Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 959

Chapter 959 Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill


By the side, Yue Jianfeng’s expression was incomparably ugly.

Ye Yuan calling Yue Lingyu elder sister, then wouldn’t he have to call Ye Yuan uncle?

This seniority was jumbled until …

But in front of Yue Lingyu, Yue Jianfeng could not lost his temper either. He could only sulk at one side.

“Hehe, you, child, really know how to talk! Done, call whatever you like. But I’ll say the nasty things first, if you’re not good to our family’s Li-er, I won’t let you off!” Yue Lingyu said half-jokingly.

Yue Mengli was startled and hurriedly said, “Granny Lingyu, what are you saying? If not for Big Brother Yuan, Li-er would already be a dead person now. How could he not be good to me?”

Yue Lingyu did not know Ye Yuan’s identity. If she got on Ye Yuan’s nerves, then she would be caught in the middle.

Who knew that Yue Lingyu’s face fell and she said, “Silly lass! This is this, that is that. He saved you, doesn’t mean that he has to be nice to you. Men are all unfaithful. You got to keep a closer eye! You’re our Yue Family’s darling. No matter which family’s brat gets together with you, they all have to coax and fawn on you! If this brat dares to bully you in the future, just tell Granny Lingyu, grandaunt will definitely beat him until his bottom splits open!”

Yue Lingyu was already getting on in years, but had no shame at all. Even someone as collected as Yue Mengli also could not quite endure it anymore.

She was just about to stop Yue Lingyu from continuing to speak, but heard Ye Yuan say, “What is Elder Sister Lingyu saying. Li-er and my heart is connected together. I won’t let her down in this life! Not only am I going to treat her well, I also have to be good to Elder Sister Lingyu, right? When my cultivation realm reached, I’ll definitely refine a Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill for Elder Sister Lingyu, and let Elder Sister Lingyu be forever young!”

Yue Lingyu’s eyes suddenly erupted with rays of brilliance, but looked at Ye Yuan with a doubtful face as she said, “You know how to refine the Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill? You aren’t bragging, right?”

Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill was a high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill. The ingredients for refinement were extremely precious. The level of difficulty was exceedingly high as well. The Divine Realm only had that few peak alchemy emperors who had the ability to refine it.

Furthermore, the Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill’s pill formula, there were barely anyone who knew it.

She seriously did not dare to believe that this 20 plus years old lad in front of her was able to refine the Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill.

Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill, it could drive any woman in the Divine Realm mad!

Not only could it let an old granny like Yue Lingyu return to the height of her youth and vigor, with everlasting youth, it could even extend her longevity by a thousand years.

A heaven-defying medicinal pill like this, who would not go crazy?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Whether it’s boasting or not, you’ll know at that time. However, the spirit medicines that this Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill requires, Elder Sister Lingyu will have to pool it together yourself.”

Yue Lingyu clearly still did not believe, and could not help turning her gaze towards Yue Jianfeng and Yue Mengli, clearly seeking their opinion.

In contrast, she still believed the Yue Family’s people more.

Yue Jianfeng was also incredibly shocked in his heart. Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill, he naturally knew as well. But to say that Ye Yuan could refine it, he still felt that it was still bragging a little too much.

However, if Ye Yuan did not have this ability, how could he possibly see through the chronic illness within his body at one glance?

Seems like this Ye Yuan could not be measured using common sense at all!

“Elder Lingyu, this … Ye Yuan probably have this ability. At least, this nephew feels that the family’s alchemy emperor experts are all inferior to him!” Yue Jianfeng told the honest truth.

But Yue Mengli smiled sweetly and said, “Granny Lingyu, don’t doubt anymore! Big Brother Yuan, says that he can refine it, means he definitely can refine it. Just put your mind at ease and boldly prepare the spirit medicines!”

Got to be kidding, if even Ye Yuan could not refine the Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill, then absolutely no one in the Divine Realm could refine it.

