Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Who Fell Into An Illusion??

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Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli had just came out from inside the Yin Yang Reversal Grand Array when a figure suddenly dashed out and unleashed an attack at the two of them.


Ye Yuan’s reaction was extremely quick. He took out the Vast Heaven Pagoda and directly mowed that figure down.

This green-robed man’s strength was not weak; already reached Dao Profound Realm.

But under the suppression of the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he was still directly blotted out.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly and said, “Inside this Yellow Millet Mountain actually still have other people?”

This green-robed man was totally not those people outside previously. Therefore, Ye Yuan was very curious.

Li-er said, “Yellow Millet Mountain’s name comes from ‘dream upon yellow millet’! 1 The illusion in the space here is very formidable. Even divine king powerhouses have a likelihood of falling into the illusion too! In the space here, one might fall into an illusion at any time and any place. Once they are unable to extricate themselves, they will be forever damned inside the illusion, becoming a set of walking corpse.”

Ye Yuan was very surprised. An illusion capable of making divine kings sink into it, how powerful should it be?

It was said that the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil could see through everything false and intangible, and was also able to make people sink inside forever. Looks like the saying was not false.

No wonder everyone all thought that the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was at Yellow Millet Mountain. Turns out that it was this reason.

Ye Yuan looked over and discovered that there were human heads swaying faintly in the mountain. Looks like they were all martial artists who had utterly sunk inside the illusion.

The Vastsun Bright Moon Realm had existed for at least 100 thousand years. Even if it opened once every 300 years, the walking corpses this Yellow Millet Mountain accumulated was also a terrifying number.

After all, each time it opened, there would always be some people who harbored the mentality of getting lucky, thinking that they could obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. But in the end, they got bogged down here.

“The Yue Family has already prohibited Yue Family disciples from entering the Yellow Millet Mountain. But every time the mystic realm opens, there are still people who go in.” Yue Mengli said with a dim expression.

There were quite a number of these walking corpses that were her clansmen. She naturally felt awful in her heart when she saw.

Ye Yuan consoled, “Maybe after acquiring the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, we’ll be able to rescue them.”

The light screen flickered. There were people walking out from inside the Yin Yang Reversal Grand Array again. It was precisely Han Tong and co.!

They entered the grand array first compared to Ye Yuan, but came out even slower than Ye Yuan.

Seeing Ye Yuan, looks of surprise also flashed across Han Tong and co.’s faces.

Han Tong looked at Ye Yuan with an unkind expression and was just about to make a move when the light screen flickered again. Yue Lingyu also exited the grand array.

Han Tong secretly lamented it. If Yue Lingyu came out a bit later, he would be able to make a move to capture Ye Yuan.

The quasi-divine artifact in Ye Yuan’s hands, he was very covetous too.

“Let’s go!”

Han Tong gave a cold snort, bringing everyone, and faded into the moonlight.

Ahead, waves of powerful essence energy undulations transmitted over from time to time. Clearly, Han Tong they all already came to blows with those walking corpses.

Not long after, Zhou Boping also brought Zhou Yan and walked out from inside the grand array. Looking at the time, one could also determine that Zhou Boping’s strength was likely still slightly inferior to Yue Lingyu.

“Let’s also set off for the main peak. Everybody be more careful, don’t fall into the illusionary realm. On Yellow Millet Mountain, divine king powerhouses are unable to fly too, we can only go on foot. For 100 thousand years, there has yet to be anybody capable of walking up the main peak. Also not sure whether we can reach it or not.” Yue Lingyu said with a slightly solemn expression.

Behind them, there were still many martial artists with formidable strength rushing the formation. But whether or not they were able to walk out would have to depend on their own luck.

Inside this space, even experts on the level of Yue Lingyu might not be able to protect themselves either. They also seriously had no energy to go care about others.

Along the way, it was all Zhou Boping and Yue Lingyu, the two people blazing the trail. Ye Yuan and the rest were happily idle.

But Ye Yuan discovered that the roadside scenery seemed to be exactly alike. It did not change the entire time.

He had constantly maintained Heart Like Monolith heart realm, and could confirm that he was not seeing hallucinations. But the scenery wayside gave people an extremely unreal feeling.

Actually, ever since entering the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, Ye Yuan had constantly felt very strange in his heart.

But where it was odd, he himself could not put his finger to it either.

Right at this time, Yue Lingyu’s expression suddenly changed and she said solemnly, “Not good, we seem to have fallen into a heavy encirclement! There are several auras which are very powerful. Zhou Boping, respond carefully.”

Zhou Boping’s face was very grim as well. Nodding his head, he said to Zhou Yan, “Yan-er, there are divine king powerhouses among these walking corpses. In a while, I might not be able to divide my attention. You be careful yourself!”

Zhou Yan nodded and said, “Rest assured, grand-uncle, Yan-er knows how to act appropriately!”

Yue Lingyu did not turn her head around, but instructed Yue Jianfeng, “Jianfeng, Ye Yuan and Li-er will be left to you!”

“Yes!” Yue Jianfeng said in a solemn voice.

Very soon, a large group of dark silhouettes appeared indistinctly within the forest.

Each and every one of these dark shadows’ aura was very powerful. There were even two who already reached divine king realm!

Yue Lingyu’s face turned cold and she suddenly smacked a palm out.


The palm of a divine king, the imposing momentum was incomparably shocking, directly killing a large swathe of dark shadows whose strength were weaker.

Zhou Boping was not resigned to playing second fiddle too. The Vastsun Flameheart Pupil suddenly erupted, similarly exterminating a large swathe.

However, the surrounding walking corpses were seriously too many. Furthermore, those whose strength were formidable also avoided the two of their attacks.

Yue Jianfeng, Zhou Yan, and Yue Mengli, each and every one of them were akin to facing a a great enemy, all awaiting in full battle-array.

“What are you guys going?” Ye Yuan suddenly spoke up, seeming so discordant.

Zhou Yan’s gaze swept over coldly and he berated, “So many walking corpses, are you blind?”

“Walking corpses? Where are there walking corpses?” Ye Yuan said with nonchalance.

Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping involuntarily became alarmed inwardly, each shutting their eyes, revolving essence energy and soul force to the limits. When they opened them again, there were still lots and lots of walking corpses surrounding them.

This was not a hallucination!

“Can’t you see? We’ve already fallen into a tight encirclement!” Yue Lingyu said to Ye Yuan.

She was somewhat uncertain right now, just whether she fell into an illusion, or was it Ye Yuan himself who fell into an illusion.

Zhou Boping said solemnly, “This boy definitely fell into an illusion! Right now, powerful enemies lie ahead. We can’t bother with him either. Whether he lives or dies will depend on himself!”

Done talking, Zhou Boping leaped and directly charged over, facing off with a divine king powerhouse.

Yue Lingyu’s expression changed and she said to Yue Mengli, “Li-er, I have no time to take care of you guys right now. You look after Ye Yuan. Hope that we can charge out of the tight encirclement!”

Finished talking, Yue Lingyu also suddenly attacked, clashing together with another divine king powerhouse.

Two mighty divine kings attacking, the momentum was very shocking. But there were still even more other experts currently glaring like ravening tigers by the side, already pouncing over here.

“It’s okay, Big Brother Yuan! With Li-er here, I won’t let people harm you!” Yue Mengli blocked in front of Ye Yuan and said resolutely.

On the other side, when Zhou Yan saw this scene, he gnashed his teeth until it made grinding sounds.