Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Ye Yuan Fell Victim

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The two mighty divine kings were currently in the midst of fierce fighting, but Ye Yuan’s expression was grim.

The others all saw walking corpses covering the hills and plains, only he alone could not see.

They all felt that it was Ye Yuan who got hit with the illusionary art, and fell into an illusion.

Because Ye Yuan’s strength was the ‘weakest’, and his cultivation was also the lowest.


Zhou Boping was struck by a palm from that divine king expert opposite, directly injuring him.

But what was strange was that Ye Yuan actually saw that Zhou Boping really sustained injuries, and even vomited a large mouthful of fresh blood!

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath, aware that this illusion was extremely formidable; a mixture of truth and falsehood. What was authentic and fake were indistinguishable.

If they kept fighting, the rest of them would lose their lives here, or become walking corpses!

Ye Yuan slowly shut both eyes and revolved his essence energy to the limits. Forming a seal veiled in mystery in his hand, he suddenly gave a loud shout: “Jie!”

Ye Yuan’s voice spread out like rolling thunder, and actually had a kind of magical power that penetrated the soul, enlightening the benighted!

Yue Mengli and Zhou Yan who were beside him were suddenly startled, as if they had woken up from a dream. All of the falsehood and ethereal before their eyes all disappeared.

Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping similarly trembled all over, their eyes revealing a look of disbelief.

With this shout of Ye Yuan’s, all of the walking corpses vanished from sight.

“We … it was actually us who fell into an illusion!” Yue Lingyu said somewhat disbelievingly.

Two mighty divine kings actually fell into an illusion at the same time and did not know. How frightening did this illusionary art have to be?

Furthermore, the Yue Family’s Moonlight Heavenly Eye was also originally known for illusionary arts. She actually also fell for it unknowingly!

“Heh, this Yellow Millet Mountain’s reputation is indeed well-deserving of its fame!” Ye Yuan said with a slight pant.

Just now, he directly scattered the illusionary art that the few people fell for with the ‘Jie’ character inside the Nine Characters True Word Formula. He himself also suffered a great loss of vitality.

The ‘Jie’ character, could break myriad laws under the heavens.

Ye Yuan cultivated for a long time. Although he could not achieve this level, if he went all out, breaking illusionary arts was still feasible.

It was just that this way, he himself also had heavy losses in essence energy, and needed to regulate his breathing properly for a while.

“Ye Yuan, how did you do it? This illusionary art is very formidable, I actually succumbed to the illusionary art and was not aware. You’re actually able to not be affected? Furthermore, that word you spoke earlier seemed to contain the maxim of Great Dao. What was that?” Yue Lingyu inquired full of doubts and suspicions.

Zhou Boping and Zhou Yan also perked their ears up. Clearly, they were all very curious as to why only Ye Yuan was fine.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Although your cultivation realms are high, your heart realms are too low. The strongest is also merely Heart Like Still Water, while I’ve long stepped into Heart Like Monolith Realm already! As for that word, it was a spell which I learned by accident. It can break myriad laws.”

“Alright, Big Brother Yuan’s exhaustion is tremendous. Better let him rest a bit first. We’ll stand guard for him.” Yue Mengli defended Ye Yuan.

Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping exchanged glances, both endlessly shocked in their hearts.

The dao of heart realm was exceedingly difficult to cultivate, because there was no approach at all. But Ye Yuan’s heart realm had actually long stepped into Heart Like Monolith at a young age already. This was too terrifying.

But it was also fortunate that Ye Yuan’s means were heaven-defying. Otherwise … they thought about it and also felt endless fear after the event.

Falling into an illusionary realm in this Yellow Millet Mountain, there was a very good chance that one would become a walking corpse.

An outcome like this was not acceptable to them.

Setting off on the journey once more, everyone were much more careful, fearful of falling into an illusion a second time.

Treading carefully along the way, they finally arrived at the foot of the main peak.

