Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Yue Lingyu


Innate Battle Soul Physique, after the spirit and flesh fusion reached a certain degree, the martial artist’s innate battle soul would awaken.

A sentence circulated during the Ancient Era: Once the battle soul emerges, who can contend for supremacy!

The battle soul was born for the sake of battle. It was inherently peerlessly powerful.

Yue Mengli’s battle soul had just awakened not long ago. Currently, it was just a phantom.

When her strength gets increasingly more profound, and the spirit and flesh fusion degree gets higher, the battle soul’s strength would also become more powerful, and become all the more corporeal as well!

“Battle soul? Innate Battle Soul Physique! This … there’s actually really such a terrifying spirit physique in this world! Furthermore … furthermore, she’s even of the innate Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique! If she cultivates to the Divine King Realm, who else can contend with her?”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Wang Yao was fear-stricken with shock!

He had apparently heard of the Innate Battle Soul Physique before. Regarding this spirit physique’s might, he had somewhat heard of it before.

But after he recalled that Yue Mengli still had another type of terrifying spirit physique in her, he was no longer able to remain calm.

Someone like this was simply born with a golden spoon in her mouth!

Ye Yuan shot him a glance and said with a faint smile, “Looks like you still have some knowledge. To actually know about the Innate Battle Soul Physique.”

Wang Yao was startled and suddenly thought of something. He looked at Ye Yuan like he had seen a ghost and said, “No wonder this girlie has always been plagued by a serious illness. Turns out it’s that these two types of spirit physiques were unable to co-exist! An existence like this, even heaven is jealous too! It was rumored that this girlie’s illness was cured by you. You … you’re actually able to do such a thing!”

With this, Ye Yuan was also rather surprised.

This Wang Yao actually knew so much. This knowledge what not what the average person could have.

No wonder this guy could charge into the mystic realm at the first moment. This Wang Yao was not simple.

“Heh, really couldn’t tell that what you know is really quite a bit! Why, still want the spirit spring now?” Ye Yuan looked at Wang Yao with a smile that was not a smile as he said.

Wang Yao’s face fell and he suddenly smacked a palm out. It actually headed straight for Yue Mengli!

“Wang Yao, you’re courting death!” Yue Jianfeng did not expect this guy to suddenly deal a pre-emptive strike, his figure moving, rescuing at once.

Right at this time, Wang Yao barked, “Go!”

When he said this, his figure already arrived ten thousand feet away.

That Second Level Dao Profound’s reaction was the fastest. He was the first one to turn tail and run. The others were slightly slower.

But at this time, Yue Mengli did not have the intention of defending at all, pointing a finger out once more!


A bolt of white light flashed past. Another Dao Profound Realm powerhouse died miserably under the battle soul.


At the same time, Yue Jianfeng also arrived just in time, resolving Wang Yao’s attack.

However, it was already too late to want to catch up to these people. Those were all Dao Profound Realm powerhouses. All of their movement techniques were exceedingly swift, already vanishing from the three people’s sight.

Yue Jianfeng looked at Yue Mengli, like it was his first day knowing her.

“Li-er, turns out that you’re already so incredible! You really concealed so bitterly from Uncle Feng!” Yue Jianfeng said with a bitter smile.

Yue Mengli said with a smile, “Li-er didn’t have the intention of hiding from Uncle Feng, but I just awoken the battle soul the other day under Big Brother Yuan’s help. Honestly speaking, when I just experienced the battle soul’s strength, I had a good scare too!”

Yue Jianfeng involuntarily looked at Ye Yuan, his eyes filled with disbelief.

This son-in-law seemed like there was nothing that could stump him.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “No need to look at me with this sort of expression. The Innate Battle Soul Physique actually doesn’t need me to teach at all. Once the battle soul awakens, it’s like the demon race awakening their inheritance memories. Li-er’s strength will grow with each passing day. With her around, it’s also not impossible for the Yue Family to become the Divine Realm’s number one family clan in the future. The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is merely adding flowers to embroidery.”

