Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 968

Chapter 968 Divine Artifact Great Battle

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“Looks like you expended considerable effort because of reconstructing my two eyes. That’s how it allowed Han Tong to break free of the illusionary realm!” Ye Yuan looked at the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil helplessly and said.

In this place, the only one who could contend with the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was Han Tong who wielded the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror.

But earlier, in order to reconstruct Ye Yuan’s two eyes, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil needed to expend a huge amount of effort. This also let the Secret Illusion Heavenly Realm loosen up somewhat.

Han Tong finally made use of this opportunity and broke through the Secret Illusion Heavenly Realm in one stroke, returning to reality.

When the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil saw Han Tong break free of the illusionary realm, he was not startled. He rejoiced instead and said to Ye Yuan, “Boy, release me. I’ll deal with him on your behalf!”

Ye Yuan shot him a scornful glance and said, “Give it up! You’d better carefully think things through and release Li-er! When I dispose of Han Tong, if you still haven’t made a decision, I don’t mind blotting you out!”

Talking to the back, Ye Yuan seethed with killing intent.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s expression turned fearful, and he hurriedly said, “He has a divine artifact in his hands, there’s no way you’re his match!

Ye Yuan pursed his mouth and said disdainfully, “Just a divine artifact only, and you said it like I don’t have one! You just wait here obediently. The power of the Soul Suppressing Pearl, I believe you’re also aware without the need for me to expound. If you seek death yourself, then it can’t be blamed on me.”

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil could not help being speechless. A divine artifact … only?

Could what this brat be talking about the Soul Suppressing Pearl? But with this boy’s present strength, he was completely unable to utilize the Soul Suppressing Pearl, alright?

Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes. Rays of brilliance shot out from his eyes.

Han Tong was currently staring at Ye Yuan’s eyes and looking. When Ye Yuan opened his eyes, it actually sent him into a trance.

He hurriedly turned his head over, not daring to look at Ye Yuan’s eyes anymore.

This boy definitely acquired the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil!

Ye Yuan lightly wiped away the two rows of blood tears. Looking at this world again, it seemed to have become different.

The first thing he did was put Yue Mengli, Yue Lingyu they all away inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda. As for the life and death of the others, it had nothing to do with him.

“Boy, was the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil taken by you?” Han Tong said with a somber look.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “So what if yes?”

“Humph, so what? Hand over the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, this seat will spare you from death!” Han Tong said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said disdainfully, “F*ck your bullshit! I want you to give me the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, will you give or not?”

Han Tong’s face turned black, and he said in a deep voice, “Boy, do you think that you have the qualifications to pick a fight with me? The pagoda in your hands is merely a quasi-divine artifact. If you really exchange blows with me, whether or not that pagoda of yours can be preserved is an uncertainty!”

“Tch, just a divine artifact, what’s there to be cocky about? You don’t think that there is only the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, this one divine artifact, in this whole world, right?” Ye Yuan said with a disdainful look and slowly took out the Sacred Dragon Token.

Han Tong originally had a look of contempt. If one was not haughty holding a divine artifact, then what else was there to be haughty over?

Prior to this, divine artifacts had never appeared before in the Divine Realm, alright?

But that instant when Ye Yuan took out the Sacred Dragon Token, Han Tong’s pupils constricted, his eyes filled with a look of astoundment!

Although he did not recognize the Sacred Dragon Token, the undulations coming off of the Sacred Dragon Token was not any weaker than the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror.

No, wait, it should be that it was even stronger compared to the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror!

Similarly divine artifacts, the Sacred Dragon Token was the dragon clan’s paramount divine artifact. Its might was unimaginable.

“You … You actually have a divine artifact too! This … How is this possible? You have a quasi-divine artifact in possession, and actually still have a divine artifact! You … You …”

Han Tong broke down. This boy’s fortuitous encounters were also too scary, right?

These two items, casually taking out one could shake the Divine Realm. But this brat actually drew two the moment he made his move!

However, Han Tong’s shock was far from comparable to the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. Because the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil recognized the Sacred Dragon Token!

The Sacred Dragon Token was the dragon clan’s supreme treasure. Along with the dragon clan’s clan leader’s disappearance, there was already no more news. However, over 100 thousand years had passed, the Sacred Dragon Token actually saw the light of day once again!

“Who on earth is this boy? Sacred Dragon Token, Soul Suppressing Pearl, any one of these is and item that can make the Divine Realm tremble. They are actually all in his hands!”

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s astonishment could not be any greater. These two items, as long as one obtained an article, it was already sufficient to enjoy a lifetime. But this boy actually acquired two all at once.

No, wait, Han Tong said earlier that this boy still had a quasi-divine artifact.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil suddenly felt that this world was too crazy!

Hang on, it was he who was too crazy, to actually find such a person to be a host. Wasn’t this complaining that his lifespan was too long, and he was tired of living?

The current Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, other than anguish, it was still anguish. One truly could not find an adjective to describe his current emotions.

Finally managed to cultivate into a primordial spirit and thought that he could come roaring into existence. In the end, he screwed himself to death before even stepping out of the door.

Ye Yuan looked at Han Tong and said smilingly, “You what you? You joker! Could it be that only you’re allowed to have a divine artifact, other people aren’t allowed to have divine artifacts? Just a divine artifact, is there a need to kick up a fuss over nothing?”

“Just a … divine artifact? You, boy, are truly too arrogant!” Han Tong said with a somber face.

Ye Yuan’s words sounded arrogant, but actually, he really had the capital to say so.

Putting aside the Soul Suppressing Pearl, the Vast Heaven Stele inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda was the truly formidable item.

Although he did not know what grade of a treasure it was, it was definitely more impressive than ordinary divine artifacts.

Han Tong’s gaze suddenly revealed a look of extreme greed and said, “Heh, brat who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! Since you came to deliver a divine artifact to this seat, this seat will kindly accept it!”

Han Tong suddenly raised the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror. A ray of dazzling light instantly shot out. A terrifying power made the entire main peak quake.

Ye Yuan chuckled coldly and also injected divine essence into the Sacred Dragon Token.


Two terrifying attacks abruptly collided, giving off a dazzling light!

Waves of energy rippled out, directly leveling the main peak to flat ground. The entire main peak forcefully had a large chuck shaved away.

Those martial artists who were still inside the illusionary realm were directly sent flying by the enormous blast wind. The weak ones were even directly blasted to death.


Ye Yuan was also sent flying immediately by this massive impact force, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

Han Tong was not much better either. He also did not think that the divine artifact in Ye Yuan’s hands was actually so formidable. But his own strength was immense. Even though he was sent flying, his injuries were not as severe as Ye Yuan’s.

“You … You actually have divine essence!”

Obtaining a divine artifact was one thing, whether or not one could activate a divine artifact was another thing.

A divine artifact was unable to be deployed by essence energy. Even when mobilized, the power unleashed was also very limited.

Only by using divine essence could one unleash the power of a divine artifact to the greatest degree.

Ye Yuan was actually able to unleash such terrifying power. It showed that he definitely had divine essence!

He was only able to deploy the divine artifact because he had the hall master’s bestowal. Then Ye Yuan’s divine essence, where did it come from?

This boy was truly divulging mystery from head to toe!