Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Merging With Heaven And Earth

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The level of difficulty of finding divine essence was not the slightest bit less than finding a divine artifact.

Following the disappearance of Divine Dao, divine essence this sort of thing already became lesser and lesser in the Divine Realm.

One could say it decreased with each use.

Only inside the grotto left behind by Deity Realm powerhouses could one find divine essence this sort of thing.

These divine essences were all energy that Deity Realm powerhouses used to maintain the operation of the grotto. Along with the passing of time, divine essence would get lesser and lesser too.

Furthermore, the grotto of Deity Realm powerhouses, the degree of danger went without saying.

Even if divine king powerhouses entered, it was also nine chances to die, and one chance to live!

The strength of Deity Realm powerhouses was completely not what Dao Profound Realm could try to fathom.

With Ye Yuan’s current cultivation realm, there was no way to obtain divine essence at all.

But Ye Yuan just had divine essence!

With divine essence, the cultivation realm gap between him and Ye Yuan could basically be ignored.

What they were contending right now was their respective divine artifact.

“Heh, divine essence is it? I have plenty of this thing. Right now, are you scramming yourself, or are you letting me teach you a good lesson?” Ye Yuan said with a snicker.

Han Tong’s face turned black, and he said, “Humph! Even if you have divine essence, how much can you have? I don’t believe that your divine essence can sustain several divine artifact attacks! Want to use this sort of method to scare me away, too childish!”

“Haha, scare you away is it? Open your dog eyes wide and watch!”

Ye Yuan did not say another word. Injecting divine essence into the Sacred Dragon Token once more, a terrifying attack was unleashed a second time.

Han Tong’s expression changed, and he could only meet the attack passively.


Another loud bang. The main peak had a large section shaved off by these two terrifying attacks once again.

For some time, scattered rocks flew everywhere.

Ye Yuan was blasted flying once more, but his fleshy body was incomparably powerful. Circulating the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, he deployed the Sacred Dragon Token again and unleashed an attack.

Only a fleshy body like Ye Yuan’s could withstand such a heavy load. If it were others, deploying a divine artifact so crazily, they would be crushed to death by the divine artifact’s pressure first.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Again and again, Ye Yuan’s divine essence seemed to be picked up for free, deploying the Sacred Dragon Token crazily.

Han Tong cried bitterness in his heart!

At this point, how would he still doubt Ye Yuan?

How could this guy have so much divine essence?

Several powerful attacks in, Han Tong also suffered considerable internal injuries. Even more damnable was that competing in divine essence so crazily, he already did not have much left!

While Ye Yuan’s divine essence seemed to be inexhaustible; could not be used finish at all.

This way of usage made people too freaking jealous!

One should not look at how Han Tong took out the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror at the slightest provocation to scare people. The times where he truly utilized divine essence were not many.

Divine essence this sort of thing, even the hall master did not have much either. What was bestowed to him naturally would not be much either?

But this Ye Yuan was just like a prodigal son squandering the family fortune, not taking divine essence seriously at all.

“Stop! Quickly stop! I … I concede!”

Taking advantage of the interval Ye Yuan adjusted his breathing, Han Tong was finally defeated in battle and opened his mouth to admit defeat.

However, Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “You fight when you want, and throw in the towel when you want to admit defeat. Who gave you this authority? When we stop is up to me! Again!”

Finished regulating his breathing, Ye Yuan deployed divine essence once more and smashed over towards Han Tong.

The divine essence Fang Tian left behind was really quite a bit. This bout of indiscriminate bombing merely depleted one-thousandth of the divine essence.

The current Ye Yuan was a living prodigal son, using the incomparably precious divine essence out of spite.

Of course, Ye Yuan’s true objective was naturally not acting out of spite, but he wanted to try if he could finish Han Tong off!

Spending some divine essence and obtaining the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror was still very worthwhile.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several more clashes again. Ye Yuan did not give Han Tong any chances to catch his breath at all, unleashing attacks desperately.

Han Tong’s face was deathly pale. This was caused by an excessive loss of blood.

Clashing again and again, his body already almost could not endure it anymore. He really could not understand how Ye Yuan kept it up.

At this time, the main peak which originally towered into the clouds actually had half of its height shaved away already.

These two people’s divine artifact battle was seriously too frightening.

No way, can’t carry on fighting! There’s already not much divine essence left. Continuing to fight is seeking death. This punk is really too difficult to tangle with, got to think of a way to get away! Han Tong thought to himself.


Ye Yuan’s attack arrived again. Han Tong forcefully held back the impulse to vomit blood and injected divine essence into the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror once more to deal with Ye Yuan.

Han Tong was blasted out by the recoil force again. His vital energy and blood churned, feeling like his internal organs were almost churning out!

But this time, Han Tong forcefully suppressed his internal organs’ injuries. All of a sudden, a blood light shone resplendently. He was actually fleeing towards the distance with extremely swift speed.

Han Tong’s speed was inconceivably fast. He was actually much faster compared to ordinary middle-stage Dao Profound Realm experts.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he did not reveal a surprised look. He just smiled coldly and said, “Want to escape? That will also have to depend on whether or not you have this capability!”

While talking, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly vanished from where he was.

Han Tong used a secret art. His movement technique surged, and he was currently running with his tail between his legs. All of a sudden, there was a blur before his eyes. Ye Yuan’s figure actually already arrived in front of him at who knows when!

Han Tong was alarmed inwardly and forcefully twisted his body, escaping in another direction.

Ye Yuan took a step out once more and vanished from where he was at.

Han Tong was currently escaping when Ye Yuan actually ran in front of him again.

This time, he finally knew that he could not escape anymore!

“You … You’re actually able to merge with heaven and earth! This … How is this possible? Ah! You … You comprehended Heaven Man Unity?” Han Tong suddenly thought of something, his expression changing drastically as he said.

At this time, his eyes showed an expression of despair.

If Ye Yuan comprehended Heaven Man Unity, then he had absolutely no chance of survival today!

But how could this brat possibly comprehend the Heaven Man Unity Realm?

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “At least you have some knowledge. That’s right, this young master just comprehended Heaven Man Unity not long ago. Are you sticking your neck out for the executioner’s blade? Or making a final struggle?”

Getting a definite answer, Han Tong’s eyes revealed a look of despair.

He gritted his teeth and suddenly deployed the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, rumbling over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was long prepared. The Sacred Dragon Token activated at virtually the same time, smashing over at Han Tong.


The two people were blasted flying once more. But Ye Yuan did not stop in the slightest. This time, without even adjusting his breathing, he deployed the Sacred Dragon Token once again and smashed towards Han Tong.

However, Han Tong’s divine essence was already thoroughly expended cleanly during that time just now!


A tragic cry transmitted over. Han Tong directly turned to nothing under the bombardment of the Sacred Dragon Token.


The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror fell from the sky and dropped onto the ground.

But Ye Yuan did not care about it. His consciousness sunk into his sea of consciousness once more and said to the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil coldly, “How is it? Thought it through yet? This is the last time I’m asking you!”

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s expression changed. That great battle just now, he took it into his sights in its entirety and had a deeper understanding towards Ye Yuan’s might.