Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Reverse Life Spirit Spring



Ye Yuan landed inside the mouth of the spring, splashing up a wave.

“Ahh! Big Brother Yuan, don’t!” Yue Mengli screamed.

However, it was already too late. Ye Yuan’s entire person submerged inside.

When the two people rushed to the spring, how could they still see Ye Yuan’s figure? The spring water was clearly transparent, but one completely could not see Ye Yuan.

Yue Mengli actually wanted to directly jump into the water without even thinking but was held back by Yue Jianfeng.

“Li-er, don’t! This is a decay spring! Even if I fell inside, there’s no way to come out alive either!” Yue Jianfeng said.

Yue Mengli’s tears flowed out all at once. She completely did not think that Ye Yuan actually directly jumped inside.

What Yue Jianfeng said was right. Even if a Dao Profound Realm powerhouse like him jumped in, it was also impossible to survive, let alone Ye Yuan.

Now, the surface of the water already recovered its tranquility. But Ye Yuan’s head did not even pop out. Most likely …

Yue Mengli did not dare to imagine anymore. She could not understand, Ye Yuan clearly saw that person’s outcome earlier. Why did he still want to jump inside the decay spring?


A wave splashed, Ye Yuan’s head tunneled out from inside the mouth of the spring.

When Yue Jianfeng and Yue Mengli saw this scene, their eyes were filled with disbelief. Ye Yuan actually came out perfectly unscathed!

Logically, at this time, Ye Yuan should have long been thoroughly melted down.

“Ye Yuan, you … you’re actually alright!” Yue Jianfeng’s eyes widened, and he said.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Indeed as I expected, this so-called decay spring is actually also a type of spirit spring. It’s just that the method people draw from it is incorrect, that’s all! Let’s not talk first. I feel like I’m going to break through.”

All of a sudden, with Ye Yuan as the center, a fierce essence energy storm surged. Yue Jianfeng and Yue Mengli hurriedly retreated.

The two people exchanged a glance, both seeing the astonishment in the other party’s eyes.

Since ancient times, there had never been anyone capable of surviving inside this decay spring. Not only was Ye Yuan fine, but he also obtained tremendous benefits inside the decay spring instead and directly broke through!

“Looks like our Yue Family’s understanding of the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm is still too superficial!” Looking at Ye Yuan breaking through, Yue Jianfeng said with a bitter smile.

Before long, the essence energy storm ceased. Ye Yuan successfully broke through to Second Level Phaseless.

After Ye Yuan left the decay spring, the mouth of that spring could actually be seen disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye, finally becoming an area of flatland.

“Big Brother Yuan, just what on earth is going on here?” Yue Mengli also came forward to ask impatiently.

Ye Yuan’s actions earlier completely subverted their understanding.

They never knew that this decay spring actually still had such an effect.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “This decay spring is actually a type of ancient spirit spring called reverse-life spirit spring!”

“Reverse-life spirit spring?” Yue Jianfeng and Yue Mengli both had blank looks. Clearly, they had never heard of this name before.

“You guys can’t be blamed for not knowing either. The reverse-life spirit spring has long disappeared in the Divine Realm already. I also saw it inside an ancient record, that was how I recognized it. I didn’t expect that inside this Vastsun Bright Moon Realm would actually have this kind of thing,” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

But Yue Jianfeng became anxious and asked, “Just what is the reverse-life spirit spring that you mentioned? Why would others be melted down when they enter the decay spring, while you’re completely fine?”

Ye Yuan explained, “The reverse-life spirit springs is born from heaven and earth, containing powerful, yet violent essence energy. Legend has it that as long as one drinks a mouthful of reverse-life spirit spring, it could directly let a First Level Dao Profound martial artist breakthrough to Third Level Dao Profound! Of course, the prerequisite is that you’re not immediately stuffed by this violent essence energy until you explode.”

“What?! This … This is also too exaggerated, right? That you just now …”Yue Jianfeng nearly jumped up, a look of disbelief written all over his face.

To the majority of martial artists, after breaking through to Dao Profound Realm, each breakthrough of a minor realm needed to expend several hundred years, even a thousand years of time.

But one mouthful of spirit spring could let a First Level Dao Profound martial artist breakthrough to Third Level Dao Profound, this sort of spirit spring was also a bit too terrifying!

More importantly, what Ye Yuan said was one mouthful of spirit spring. But that decay spring just now was a small pool. Although Ye Yuan broke through cultivation realm, the effects were far from as horrifying as he said.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Heh, do you think that reverse-life spirit springs are cabbages on the roadside; there can be one randomly? That reverse-life spirit spring earlier has been diluted goodness knows how many times! If there was really such a large reverse-life spirit spring, do you think that I’d dare easily go into the water?”

Yue Jianfeng’s old face could not help turning red, aware that he was overthinking it.

This Vastsun Bright Moon Realm had God knows how many decay springs. If it was really all reverse-life spirit springs, then it would be even more precious than the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil!

“Big Brother Yuan, then this reverse-life spirit spring, why would people be melted away when they go into it?” Yue Mengli said doubtfully.

The moment Yue Jianfeng heard, he could not help perking his ears up too. This was the area he was most curious about.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Reverse-life spirit springs have a distinguishing trait, that is when absorbing, one mustn’t revolve it according to normal cultivation methods. Otherwise, it would become strong corrosive poison, directly melting people away! One must reverse their cultivation methods to revolve, before they can absorb the essence energy inside. Reverse-life spirit springs got its name from this as well. Not knowing the inside story and rashly absorbing the spirit spring is no different from seeking death.”

Yue Jianfeng duo marveled endlessly when they heard. Creation was indeed miraculous. There was actually still such a bizarre spirit spring in this world.

If one did not understand beforehand, who could have known that this terrifying decay spring was actually a heaven and earth rare treasure?

Yue Jianfeng sighed incessantly when he heard, and said, “The Vastsun Bright Moon Realm has existed for so many years. Our Yue Family is sitting on a treasure but weren’t aware of it ourselves. What irony!”

Ye Yuan sighed as well and said, “Truly envious of the martial artists in the Divine Dao Era! Most likely, many heaven and earth rare treasures utterly scattered and disappeared along with the disappearance of Divine Dao! This reverse-life spirit spring is a heaven and earth rare treasure to Dao Profound Realm martial artists. But when placed in the Divine Dao Era, it’s also nothing more than this, right?”

First Level Dao Profound to Third Level Dao Profound sounded scary. But if Deity Realm powerhouses still existed in the world, this was also merely so-so.

This degree of essence energy to Deity Realm powerhouses was probably also just trying to put out a cartload of burning logs with a cup of water.

This reverse-life spirit spring was already extinct in the Divine Realm. No one was able to find any traces at all. Even records that recorded it were extremely, extremely rare.

Although the Medicine King Hall was the super holy land with the most shallow foundation, the depths of its bedrock was what the average person could not imagine.

For several thousand years, Ji Zhengyang explored who knows how many mystic realms and obtained quite a number of extremely valuable records.

In order to pursuit the paramount Alchemy God Realm, Ye Yuan browsed through God knows how many of this type of records. His knowledge and understanding were not what ordinary martial artists could compare to at all.

But in the Divine Dao Era, this level of heaven and earth rare treasure probably would not be as scarce as presently.

Ye Yuan did not say so without reason as well.

His goal was never the Divine King Realm, but that paramount Deity Realm!

This sort of emotions, probably only the Yue Mengli whose heart was linked with his could understand.

“Alright, continue the journey then! If we run into reverse-life spirit springs again, the two of you can also go in to absorb it,” Ye Yuan said.