Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Matching Magic Powers

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“Your illusionary arts indeed have no flaws to exploit. But inside the illusion previously, you said to me ‘with you around, you won’t let people hurt me.’ If it was the real Li-er, she wouldn’t say so!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

The fake Li-er said with a smile, “Looks like it was me who made an unnecessary move.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “This illusion, everything is so lifelike. But the greatest flaw is yourself. Because they are all illusionary, while you … are real!”

The fake Li-er sighed with admiration as she said, “Being hit with an illusionary art and actually still having such terrifying analytical abilities. You’re indeed different from the rest! Even those two divine kings are much worse compared to you. It’s just that even if you saw through the illusionary art, wanting to break free from inside the illusion can’t be done too.”

Seeing through an illusion and breaking free from inside the illusionary realm, these were two entirely different matters.

How could an illusionary art capable of making Ye Yuan fall for it be that easy to resolve?

Truly powerful illusionary arts was to let the martial artist clearly know that they got caught in an illusionary realm but just could not break free.

In the end, they would still sink inside forever.

However, Ye Yuan did not seem to care about this. He just said coolly, “Where did you send Li-er?”

Although the words were calm, the killing intent revealed was a little short of materializing.

The fake Li-er said with a faint smile, “Don’t be agitated, she’s very safe. Everyone is safe. But want to meet her, you have got to come out from inside the illusion first. However … you only have three days! After three days, she’ll probably be staying in Yellow Millet Mountain forever.”

While talking, the fake Li-er’s figure slowly became faint, finally turning into nothing.

Following her disappearance, this stretch of space became deathly still, making people shiver without being cold.

Ye Yuan’s face fell slightly. He was ruminating over the meaning in fake Li-er’s words.

Seemed like everyone who came to Yellow Millet Mountain fell to the illusionary art. If he was unable to break free from the illusionary realm within three days, Li-er would likely sink into the illusion forever, becoming a walking corpse.

No, wait, there should be one person who had not fallen to the illusionary art!

Han Tong!

Han Tong had the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror in his hands. This divine artifact subjugated illusions the most. Wanting to make him fall into an illusionary realm was probably even harder than ascending to the heavens!

Since he dared to head straight for Yellow Millet Mountain, this divine artifact was naturally not randomly brought along.

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan felt the pressure mounting. If he did not go out early, the consequences would be too ghastly to imagine.

Also, just who in the world was this that made everyone fall into an illusion?

Could it be … the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil?

Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, just what kind of existence was it?

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath, chasing away all the doubts in his head.

Now was not the time to consider these. The urgent matter on hand was still breaking free of the illusionary realm!

Ye Yuan also could not figure out just when did he fall for the illusionary art. The rest all fell for the illusionary art previously, only he alone was clear-headed and even used the ‘Jie’ character to wake everyone up.

If the ‘Jie’ character could break free from the illusion, then he succumbed to the illusionary art after that. If it could not break the illusion … could it be that he already succumbed to it before entering Yellow Millet Mountain?

Dismissing distracting thoughts, Ye Yuan revolved essence energy to the limits and suddenly gave a fierce cry.


The scenery before Ye Yuan’s eyes blurred. The surroundings finally recovered signs of life!

A bright moon hung above the main peak with indistinct shadows around. There were walking corpses moving about.

Not far away, Yue Jianfeng stood here, his eyes completely blank. Clearly, he fell for the illusionary art too. But as for the rest, there were no traces to be seen.

Ye Yuan’s face brightened up. The ‘Jie’ character really broke free from the illusionary realm!

Breaking free of the illusionary realm, Ye Yuan suffered a great loss in vitality too. He hurriedly swallowed a medicinal pill to recover his strength.

Could not care that much either. Ye Yuan used the ‘Jie’ character once more, breaking apart Yue Jianfeng’s illusionary magic.

Yue Jianfeng’s eyes finally recovered some spirit. Looking at Ye Yuan rather woodenly, he said absent-mindedly, “Y-Ye Yuan, I … what happened to me?”

Consecutive usage of the ‘Jie’ character, Ye Yuan’s condition was very withered. But he still responded, “You … got caught in an illusion! Carry me up to the main peak!”

Yue Jianfeng’s expression turned fearful, and he carried Ye Yuan and dashed up the main peak!

Seizing this opportunity, Ye Yuan swallowed a medicinal pill again, recovering vitality frenziedly.

The scenery on both sides fell backward crazily, but Ye Yuan suddenly felt that something was wrong!

“Put me down!” Ye Yuan suddenly said solemnly.

“En? What is it?” Yue Jianfeng was puzzled but still put Ye Yuan down.

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted together and he said in a low voice, “No, wait! You’re not Yue Jianfeng! I’m still inside the illusion!”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t you just come out from within an illusion? How did you fall into an illusion again?” Yue Jianfeng said anxiously.

Ye Yuan stared at him and said with a cold smile, “How did you know that I just came out from inside an illusion? Did I … mention that before?”

Yue Jianfeng involuntarily froze and argued with sophistry, “D-Didn’t everyone falls into an illusion?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “How do you know that everybody fell into an illusion? Or did you originally already know my encounter inside the illusion?”

Yue Jianfeng froze, and suddenly laughed in spite of himself and said, “I didn’t expect that you’re actually so alert! You, boy, are indeed rather different. Since that’s the case, then congratulations for successfully cracking it! Oh, forgot to tell you, a day’s time has already passed in the outside world. You’re still left with two days now!”

Done talking, Yue Jianfeng’s body disappeared once again.

Ye Yuan’s face was very grim. He revolved Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm to the limits, forcibly calming down his state of mind.

This illusionary realm was seriously too terrifying, one ring linked to another. It was totally impossible to guard against!

Furthermore, that guy’s grasp on the human heart was also extremely strong. He followed Ye Yuan’s thoughts, planning on luring Ye Yuan to sink into deprivation step by step.

If no accidents occurred, he would definitely still run into others subsequently along the way. Then, Ye Yuan would help them to break free of the illusionary realm one by one.

The more it was so, the deeper Ye Yuan would sink into it.

Earlier, during the process when Ye Yuan was recovering vitality, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration and felt that it was rather amiss.

Too smooth!

The matters seemed to be developing in the direction he predicted.

He wanted to break free from the illusion. Hence, he broke free. He wanted to save Li-er; as a result, Yue Jianfeng carried him up the main peak.

Ye Yuan previously said that Yue Mengli was the other party’s greatest flaw. Actually, how was she not Ye Yuan’s greatest weak point too?

The other party made use of precisely this point, that was how he made Ye Yuan sink deeper and deeper.

When he thought that he broke free of the illusionary realm, his mind would relax step by step, finally sinking into deprivation forever.

The other party could concoct countless lies, deceiving Ye Yuan all the way down the road, exactly alike with reality.

More importantly, delaying this short while, a day’s time actually already passed in the outside world!

No matter whether what the other party said was true or false, Ye Yuan could not afford to lose!

Within two days, he must break free of the illusionary realm!

Ye Yuan sat down cross-legged. He discovered that he still thought too simply of this illusionary realm!

This was a great taboo inside an illusionary realm.

Ye Yuan settled down to concentrate, purging all of the distracting thoughts in his head, and pondered about ways to deal with the situation.