Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 965

Chapter 965 Samsara Of A Hundred Lifetimes

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Pondering over and over again, Ye Yuan only had the choice to take the path of increasing his heart realm cultivation!

But Ye Yuan current heart realm boundary was middle-stage Heart Like Monolith. Even if he reached late-stage, Ye Yuan felt that the chances of breaking free of the illusion were not great either.

Much less that he had to reach late-stage Heart Like Monolith within two days. That was virtually something impossible.

Even if he visualized the ‘Lin’ character, it was also not possible to have such rapid improvement.

Ye Yuan racked his mind swiftly. Fine sweat beads started to appear on his forehead. Behind his calm back was tremendous pressure.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes, his entire person’s imposing momentum was swept away clean.

The current Ye Yuan looked just like an ordinary person! Without the slightest hint of essence energy undulation. Even Heart Like Monolith heart realm was also utterly released.

“Since I’m not able to break free of the illusion, then let me sink into it thoroughly!” Ye Yuan slowly said, the scenery before his eyes suddenly changed.

On Yellow Millet Mountain’s main peak was a flat platform.

Currently on the platform stood full of people everywhere. Each and every one of these people all had their eyes tightly shut, seemingly deep in slumber.

In the center of the platform, a young and handsome youngster was currently sitting on top of a high platform with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, he slowly opened both eyes and looked towards a young man in front of him.

This young man was shockingly the Ye Yuan who got caught in the illusion!

The current Ye Yuan likewise had both eyes tightly shut, and actually seemed like a puppet!

Beside Ye Yuan was a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man held a mirror in his hand. It was shockingly the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror!

Han Tong’s entire body was trembling, a look of struggle appeared on his face.

While Ye Yuan’s face was serene, even carrying some enjoyment.

The young man on the elevated platform smiled slightly and opened his mouth to say, “This boy is indeed extraordinary, to actually choose to banish himself! Unless one has great fortitude, they cannot achieve this step! It’s just that this way, your chances of survival will also be very bleak! Whether it’s a nirvanic rebirth, or sinking into deprivation forever, this seat will wait to see it!”

As he said, he turned to the Han Tong beside and said with a cold smile, “Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, it’s truly been ages since we’ve met! Even if this seat is no longer as valiant as back then, a mere Dao Profound Realm wants to make this seat submit just by holding it? Truly laughable! Looks like the host should emerge between these two people! Come on, this seat is very much looking forward to your performances!”

Finished muttering these to himself, the youth slowly closed his eyes again, an appearance as if everything was within control.

On the main peak’s platform, Yue Mengli, Yue Lingyu, Zhou Boping, Ruan Shuangzhou, and the rest were shockingly present!

The martial artists who ventured into Yellow Millet Mountain were actually rounded up in one fell swoop by this young man!

Ye Yuan thoroughly opened up his mind, and instantly lost himself inside the illusion.

“Big Brother Yuan, you finally woke up!” Opening his eyes, Yue Mengli’s gentle voice sounded out by his ear.

Ye Yuan rubbed his head that felt like it was splitting and said, “I … What happened to me?”

“You obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, then fell into a slumber all the way until now before waking up! You scared me badly,” Yue Mengli said.

“What? I … I obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil?” Ye Yuan was startled and hurriedly sat up.

Ye Yuan suddenly opened both eyes. One pupil emitted a dazzling light. A sun actually suspended on the pupil. But on the other pupil, a moon was suspended!

Ye Yuan suddenly deployed the left eye. It was only to hear a boom, and the entire room was blasted into a pile of debris!

With this, it attracted a large group of Yue Family experts over. Ye Yuan’s two eyes activating at the same time, a bizarre power spread out. Everyone actually had dull looks in their eyes. Ye Yuan felt like he was actually able to control each person!

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was too powerful!

Ye Yuan was unbelievably thrilled, but he released the illusionary art, letting everyone recover.

“Congratulations Big Brother Yuan, with this Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, stepping into Deity Realm in the future might not be an impossibility too!” Yue Mengli gave felicitations.

“Heh, I don’t dare to think too much about Deity Realm. However … with this Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, Ji Canglan’s days are numbered!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

In the following days, Ye Yuan immersed in bitter cultivation.

With the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, his cultivation advanced at a tremendous pace. Only using ten year’s time, he broke through to the Divine King Realm!

After ten years, Ye Yuan brought along the similarly major accomplishment spirit physique Yue Mengli and charged up the Medicine King Hall.

The Ye Yuan who possessed the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, his power was incomparably terrifying. Plus a major accomplishment spirit physique Yue Mengli, how could the Medicine King Hall stop their footsteps?

Finally, after a round of great battle without equal, Ye Yuan killed Ji Canglan with his own hands.

Avenging his great enmity, Ye Yuan fulfilled his lifelong wish and brought Yue Mengli along to travel the world. Their days spent were merry and carefree.

Just like that, year after year, no idea how many seasons had passed either, Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli, the husband and wife couple, became the Divine Realm’s supreme powerhouses.

Although they did not break through to Deity Realm, the two with their strength, no one dared to provoke them at all.

But longevity would eventually come to an end. Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli already finally reached the day of passing away in meditation.

Ye Yuan was thin and emaciated, a far cry from his handsome and suaveness in those days long ago.

“I, Ye Yuan, having such a wife for a lifetime, what do I still need! This lifetime, we’ve experienced too many bloody slaughters. I hope that in our next life, we can be a pair of ordinary couple!” Ye Yuan looked at Yue Mengli and said with a calm expression.

Two rows of clear teardrops fell down Yue Mengli’s face as she nodded and said, “As long as Big Brother Yuan is willing, Li-er will definitely accompany lifetime after lifetime!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan’s and Yue Mengli’s physical bodies started to gradually decay, finally turning into a pile of ashes, and dissipating within the heaven and earth.

No idea how many years later, a mortal kingdom’s capital.

The princess went on an inspection tour, and was taken for a fairy! A young lad in cloth garment fell in love with the princess when he saw the princess’s stunning looks.

However, all the way until the day he died, the lad in cloth garment never saw the princess a second time again.

“If there’s a next life, I must become a powerhouse that can hold up the heavens, and marry the princess!” the lad in cloth garment said before passing away.

Another lifetime, Ye Yuan and a wealthy family’s young lady fell for each other and secretly pledged their love for life.

Ye Yuan was looked down upon by this family, so he joined the army resolutely.

Several years later, Ye Yuan returned in success and wanted to marry the young lady. Alas, fate made a mockery of men. The young lady actually killed herself because she was forced by her elders.

Ye Yuan came before the young lady’s grave, drew his sword, and cut his throat, committing suicide for love!

In a blink of an eye, a hundred lifetimes already passed. Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli incarnated into different identities and unfolded a series of love and hate entanglement, which lasted a hundred lifetimes.

After a hundred lifetimes, Ye Yuan already completely lost himself.

He lived in his own world, at times becoming a powerhouse, sometimes being reduced to a mortal. But no matter what, he wanted to go and find that girl in his dreams!

This obsession had never changed no matter what kind of person he was born as.

The young man on the elevated platform looked at Ye Yuan, but his brows furrowed: “Divine soul has clearly already become faint long ago, but he’s still able to maintain a final trace of clarity and not be extinguished! What in the world did this boy do?”