Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Illusionary Realm

Everybody was focused on Ye Yuan, so naturally, no one noticed the transformation which suddenly took place in Long Tang's body. Except for Zuo Bugui.

But even Zuo Bugui could not imagine just what kind of change Long Tang's transformation brought him.

It was until many years later, Zuo Bugui then heard that Long Tang's martial prowess broke the void, and he ascended to the Divine Realm with the status of the strongest expert in the Endless World. At that time, he finally understood what these words meant back during the days of the State of Qin.

Of course, this was all later on in the future.

Just as Long Tang was conversing with Zuo Bugui, another commotion sprung out from the crowd again.

"Quickly look! Ye Yuan stopped advancing!"

"Yeah. He stopped at the 338th step. It's only been five steps!"

"He scared me to death! I thought that he would continue forth with an indomitable force."

"Are you dumb? This is the Nine Heavens Road, hailed as the death zone for all Essence Qi Realms. How could he possibly continue forth without any resistance? The true difficulty of the Nine Heavens Road starts from the middle 333 steps stage. The vast majority of those Essence Qi Realms who came to challenge the Nine Heavens Road fell at this juncture! How could Ye Yuan possibly fall to the first stage with how monstrous he is?"

"So that's the case! His crossing speed just now was too frightening. It quickly swept me up. Hur hur. Then do you think Ye Yuan can make it through?"

"Absolutely not! If Ye Yuan were at half-step Spirit Condensation Realm, I would feel that he might make it through. But he's only at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm! The scariest part of the Nine Heavens Road is still the final 333 steps!"

Just as Ye Yuan landed on the fifth step of the second stage on the Nine Heavens Road, his fierce momentum finally halted.

This action naturally drew everyone's attention. The crowd started clamoring.

The people who were initially stunned by Ye Yuan's advancing momentum suddenly came to a realization at this moment.

This was the death zone for all Essence Qi Realms, Nine Heavens Road! How could it be possible to pass through it smoothly without problems?

When Su Yubai saw this scene, his initial shock turned into wild ecstasy.

"I've long said that he can't possibly pass through! A tiny little Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm dares to tackle the Nine Heavens Road? Conceited! Seeking his own destruction!"

Even though he was filled with wild joy, Su Yubai obviously would not be stupid enough to show it on his face. However, he did not hold back his words at all.

Everybody knew that he wanted to eliminate Ye Yuan anyway, so he naturally had no need to pretend to be some hypocritical good person.

"What Elder Su said is right. This Ye Yuan would rather challenge the Nine Heavens Road than come to the elder's meeting. This is slighting us all! Such an impertinent brat! The way I see it, there's nothing to regret over his death!" an elder echoed.

"Elder Lin's words are unreasonable. Challenging the Nine Heavens Road is the right of every student. Once you pass the Nine Heavens Road, you would enjoy the special privilege of the high sect's core disciple. This was set by the high sect. No matter how powerful the Elders Council is, it's not greater than the high sect's rules, right?" Hu Changsheng raised his eyelids and said coolly.

Like everybody else, Hu Changsheng was also astonished by Ye Yuan's performance. It was just that he did not show it. He kept both eyes lightly closed like an old monk in meditation.

However, Hu Changsheng's talent loving heart was stirred, and he felt great pity for Ye Yuan.

Such a genius might be able to pass the Heaven Rank Advancement test in the future and become the Tranquil Cloud Sect's inner disciple. He might even yield brilliant results in the Ten Nation's Grand Competition and be chosen as a core disciple of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

But now, Ye Yuan was going to fall on the Nine Heavens Road. How could that not make people sigh regretfully?

And what caused this sort of tragedy to happen was precisely these few so-called elders in front of his eyes who were playing politics!

How could this not make him displeased?

Hence, Hu Changsheng who was always a nice person finally blew his top!