Yue Lingyu looked at Yue Mengli with great astonishment, uncertain where her confidence came from.

But she watched Yue Mengli grow up since young and knew that this lass would never dupe her on this sort of matter.

Furthermore, although Yue Jianfeng said it tactfully, he also acknowledged Ye Yuan’s alchemy path strength immensely!

This boy actually had such heaven-defying alchemy path strength? Just what background did he have?

“Fine! If you can help this elderly self refine a Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill, this elderly self will gift you the Mountain & River State Painting!” Yue Lingyu said.

Transcendent-grade holy artifact, Mountain & River State Painting, was an imitation divine artifact, possessing unimaginable power. It was much more powerful compared to ordinary transcendent-grade holy artifacts.

It was just that Ye Yuan already possessed a genuine divine artifact currently, and even had the Vast Heaven Stele and Soul Suppressing Pearl whose grades were uncertain. How could he still take a fancy on the Mountain & River State Painting?

“Heh, no need for that. Elder Sister Lingyu is Li-er’s grandaunt, refining medicinal pills for you is ought to be. How can I want your stuff!” Ye Yuan said with a light chuckle.

But that hint of disdain in Ye Yuan’s eyes still deeply pricked Yue Lingyu.

She could tell that Ye Yuan really did not care for the Mountain & River State Painting, and was not deliberately being generous.

“Pffft …”

Yue Mengli suddenly burst out laughing. Yue Jianfeng also stifled his laughter.

The moment Yue Lingyu saw, she could not help becoming even more puzzled, and said, “What are you guys laughing at? Could it be that my Mountain & River State Painting can’t even match up to a Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill?”

Yue Mengli said with a smile, “Granny Lingyu, your elderly self has been in closed-seclusion all along, and still don’t know the events that happened during the Bright Moon Competition. Ye Yuan he used a quasi-divine artifact to kill his opponent, winning the Bright Moon Competition! Although your Mountain & River State Painting is good, it can’t compare to a quasi-divine artifact no matter what as well, right?”

Yue Lingyu lightly drew a breath, wanting to calm the agitation in her heart.

She had just exited seclusion and only inquired briefly regarding the Bright Moon Competition’s matters, and had no time to understand in detail at all yet.

This Mr. Right that Li-er found seemed to be remarkable!

No, wait, it should be rather mysterious!

Refining a high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill, owning a quasi-divine artifact, this was not something that an ordinary youth could do.

“Elder Sister Lingyu, you’re here to chase Han Tong, right? If you still don’t chase after, they’ll be entering the deepest areas of the mystic realm soon.” Ye Yuan was not willing to get tangled up on this problem and reminded.

Yue Lingyu had her head all muddled up by Ye Yuan, her head filled with the Ninth Heaven Ageless Pill, and actually forgot official matters for a moment.

Only after being reminded by Ye Yuan, did she suddenly suddenly come to a realization.

“Yes, yes, official business is important! Your speed is too slow, I’ll bring you all!”

Not waiting for the three people to answer either, Yue Lingyu flicked her sleeves grandly and disappeared carrying the three people.

Just half a day and the four people flew a distance of several tens of millions of miles!

“Teleportation arts are unable to be displayed inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, which delayed some time. Hearing from Jianqiu, that Han Tong is merely Sixth Level Dao Profound. Calculating according to the distance, he shouldn’t have reached here yet. If Han Tong really came for the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, then he definitely has to come to Yellow Millet Mountain. We can just lie in wait here.” Yue Lingyu said coolly.

Currently, the scenery ahead was already completely different.

This place was akin to the sun at high noon, and after a light screen ahead, it was covered under the canopy of the moon and stars, where night had fallen.

That light screen seemingly isolate the two worlds.

Over at the light screen was a stretch of mountain ridges in an unbroken chain. It should be the Yellow Millet Mountain Yue Lingyu talked about.