Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 957

Chapter 957 Battle Soul Awaken


“Ye Yuan, don’t mess around! I know that your combat strength is shocking. But Second Level Dao Profound, you guys are not a match!” Yue Jianfeng said anxiously.

In the Bright Moon Competition, although Ye Yuan defeated Lin Chao, but Lin Chao had merely just entered Dao Profound Realm.

With Ye Yuan’s strength, beating one or two Dao Profound Realms was doable. But dealing with six people all at once, among them even had a Second Level Dao Profound Realm powerhouse, it was completely out of the question.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “You fight yours, what do you care so much for?”

Yue Jianfeng could not help choking up. This brat really made people worry.

He gritted his teeth and suddenly made a move, going straight for that Second Level Dao Profound.

But Wang Yao was long prepared and said with a cold laugh, “Your opponent is me!”

His figure moved and directly clashed with Yue Jianfeng.

The two people’s cultivation realms were more or less the same. Their strength difference was not great. Even if Yue Jianfeng drew support from ocular powers, it was also very hard to defeat Wang Yao within a short time.

But at this time, that Second Level Dao Profound slowly closed in on Ye Yuan and said with a mocking laugh, “Brat, don’t think that by defeating a rookie who just broke through to Dao Profound Realm, you think that you’re invincible under the heavens? Brothers, give this little brother a good lesson. Let him know what emperor realm experts are!!

These people all saw the scene of Ye Yuan killing Lin Chao before, and were indeed taken aback by shock.

However, Lin Chao only barely managed to break through to Dao Profound Realm in the end. Compared to a genuine First Level Dao Profound, there was still some gap.

Let alone that there was even a Second Level Dao Profound here.

Those few people immediately surrounded over. But Ye Yuan retreated to one side calmly, leaning against a large tree with folded arms.

“Hey hey, when did I say that I’m invincible? Don’t get it wrong, your opponent is her, not me.” Ye Yuan nudged at Yue Mengli with his mouth.

Everyone froze, their gazes casting towards Yue Mengli. That Second Level Dao Profound suddenly burst into laughter and said, “Hahaha, are you making a joke? Who in the world doesn’t know that the Yue Family’s eldest miss got an incurable illness. Even if it’s cured, she hasn’t cultivated properly all along these few years. You’re making her fight with us?”

“Spineless coward, to actually hide behind a woman! Eldest Miss Yue, you fell for a man like this?” Another person said with a snicker.

One had to admit that towards Yue Mengli, these few people still maintained a certain respect.

Yue Mengli’s beauty was like a goddess of the heavens; making people unable to bear to profane.

It was just that Ye Yuan’s performance made them feel like a fresh flower was stuck onto cow manure.

But Yue Mengli said coolly, “You all … aren’t worthy to make Big Brother Yuan take action.”

The moment these few people heard, they could not help exchanging glances, and immediately bursting into laughter.

“Haha, Miss Yue must be joking. The likes of you aren’t a match for the few of us yet. A man like this isn’t worthy of you entrusting.”

“Yeah, Miss Yue. You’d best quickly withdraw. Us uncles are all boorish people. Once we fight, we don’t want to hurt your fair and beautiful face.”

“Miss Yue, this brat is posturing himself, but makes you charge and storm the enemy ranks. Better dump him! Hahaha!”

Over there, Yue Jianfeng was entangled in battle with Wang Yao on one hand. On the other hand, he also divided his attention to pay attention to the situation here.

He saw that Ye Yuan actually retreated to one side and ignored matters, and could not help panicking as he said, “Ye Yuan, don’t mess around! Li-er’s body has just recovered and has neglected cultivation for a long time. It’s totally impossible to be their match!”

But Wang Yao chortled with laughter when he saw the situation and said, “Yue Jianfeng, your opponent is me. The matters at the lower levels, let them settle it themselves! Haha! Relax, Miss Yue is the Yue Family’s apple of the eye. They won’t do anything to her. But as for that brat … that’s up in the air.”

Wang Yao knew the prowess of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye. So he only tangled with Yue Jianfeng and did not fight to the bitter end with him.

As long as the people downstairs finished Yue Mengli off, then took Yue Mengli as hostage, would he still be afraid that Yue Jianfeng would not submit obediently?

Wang Yao also knew the power of the Yue Family. So before coming out, he had long thought of a surefire plan. Although he would offend the Yue Family like this, he would not offend beyond repair.

But if he killed Yue Mengli, the consequences would be too ghastly to imagine.

Even if he obtained a spirit spring, facing the Yue Family’s pursuit all over the world, there was also absolutely no chance of survival.

But towards Yue Jianfeng’s roar, Ye Yuan turned a deaf ear to it and only said coolly, “Hey, the few of you, don’t blame me for not warning you guys, if you underestimate Li-er, the price you pay will be your lives!”

Ye Yuan had a leisurely and relaxed appearance, not at all worried about Yue Mengli.

“Heh heh, since Miss Yue is so impressive, then us brothers have to seek guidance properly. Quan Sheng, you go and challenge Miss Yue!” The Second Level Dao Profound said with a sneer.

“Alright! Miss Yue, this Quan will have to offend!”

That First Level Dao Profound called Quan Sheng rubbed his fists and wiped his palms, an appearance of cornering Yue Mengli.

Only to see him extend a hand and grab. An enormous claw condensed from essence energy grabbed towards Yue Mengli. The momentum was extremely shocking.

No martial artists able to cultivate to Dao Profound Realm was mediocre. Even if Lin Chao was really compared to this Quan Sheng, it was at most also evenly-matched.

Experienced First Level Dao Profounds were not that easy to defeat.

Crossing realms and defeating Dao Profound Realm martial artists, that was only something that extremely few people were able to accomplish.

At least in other people’s view, it was impossible for Yue Mengli to have this capability.

But right at this time, that originally warm and good-natured Yue Mengli’ temperament suddenly changed. A fierce aura surged towards the skies!

Behind Yue Mengli, a gigantic phantom actually appeared!

This phantom was exactly alike Yue Mengli. But the disposition was completely different. That phantom’s expression was very cold, but its body exuded a powerful battle intent.

It was as if that phantom was born inherently for battle!

“Dharma idol heaven and earth! How is this possible?!”

Everyone looked at that phantom with incomparable astonishment. Quan Sheng’s grab was so laughable in front of this dharma idol heaven and earth!


Yue Mengli pointed a finger out. The dharma idol behind her similarly pointed a finger out!

An incomparably swift and fierce white light tore right across the sky, shattering the claw Quan Sheng condensed into smithereens.


Quan Sheng did not even get to cry out miserably and was smashed into paste by this finger of white light.

This dharma idol was too powerful!

“Hiss …”

The remaining few martial artists retreated several steps in a row, all frightened by the scene just now.

A veteran First Level Dao Profound actually could not even withstand the power of a finger and was directly eradicated!

Didn’t they say that the Yue Family’s misses already did not cultivate for over a dozen years? How could she possibly be so strong?

Even Yue Jianfeng and Wang Yao also stopped the fighting at this time, looking at this scene in disbelief.

They clearly did not think that the all along delicately built Yue Family’s eldest miss actually had such powerful strength!

“Tsk tsk, Innate Battle Soul Physique indeed lives up to its reputation! This isn’t some dharma idol heaven and earth, but Li-er’s Innate Battle Soul Physique! Incubating for so many years, she finally awoken!”

Ye Yuan looked at that colossal figure and sighed with endless admiration.