Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 966

Chapter 966 Heaven Man Unity

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At the peak of a mountain, a swordsman stood in the air hugging his sword. Opposite him was an exceedingly beautiful woman.

“Must we contend for superiority between you and me?” the man said.

“In this world, only you and I can be rivals. But in these 20 years, you and I have exchanged blows 19 times. Every time it was my defeat! If I don’t beat you in this life, what’s the point of me living still?” the lady said.

The man heaved a sigh and said, “Take a step back, and it’s endless blue skies! In this world, other than victory and defeat, there are still many things.”

The lady said with a cold smile, “Killing you, I’ll have everything! Make your move!”

The man sighed slightly and said, “Fine then, make a move!”

The woman’s face turned cold and said, “You’re not even drawing your sword?”

“Huhu, even if I don’t draw my sword, you’re not my match either!”

“Wild arrogance! Watch out for my sword!”

The woman gave a cold cry, brandished her sword like a rainbow cutting across the sky, and charged in front of the man.


The longsword did not have the slightest sluggishness, directly piercing through the man’s chest.

“You … Why didn’t you draw your sword? What’s the point in winning you like this?” the woman lashed. But two rows of clear tears flowed down disappointingly.

The man smiled, smiling very happily. “The first time I saw you, I already fell for you. Although it was the first meeting, I felt like we’ve already known each other for very, very long. But in your eyes, there is only the martial path! Hence, I trained in the sword desperately, trained like I went mad, all for the sake of letting you look at me. Huhu, I did it!”

The woman suddenly discovered that her heart was so painful! Turns out that she actually already fell deeply in love with his man unknowingly.

The woman could not bear it anymore. Tears gushed out. “Why? Since you like me, why didn’t you dodge this sword?”

The man smiled and said, “Because I discovered that the more I trained in the sword, the more confused I became. The more powerful my sword got, the more and more I can’t find myself. This is a samsara, an endless samsara. Competing like this, it’s forever impossible for you to know my heart! I want to find myself, therefore … sorry.”

“I don’t want an apology! I … I only want you to live! Sniff, sniff …”

The man lightly caressed the woman’s face. With a look of satisfaction, he said with a light smile, “You’re still so beautiful when you cry! You … are Li-er, but … who am I?”

Right at this time, a figure slowly walked out from within the void and came before the swordsman. The swordsman actually looked exactly the same as this person.

“Who … are you?” the swordsman asked.

“I am you, or should I say, I’m your last ray of hope! You reincarnated a hundred lifetimes and experienced all manners of hardships in the human world. The love and hate entanglement with Li-er also passed through time. Now, I’ll take back all of these hundred lifetimes of samsara. If I’m still unable to break through, you and I will sink into deprivation for all of eternity! Are you ready?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

But the swordsman’s gaze looked towards Li-er as he said, “Then Li-er she …”

“Li-er and our divine souls have long become inseparable already. Therefore, even if it’s reincarnating a hundred lifetimes, she is also a most important part of our lives! Don’t worry, as long as we can accomplish it, Li-er will naturally be safe and sound,” Ye Yuan said.

The swordsman slowly nodded his head, gave a smile, and turned into a cloud of green smoke, entering inside Ye Yuan’s body.

The youth on the elevated platform suddenly snapped open his eyes. Looking at Ye Yuan’s gradually extinguishing divine soul, he sighed and said, “Indeed still didn’t pull through? Looks like there’s only a final choice remaining.”

Done talking, his gaze looked towards Han Tong.

Right then, the young man’s expression changed, and he looked at Ye Yuan strangely.

His divine soul was already on the verge of the final extinguishing state. At this time, it actually rebounded fiercely!

Ye Yuan’s divine soul became increasing stronger. His aura also became stronger and stronger!

“Hiss … Heaven Man Unity! He actually did it! Truly a genius without parallel!” the young man said with an exclamation.

Gradually, Ye Yuan entered a very profound state.

The current Ye Yuan gave people an extremely unreal feeling. He was clearly standing right there, but his entire person seemingly already fused into one body with heaven and earth!

At this moment, it was as if Ye Yuan had incarnated to become all of creation in heaven and earth.


Ye Yuan’s aura abruptly soared. Violent essence energy closed in over here from all directions!

At this moment, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm breakthrough was achieved without effort, reaching Third Level Phaseless in a blink of an eye.

Following that, heavenly tribulation arrived. Transcending the heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan broke through to Fourth Level Phaseless once more!

Finally, everything settled down. Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes. A pair of deep eyes, seemingly able to see through everything in this world.

“A hundred lifetimes of samsara, washing away the guise of the secular. What it refined was the human heart; what I saw, was the origin of the Great Dao! Heaven Man Unity. So that’s how it is! Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is known to be able to turn all of creation in the world into illusions. Indeed worthy of its reputation! It’s just that the world probably never would have thought that the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil has long attained Dao already, cultivating into a primordial spirit!” Ye Yuan looked at the young man and said slowly.

Ye Yuan maintained his final trace of soulfire from extinguishing with a secret art, making himself sink into the illusionary realm’s samsara. This was harboring the attitude of to win or to die trying.

If there was even a tiny bit of mishap, Ye Yuan would never be able to wake up again.

However, experiencing a hundred lifetimes of samsara, Ye Yuan’s heart realm was tempered little by little, becoming incomparably powerful.

Although this illusion was powerful, it also strengthened and tempered Ye Yuan.

The young man looked at Ye Yuan, his eyes filled with pleasant surprise as if he was admiring a piece of art.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Enjoy the might of the flame explosion properly. I won’t accompany you!”

“Fine lad, you really surprised me! That guy is relying on the advantage of a divine artifact before barely managing to be able to contend with my Secret Illusion Heavenly Realm. But you actually relied on your own comprehension abilities and broke through to Heaven Man Unity realm, breaking free of the Secret Illusion Heavenly Realm. Truly too remarkable! For 100 thousand years, you’re the first person to be able to do it to this step! Boy, you should feel honored!” the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil said, rather excitedly.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Very sorry, I don’t feel honored at all. What I’m going to do now is to kill you!”

Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil smiled faintly and said, “Kill me and your woman will be lost inside the illusionary realm forever. Not everyone can be like you, comprehending Heaven Man Unity!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he said coldly, “What conditions do you have?”

His ‘Jie’ character’s level of attainment was far from enough and was totally unable to help Yue Mengli they all escape the illusionary realm.

Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil smiled and said, “That’s more like it! My conditions are very simple, either you die, or he dies. Choose one yourself!”

Ye Yuan’s face fell, and he said, “You chose me to be a host? Looks like you finally can’t stand the loneliness and want to get out of the Vastsun bright Moon Realm!”

Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s expression suddenly turned cold, and he said, “Those old undyings thought that by sealing me here, I’ll have no way of getting out! They probably never would have thought that the Divine Realm would enter an age of declining laws, Divine Dao dropping to zero! Without Deity Realm powerhouses, who can tie me up to be used by others? As long as I find a suitable host, with how vast the Divine Realm is, I alone reign supreme! Heaven has eyes, delivering you in front of me!”