire the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil.

“Jianfeng, entering the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm this time, you’ll be leading the team. This time is different from in the past. It might be more dangerous. You got to be more careful,” Yue Jianqiu said.

Although the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm was Vastsun City and Bright Moon City’s private property, inside was not a straight path. On the contrary, the perils inside were not lesser compared to ordinary mystic realms.

Hence, each time they entered the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, there had to be a Yue Family’s important figure holding down the fort. This time, the Yue Family sent out Yue Jianfeng.

Yue Jianfeng received the order and said, “Jianfeng understands! Family Head, please rest assured!”

Yue Jianqiu nodded and said, “En, if I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have sent you either. I don’t care about the others, but Ye Yuan and Li-er, you must ensure that you bring them out safe and sound!”

Yue Jianfeng’s expression turned sharp as he said with a nod, “Jianfeng will definitely lay down his life to serve!”

After Yue Jianqiu was finished with the orders, Yue Jianfeng brought the group of martial artists and were planning on entering the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm.

But right then, an abnormality suddenly occurred!

An intense light shot out from the void, bombarding onto the multi-colored immortal qi!


The space emitted a series of fierce tremors. The martial artists in the air were actually somewhat staggering unsteadily on their feet!

“Damn it! It’s the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror! They are actually planning on forcefully opening up a gap in the space, and entering the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm!” Yue Jianqiu said in a cold voice.

*Tear *…

Under the bombardment of the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, a gap actually really appeared in the sky!

Several figures dashed out from within the void and directly entered the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm.

With this, even Yue Jianqiu was taken by surprise too and had no time to stop it at all, helplessly watching Han Tong and the others entered the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm.

But this was not over yet. The moment this breach was opened up, the martial artists in Bright Moon City could not hold back anymore as well, pouring over there frenziedly!