Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Entering Formation

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Ruan Shuangzhou’s expression was very ugly. He nodded his head and said, “Seems like at present, this Ruan has no better alternatives as well.”

One sentence, pledged that this temporary alliance was established.

Han Tong said, “You two divine kings, are you fighting a round first, or is everybody entering Yellow Millet Mountain, each relying on their good luck?”

Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping’s expressions were equally ugly. The might of a divine artifact, they both had experienced it just now. An attack blasted out a crack on a transcendent-grade holy artifact. There was no way to fight at all!

But letting them enter just like this, the duo were also not reconciled to it.

For a moment, the two people were silent and did not speak. Clearly, they could not make up their minds.

“What’s there to fight, harming the harmoniousness? Since everybody already came in, why not enter Yellow Millet Mountain together. As for who can obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, everybody each rely on your own ability.” Ye Yuan suddenly spoke up.

The moment these words came out, everyone’s eyes turned towards Ye Yuan collectively.

This boy’s gall was also too fat, right?

A conversation between divine kings, he actually dared to interject too.

Zhou Boping’s face turned black and he said, “Brat, who the hell do you think you are? Do you know what the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil signifies to the Zhou and Yue two families? You say it easily, but if it’s really snatched away by outsiders, can you bear the responsibility?”

Zhou Yan sneered coldly by the side. Ye Yuan sticking his head out at this time, wasn’t it asking for trouble?

Forget about Zhou Boping, even Yue Lingyu probably would not show him a good attitude either.

Indeed, he saw Yue Lingyu’s face turn cold and utter, “Zhou Boping, Ye Yuan is my Yue Family’s son-in-law! Even if it’s lecturing, it’s not your turn either! He naturally has his reasons in saying so! It’s not too late to speak after you finish hearing it!”

When the people waiting to watch a good show heard this, they nearly broke down.

They never would have thought that Yue Lingyu actually started fighting with Zhou Boping for Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Han Tong has a divine artifact in his possession. His strength absolutely doesn’t lose to the two of you. Clashing bitterly here right now, nobody can gain anything either. But the two of you don’t forget, the both of them are each harboring their own ulterior motives. This alliance was only formed under the pressure of you guys as well. Instead, if you let the two of them go inside, if we really run into the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, they will probably start fighting among themselves. At that time, you just have to sit and profit from the snipe and clam fighting.”

Ye Yuan’s words were said very loudly, without the intention of avoiding Han Tong and co. at all.

But uttering these words, even Han Tong themselves had no way of retorting.

One should not prohibit crudely when encountering problems, but should guide systematically. It was this meaning.

Yue Lingyu could not help giving a soft smile and said, “It’s still you, boy, who are clever! Alright, we’ll listen to you!”

Zhou Boping opened his mouth, but did not say anything either.

Looking at the current situation, if they really fought, it would probably end up with both parties sustaining great losses. Since that was the case, might as well let them enter.

“This boy has such deep scheming! One sentence made our newly formed alliance teeter.” Han Tong gritted his teeth and said.

Ruan Shuangzhou originally formed an alliance with them due to the pressure, and he could just nice make use of him a little.

But Ye Yuan pointing it out so clearly, the Ruan Shuangzhou’s wariness would definitely be heavier. Some things would not be easy to do then.

Everyone arrived in front of the light screen, but nobody dared to take a step forward.

Because this light screen was a grand array with exceedingly powerful might!

Those present were all not mediocre and could naturally perceive the actual situation.

The reason why they had been waiting outside of the light screen all along was because they were waiting for Han Tong’s arrival!

Han Tong wielded a divine artifact and could even shatter the mystic realm’s space. Presumably, breaking this grand array should be nothing difficult.

“Heh, Yin Yang Reversal Grand Array, this is a peak Tier 9 grand array! Unless the Grand Yan Divine King is here, otherwise, who dares to easily go over?” Han Tong said with a laugh.

Ruan Shuangzhou said, “What conditions does your esteem self have, give it to us straight.”

Han Tong smiled and said, “It’s easy to have dealings with smart people! Brother Ruan, since you and I have already formed an alliance, we’ll naturally advance and retreat together. Bringing you in is ought to be. Except, this Han only wants the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. Other things, even if Brother Ruan takes ten thousand articles, it’s none of this Han’s business either. If there’s a need to, this Han will even make a move to help out. What do you think?”

Ruan Shuangzhou’s face fell and he said with a cold snort, “Your esteemed self really calculated well! Those who came here, which one isn’t aiming for the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil? Otherwise, with my strength, why would I need to take the risk of offending the Zhou and Yue two families and venture in here? This matter is off the table, worst comes to worst, we don’t cooperate anymore! At most, this Ruan will retreat here and now. I believe those two don’t make things too difficult as well. As for you, that will be hard to say!”

Ruan Shuangzhou was an itinerant divine king, who came and went freely. If he really could not obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, there would not be any losses either. But Han Tong even took out a divine artifact, he could not bear the loss!

This point, how could Ruan Shuangzhou not perceive it? Wanting to knead him through the light screen, how was that possible?

Han Tong smiled and said, “Alright then, since that’s the case, looks like it won’t do if this Han doesn’t bring Brother Ruan inside! Fine, at that time, we’ll each just rely on our own capabilities.”

Originally, Han Tong had his own schemes. But being exposed by Ye Yuan with a flurry of words, wanting to make Ruan Shuangzhou to exert himself to the utmost was not too likely anymore.

Hence, he wanted to threaten Ruan Shuangzhou through the light screen, hoping to be able to force him to give in. Who knew that this Ruan Shuangzhou was not easy to knead either, and actually countered with a bite.

Han Tong came in front of the light screen and said to everyone around him, “In a while, I’ll activate the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror. You guys stick by my side and be careful!”

“Yes, Your Excellency!” Everyone answered.

“Ye Yuan, this Yin Yang Reversal Grand Array’s power is limitless. You and Li-er follow closely in a while!” At this time, Yue Lingyu also instructed Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Elder Sister Lingyu just have to care about bringing Yue Jianfeng over. Li-er and I don’t need you to worry.”

Yue Lingyu froze and said rather disbelievingly, “Even those Dao Profound Realm experts don’t dare to easily enter the grand array. You’re confident?”

“Heh, relax, Elder Sister Lingyu. I’m afraid it’s rather taxing for you to bring the four of us along, right? That way, everybody will be in danger instead. Might as well we do it ourselves.” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.


Right at this time, Han Tong deployed the divine artifact, and actually forcefully opened up a passageway in the light screen.


Under Han Tong’s order, he took the lead and entered inside together with Ruan Shuangzhou. The others followed closely behind.

When those foreign martial artists saw the situation, they immediately charged into the passageway swiftly.

However, the Yin Yan Reversal Grand Array’s restoration ability was extremely powerful. It finished repairing the passageway from before very quickly.

“Ahh, ahhh …”

For a moment, miserable cries echoed together.

Those Dao Profound Realm experts actually persevered for less than a second inside this grand array before being utterly garroted.

This grand array contained yin and yang, two forces, inter-converting non-stop. People who did not understand array formations would be torn into shreds by the violent yin and yang converting forces very quickly when landing inside.

“Let’s go in too!” Ye Yuan lightly said a sentence, and brought Yue Mengli in with a lift of his leg.

In this area, the grand array actually did not stir up the slightest bit of wave!

Seeing this scene, Yue Lingyu’s expression could not help changing. A grand array that even middle-stage Dao Profound Realm martial artists were unable to break through, Ye Yuan actually went in so effortlessly!