Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Might Of A Divine Artifact


Before the light screen, gathered more and more martial artists.

People who were able to arrive here, their strength were all very formidable. They were basically all Dao Profound Realm martial artists.

These martial artists had the Yue Family, Zhou Family, and even foreign martial artists.

But the foreign martial artists were clearly all very wary of Yue Lingyu. Although they came here, they avoided far away.

But Yue Lingyu did not have the intention of going forward to look into it. Only then, did these people let out a sigh in relief.

Ye Yuan and co. were currently meditating over here when another batch of people made it before the light screen.

The Yue Lingyu who had her eyes shut the whole time to rest her mind finally opened her eyes this time, her gaze locking onto an old man.

The old man was as thin as a rake, but was in good health, his body exuding an unfathomable aura.

Behind the old man, a youngster looked at Ye Yuan with an unfriendly expression, with sheer hostility.

This young man was precisely Zhou Yan!

“Zhou Boping, you’re too slow!” Yue Lingyu said to the old man.

This Zhou Boping was also a reclusive Divine King powerhouse of the Zhou Family. Bright Moon City and Vastsun City were merely ten thousand miles apart. Things that happened here, there was no way the Zhou Family would not know.

Therefore, the Zhou Family sent out a Divine King powerhouse too, to prepare for the worst.

Zhou Boping said coolly, “Something happened along the way, got delayed.”

Although his words were dull, Zhou Boping’s faint look of delight could not be concealed.

Yue Lingyu swept her gaze towards the Zhou Yan behind him, and discovered that Zhou Yan’s gaze was deep, with a kind of berserk aura bursting out.

Zhou Yan was very pleased with himself inwardly. Their group of people found a top-grade eye-baptizing spirit spring along the way. After he used it, he already underwent a thorough transformation.

Now, his First Level Dao Profound already utterly consolidated. The ocular powers of the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil also broke through a major step, stepping into middle-stage spirit indulgent.

Zhou Yan discovered that Yue Mengli’s ocular powers did not seem to have much changes. Clearly, the Yue Family did not obtain a top-grade spirit spring.

He originally thought that Yue Lingyu would be surprised, but she did not have any indication. She just said to Zhou Boping indifferently, “Since you’ve arrived, should we make a move? That group of people haven’t reached yet. If we delay, it might bring about an unforeseen accident.”

Towards Yue Lingyu’s attitude, Zhou Boping was also somewhat surprised.

He knew that Yue Lingyu’s personality was eager to outdo in everything. Now that the Zhou Family took the first strike, she actually did not have any indication, as if Yue Mengli had nothing to do with her at all.

If it were before, Yue Lingyu would definitely burn with jealousy. But now, she already knew the terror of Yue Mengli’s Innate Battle Soul Physique. Towards Zhou Yan’s little lucky chance, she turned her nose up at it.

Furthermore, Yue Mengli was simply disdainful to use a top-grade spirit spring. But the Zhou Family treated it like a treasure. This also made her very amused in her heart.

“En, these words are reasonable. Let’s begin!”

Zhou Boping’s nonchalant voice sounded out. Two horrifying auras shot towards the sky.

Two mighty divine king auras were fully released. The process was incomparably shocking from start to end.

That group of martial artists who secretly ventured in were all deathly pale at this time.

Turns out that it was not that Yue Lingyu was not planning on settling scores with them, but waiting for the Zhou Family to arrive and settle it together!

It was just that they did not understand, with Yue Lingyu’s strength, it seemed like there was no need to wait for Zhou Boping to come.

“Quickly run!” These people reacted very quickly, turning tail and running.

On this stretch of open ground gathered a hundred foreign martial artists. Fleeing helter-skelter all at once, the momentum was not weak either.

Right at this time, another aura billowed to the sky among the foreign martial artists.

In terms of aura, it was actually not the slightest bit weaker compared to Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping!

Everyone looked at this scene in astonishment. Did not expect that there was actually a Divine King powerhouse concealed among the foreign martial artists!