Right at this time, another group of people arrived at the foot of the mountain. They were none other than precisely Han Tong and company.

It was truly: enemies meet on a narrow path. Did not expect that when they reached the foot of the main peak, they actually ran into them once again.

Except, Han Tong and co. looked to be in a wretched plight. Moreover, Ruan Shuangzhou’s figure was gone. Also no idea if they got separated, or they ran into walking corpses on the way and got stuck inside.

But no matter what, there was no way Yue Lingyu and Zhou Boping would let this opportunity slip by.

Virtually right at the first moment he saw Ye Yuan and co, Han Tong displayed his movement technique, escaping up the mountain frenziedly.

How could Yue Lingyu duo be willing to let him go? Their figures swept past, chasing after Han Tong immediately. The three people vanished from everyone’s line of sight very quickly.

This group of people who remained were also too weak to stand up to competition in Yue Jianfeng’s eyes.

Yue Jianfeng also did not show the least bit of leniency. directly brandishing his sword and charging over.

Over here, only Ye Yuan, Yue Mengli, and Zhou Yan were left.

This time, Ye Yuan did not stop Yue Lingyu duo and Yue Jianfeng. He just observed from the sidelines with a cold glance, and did not say a word.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and said to Yue Mengli with a profound meaning, “Who exactly is your esteemed self? To be able to make this Ye succumb to an illusionary art unknowingly, truly impressive!”

Yue Mengli was stupefied and said baffledly, “Big Brother Yuan, what nonsense are you saying? I’m Li-er!”

Zhou Yan’s expression changed too and he reproached, “Ye Yuan, why are you going off your rocker again?”

But Ye Yuan was unmoved and said calmly, “This Ye’s heart realm has long reached Heart Like Monolith already. But I still didn’t notice when I fell for the illusionary art. Your esteemed self’s measures are startling. But even more lifelike illusionary arts also have flaws. You can perfectly replicate other people’s personality, bearing, words, but some things, you can’t replicate them in the end.”

Yue Mengli had a panic-stricken look. Pulling Ye Yuan, she said, “Big Brother Yuan, quickly wake up! I … I’m really Li-er! Just what kind of nonsense are you saying?”

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and suddenly smacked a palm out with overwhelming force, directly slamming onto Yue Mengli’s chest, sending her flying out.

“Puhwark …”

Yue Mengli did not resist in the slightest. A mouthful of blood sprayed out, dyeing her clothes red.

When Zhou Yan saw this scene, he could not help flying into a great rage. He pointed at Ye Yuan’s nose and scolded, “Ye Yuan, Li-er is head-over-heels in love with you, you … you actually bear to hurt her? I’ll kill you!”

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Kill me, is it? That will have to depend on whether you have that capability or not!”

A violent aura suddenly unleashed. Ye Yuan’s Slaughter Concept and Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Intent burst forth spectacularly. A swift and fierce sword intent headed straight for Zhou Yan!


Zhou Yan unleashed the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil, but Ye Yuan’s Spirit Extinguishing Azure Cloud Sword was too terrifying, directly blasting apart the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil, slicing off Zhou Yan’s arm.

“Ahh! Lunatic! You lunatic!” Zhou Yan looked at Ye Yuan and roared.

But Ye Yuan looked at all this coldly, and said to Yue Mengli indifferently, “Alright, no need to act anymore! Since I’ve already seen through your illusionary art, no matter how pitifully and delicate you act, I won’t be softhearted either. If you don’t believe, I can kill you with one slash!”

Yue Mengli suffered Ye Yuan’s palm and was originally lying on the ground in unbearable agony.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, she actually slowly stood up, as if she did not suffer any injuries at all!

While at this time, the Zhou Yan by the side, and the crowd fighting over there, all vanished from sight, as if they had never appeared before!

All of this was actually really just an illusion!

“When did you find out?” Yue Mengli looked at Ye Yuan and said with a gleeful smile.