Yes. Even with Ye Yuan's spectacular performance, Hu Changsheng did not think that Ye Yuan could pass through the Nine Heavens Road!

As the deputy dean, he naturally understood much more than the students. The further one went along the Nine Heavens Road, the more challenging it became. Especially at the last 333 steps, the difficulty basically reached an extreme level.

It was impossible for Ye Yuan to pass it with his current realm!

Hu Changsheng's words left that elder who was surnamed Lin dumbfounded. What could he say? That he was bigger than the Tranquil Cloud Sect? Was that not seeking death?

. . . . . .

Presently, Ye Yuan was already on an illusionary trip. He was currently in the pill refinement room at the Divine Realm's Medicine King's Hall.

A pill refinement room so vast that it could be a training room for martial arts, tens of times greater than Feng Ruoqing's refinement room. It could be called extravagant!

Ye Yuan would treat other aspects of himself shabbily with the sole exception of this pill refinement room and things related to it. No matter what he would not treat himself badly or underperform on this aspect.

Because the Alchemy God realm was his life-long goal!

Limitless Cauldron, one of the best pill cauldrons in the Divine Realm. It was formerly Ye Yuan's greatest love.

Apart from that, various pill refining tools and herbal ingredients were all here. Everything here was so familiar.

Ye Yuan spent over 300 years in this pill refinement room!

To Ye Yuan, he was even more familiar with this refinement room than his bedchamber.

There were no mirrors in his pill refinement room, but Ye Yuan knew that he definitely recovered his previous life's appearance.

"Appearance is born from the heart. This illusionary realm is seriously realistic. It can actually completely dig out the things buried within my heart so thoroughly! Even though I know it's an illusionary realm, I still don't wish to wake up!" Ye Yuan sighed emotionally.

After Ye Yuan entered the Nine Heavens Road's second stage, he suddenly felt his head was incomparably heavy. After a bout of dizziness, he appeared in his former refinement room.

Ye Yuan already confirmed that he entered an illusionary realm nearly straightaway.

Illusionary realms might look completely harmless, but it was extremely dangerous. Those students who went insane after challenging the Nine Heavens Road basically lost themselves after failing this second stage.

The average person who ventured deep into an illusionary world would often unable to extricate themselves out from it. They would be swept inside instantly, and finally, lose themselves inside it.

Only someone with a firm heart could free themselves from the illusion world and return to reality. However, this process was tremendously arduous. Even Mo Yuntian who was so powerful back then spent several days before he could awaken.

To talk about a firm heart, the previous life's Qingyun Zi was not that powerful either.

However, he had changed dramatically today and became countless times more mature than the previous life's Qingyun Zi in terms of mentality. In addition, his heart for vengeance was incomparably firm. How could ordinary illusionary worlds mesmerize him?

Without talking about how Ye Yuan himself was a great array master, even if his strength today was lacking and unable to break the array, it was still insanely difficult for illusion arrays to make him fall for them.

No matter how powerful this Nine Heavens Road was, it was nothing but an array formation from the Lower Realms. It was still considered as nothing in Ye Yuan's eyes.

This was also his greatest reliance to dare to tackle the Nine Heavens Road!

Except, seeing through the illusion world did not mean being able to break the illusion world, and it also did not mean willingness to break the illusion world.

This Nine Heavens Road was extremely remarkable, to directly look at the human heart.

Even somebody like Ye Yuan was unwilling to leave just like that after seeing this place filled with cherished memories.

These things had accompanied Ye Yuan for 300 years!

Every blade of grass and every tree was filled with feelings!

With a casual wave, the Limitless Cauldron turned into a remarkably small and exquisite pill cauldron in Ye Yuan's hand. The feeling when his fingers came into contact with the Limitless Cauldron was exactly the same as back then.

Of course it would be exactly the same. Because this illusionary realm was birthed from his inner thoughts!

"If time could rewind, how great would that be . . ." Ye Yuan was overcome with emotion.