“Yue Lingyu, Zhou Boping, you guys don’t push people too far!”

The one talking was a middle-aged martial artist with sloppy and ordinary looks. Throwing into a pile of people, it really was not the least bit conspicuous.

Only then, did everyone come to a realization. No wonder Yue Lingyu did not make a move all along. Turns out that she had long discovered this middle-aged martial artist hiding in the crowd.

Waiting for Zhou Boping to arrive at this time and fighting two-on-one, the assurance of dealing with this middle-aged martial artist was much greater.

“Ruan Shuangzhou, you infiltrating the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm is provoking the Zhou and Yue two families. Now, you’re actually saying that we’re pushing you too far?” Zhou Boping said coolly.

“Humph, heaven and earth priceless treasures are obtained by those fated for them! Since somebody breached the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, why can’t we enter?” Ruan Shuangzhou said.

“Since that’s the case, then you’ll have to suffer the fury of our two families!”

Yue Lingyu did not waste her breath either. Extending her hand and beckoning, an enormous painting suddenly unfurled, covering the sky and obscuring the sun!

“It’s the Mountain & River State Painting! Quickly run!”

However, it was already too late …

An enormous suction force transmitted over, directly wanting to suck the martial artists trying to escape into the painting.

Even Ruan Shuangzhou’s figure was also teetering unsteadily at this time. Clearly, he was almost unable to resist the Mountain & River State Painting’s suction force either.

Zhou Boping’s eyes flickered. A terrifying flame power erupted around Ruan Shuangzhou.

Zhou Yan’s Vastsun Flameheart Pupil compared to Zhou Boping simply paled in comparison. The power could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Being pincer-attacked by two might Divine King experts, Ruan Shuangzhou’s pressure was clearly immense. He looked as if it was too much for him to withstand anymore.

Once taken into the Mountain & River State Painting, Ruan Shaungzhou would become even more passive.

Although this Mountain & River State Painting was an imitation divine artifact, its power was immense in Yue Lingyu’s hands too.

Once sucked inside, one would be suppressed by the Mountain & River State Painting’s laws. Furthermore, Yue Lingyu would not suffer any influence when battling inside.

When one aspect was weaker, the others would be stronger. No matter how formidable Ruan Shuangzhou was, it was also not possible to be Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping’s match.

Swoosh …

Ruan Shaungzhou needed to divide his attention to deal with Zhou Boping’s Vastsun Flameheart Pupil. Finally, he could not hold out anymore and was sucked inside the Mountain & River State Painting.

Yet, right at this time, a change suddenly occurred!

A terrifying light beam tore through the void, slamming onto the Mountain & River State Painting with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder which left no time for covering ears!

Under this attack, the Mountain & River State Painting’s restraining powers were greatly diminished. Ruan Shuangzhou’s essence energy abruptly erupted, directly breaking loose of the fetters.

Crack … Crack …

The Mountain & River State Painting actually produced a trace of a crack under this attack!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. This was a transcendent-grade holy artifact. It actually produced a crack under one blow!

Whoosh …

One figure after another was spat out by the Mountain & River State Painting. These people all secretly heaved a sigh of relief at getting lucky, to actually survive with their lives.

Yue Lingyu’s expression changed. Reaching her hand out and beckoning, she took the Mountain & River State Painting back.

“What a fine Spirithorn Shattering Mirror! This grudge today, this elderly self has remembered it!”

Yue Lingyu’s heart was dripping blood. This imitation Mountain & River State Painting had followed her for god knows how many years. Today, it actually had a crack blasted out. How could she not be furious?

At this time, several figures appeared in the people’s line of sight. The one in the lead was precisely Han Tong!

Han Tong came to Ruan Shaungzhou’s side slowly and said with a smile, “Divine King Ruan, since you’re not tolerated by the Yue and Zhou two families, why not form an alliance with this Han, how about it?”

Hearing these words, Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping’s expressions both changed.

A Divine King powerhouse, and one wielding a divine artifact in his hands. Once these two formed an alliance, matters would become troublesome!