Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 954

Chapter 954 Decay Spring


People who were quick to take advantage of the opportunity already arrived at the entrance of the passageway at this time.

Yue Jianqiu’s face was very grim, and he snapped coldly, “Go and guard the passageway! Whoever dares to go in, kill without mercy!”

Under the order, the Yue Family immediately had a powerhouse lead a team and charge over towards that passageway opening.

It was just that at this time, there were already a large group of martial artists who entered the passageway. Wanting to stop it was already too late.

“Irrelevant personnel, quickly back off! Any more people who barge into the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm will be killed without mercy!” warned the Yue Family’s powerhouse.

But the scene right now already completely lost control. How could those martial artists willingly let go of such an opportunity?

The human traffic still poured over in the direction of the passageway opening, getting more and more.


Seeing that warnings were ineffective, the Yue Family’s powerhouse started to mean business and began suppressing with bloody measures.

But among those martial artists, there were also quite a few Dao Profound Realm experts. Plus, the numbers were many. The Yue Family’s powerhouse could not kill finish at all.

Seeing this scene, Yue Jianqiu’s face fell, and he said with a cold snort, “Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit!”

While talking, Yue Jianqiu smacked a palm over into the crowd.


Yue Jianqiu’s casual palm directly slaughtered a large number of martial artists.

Once a divine king became enraged, floating corpses would span a thousand miles!

Under this palm, those martial artists finally knew fear and gradually did not dare to rush towards the passageway opening anymore.

They stopped far away, looking at those martial artists who already rushed into the passageway with envious looks.

“Since the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm came into being, there has never been anyone who opened up another passageway to enter inside before. Today, it really broadened my horizons! What a terrific Divine Martial Hall! This Yue has remembered it!” Yue Jianqiu said in a cold voice.

Today’s incident was an unprecedented humiliation to the Yue Family. How could Yue Jianqiu not take it to heart?

Furthermore, a martial artist carrying a divine artifact entering the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm increased a great deal of variables.

“Family Head, what should we do now?” Yue Jianfeng could not resist asking.

That Han Tong’s strength was very formidable. Furthermore, he had the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, this level of divine artifact, in his hands. Once they met, he was not a match at all.

Yue Jianqiu said solemnly, “You lot enter inside first. Later, I’ll send Elder Lingyu to enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm to lend you a helping hand. If you run into that Han Tong, capture and summarily execute!”

Yue Jianfeng’s expression changed, not expecting that Family Head actually made such a firm decision this time.

Yue Lingyu was a Yue Family’s elder and also Yue Jianfeng’s aunt, the other divine king powerhouse of the Yue Family.

Sending her into the Vastsun Brightmoon Realm, this was making up his mind to make Han Tong stay.

Inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, birds sang and the flowers were fragrant; it was a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

It was just that the Yue Family members were all aware that this place actually concealed many killing intents.

“What is it, Big Brother Yuan?” Yue Mengli discovered that Ye Yuan had knitted brows, and she could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Nothing. I just feel that this place is rather strange.”

“Strange? Our Yue Family and Zhou Family have already entered the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm who knows how many times. We’ve never discovered anything amiss here before!” Yue Mengli said wonderingly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Maybe I was thinking too much.”

At this time, Yue Jianfeng said to everyone, “Now, everybody, disperse. Seek out your own lucky chance respectively! Except that this time, everybody saw it too. The situation is a little different. Everyone needs to be careful. If you see people apart from the two Yue and Zhou families, if it’s within the scope of your abilities, everybody must cut them down! The prestige of the Yue Family does not tolerate these people to come and blaspheme! Understood?”

“Understood!” Voices of assent that shook the heavens echoed out.

These one thousand martial artists all had extremely deep connections with the Yue Family and naturally stood on the Yue Family’s side.

After everyone dispersed, Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli also headed towards the deep areas of the mystic realm to seek out their own lucky chance.

Inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, the so-called lucky chance was the eye-baptizing spirit springs. If a martial artist found an eye-baptizing spirit spring site, they could jump in the mouth of the spring. The spring waters would cleanse the martial artist’s marrow.

Of course, the most important function of this spirit spring was to cleanse the eyes. It could let the martial artist’s ocular arts evolve, achieving the postnatal Vastsun Flameheart Pupil or Moonlight Heavenly Eye from there.

“This Vastsun Bright Moon Realm was opened up together to your two families. I’ve always been curious, why the Bright Moon City’s martial artists, what they obtained were all Moonlight Heavenly Eye powers,” along the way, Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“It’s said that this is because of Bright Moon City’s moonlight! Martial artists who stay in Bright Moon City for a long time, their bodies will carry the aura of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye. When they enter the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm to acquire eye-baptizing spirit springs, they would naturally obtain the powers of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye,” Yue Jianfeng said.

The others all scattered respectively. But Yue Jianfeng followed Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli, protecting the two of them.

“Like that, huh! Most likely, this is the means of a Deity Realm powerhouse. Deity Realm powerhouses are truly what nobody can imagine!” Ye Yuan sighed with admiration.

“Hahaha! I found an eye-baptizing spirit spring!” Right at this time, an excited voice came over from not far away.

The three people looked over following the voice, only to see that a martial artist found the mouth of a spring the size of a well, and he was abnormally excited.

With a splash, that martial artist directly jumped into the mouth of the spring.


A miserable cry transmitted over. That martial artist did not have his eyes cleansed by the spirit spring, but it was like he was boiled by that spirit spring instead, steaming hot.

The three people, their judgments were good. They watched that martial artist struggle a few times, then immediately went silent.

That martial artist was actually directly melted by the spring waters, without even leaving behind scraps.

This scene made people’s hair stand on end.

“Fool! Can’t even distinguish between a spirit spring and decay spring, and also dare to barge into the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm!” Yue Jianfeng said with a cold sneer.

“Decay spring?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“Inside this Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, there are two kinds of spring. One type is the eye-baptizing spirit spring, greatly beneficial to martial artists. The other type is this decay spring. Its corrosive powers are extremely strong. Even if a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse entered inside, it’s a certain death too! That person just now wasn’t a member of the Zhou and Yue two families. He must be a martial artist who entered from that passageway. Only the permanent residents of Bright Moon City would know these secrets,” Yue Jianfeng said.

Ye Yuan also sighed endlessly when he heard. The Yue Family and Zhou Family operated for countless years by the two of them. Clearly, there were many secrets that the outside world did not know.

Ye Yuan came beside the decay spring and saw that the water surface was calm. It was as if nothing had happened earlier.

“Ye Yuan, let’s go. The eye-baptizing spirit springs are also split into good and bad. The truly good spirit springs are still in the deep areas of the mystic realm. Han Tong those people definitely headed to the depths of the mystic realm. We’d better not lose time.” Yue Jianfeng saw that Ye Yuan was interested in the decay spring and could not resist urging him.

However, it was like Ye Yuan did not hear it. He still stared at the decay spring.

Yue Jianfeng was about to open his mouth again but saw Yue Mengli making a ‘hush’ hand gesture at him, saying softly, “Don’t interrupt Big Brother Yuan. Let him look. Maybe he had noticed something.”

Yue Jianfeng could only drop it. But he was still rather disdainful in his heart. A decay spring that claimed people’s lives, what was there to study?

Ye Yuan was currently looking, when he suddenly leaped, jumping down into the decay spring.

Seeing this scene, Yue Jianfeng and Yue Mengli’s expression both changed greatly!