Hearing these words, Yue Jianfeng’s entire body involuntarily trembled as he said in amazement, “This Innate Battle Soul Physique is actually so incredible?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “It will only be more incredible than you imagine! Although the hope is very bleak, maybe by relying on this Innate Battle Soul Physique, Li-er will be able to break through the fetters! Of course, this is just my guess.”

Actually, Ye Yuan was also very much looking forward to just what level Yue Mengli could attain.

After all, the Innate Battle Soul Physique already had not appeared for at least 200 thousand years. Whether Yue Mengli could rely on the spirit and flesh union to break through the fetters, nobody could say for sure either.

Yue Jianfeng sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Ye Yuan’s words implied the birth of a Deity Realm powerhouse!

If it was really like that, then the Yue Family would become the Divine Realm’s number one family without a doubt!

Yue Jianfeng’s emotions only calmed down after a long time. He took out a small pot, muttering incantations under his breath. That top-grade spirit spring was actually harvested away just like that.

The Vastsun Bright Moon Realm would only open once every 300 years. If they could only wait for the mystic realm to open before they could obtain spirit springs, they would have been destroyed long ago.

This sort of pot was specially refined in order to collect spirit springs. Using it to bring spirit springs out of the mystic realm, one could save it for other people to use.

This top-grade spirit spring, as long as one brought it out, it was a great merit.

The three people got their things in order and were just about to leave when a figure arrived with a whistle. A beautiful middle-aged woman appeared in front of the three people.

The beautiful madam looked to be 30 over years of age. Although she had lost some of her charms, she still retained her graceful bearing and was very elegant and poised. Between her brows was actually bore some resemblance to Yue Mengli. When she was young, she was definitely an unrivaled beauty as well.

“I’ve seen Elder Lingyu!” Seeing this beautiful madam, Yue Jianfeng immediately bowed down to greet.

“Granny Lingyu!” Yue Mengli also said happily.

While Ye Yuan stood at one side casually, without the slightest intention of greeting.

This beautiful madam was Yue Jianfeng’s aunt, Yue Family’s elder, Yue Lingyu!”

At present, the Yue Family’s Ling character generation’s elderly folks were basically all reclusive and did not emerge. If not for encountering the mystic realm being breached, this sort of major matter, Yue Jianqiu also would not summon Yue Lingyu out. 1

Yue Lingyu nodded her head at the two people, but said with Ye Yuan with knitted brows, “You, this child, should be Ye Yuan, right? Truly don’t know manners! Since you’ve already walked together with Li-er, don’t you know how to call granny?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I was afraid of making you out to be old, wasn’t I? Although you are Li-er granny generation, you don’t look much older than her either. I feel that calling you elder sister is more appropriate!”

Yue Mengli shot a reproaching glare at Ye Yuan. Simply overflowing with flirtation.

But she knew that wanting to make Ye Yuan call Yue Lingyu granny, that was something impossible.

Although Yue Lingyu was a Divine King powerhouse, Ye Yuan’s previous life’s status was much higher than her’s. Talking this way was already looking on the account of her face.

Yue Lingyu originally pulled a long face. But hearing Ye Yuan’s words, she chuckled and batted her eyes at Ye Yuan as she said, “You, child, are really honey-mouthed! If you were to call me elder sister, wouldn’t it thoroughly mess up the seniority? But these words, I like to hear it!”

Ye Yuan immediately climbed up along the pole and said with a smile, “How can I! To each his own! I see that you’re so young, if I really have to make you out to be old, I really can’t get it out of my mouth!”

“Hehe …” Yue Lingyu was tickled by Ye Yuan, giving off silver bells-like laughter.


So, every male in Yue Jianqiu’s generation will have Jian in their name. The females seem to have Ling. Not uncommon for the more traditional chinese families.