Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Heart Realm!

Dong dong dong!

Just as Ye Yuan was lost in his emotions, a knocking sound came from outside the door.

"Are you in there, Yun-er?"

That familiar yet foreign voice sounded out from outside the door. Ye Yuan could never forget this voice even if he turned to ashes. Because it was the voice belonging to his father, Ji Zhengyang.

Zhengyang Zi and Qingyun Zi were only Dao-titles that the outside world dedicated to them. Qingyun Zi and his father were originally surnamed Ji.

In the Divine Realm, any alchemist who reached the realm of Alchemy Emperor would be addressed respectfully with 'Zi.' Directly calling an Alchemy Emperor with his name was a great disrespect and could very well anger the Alchemy Emperor.

And the vastness of an Alchemy Emperor's network was unimaginable to the average person!

Even though he was clearly aware that he was currently inside an illusionary realm, Ye Yuan still shuddered uncontrollably.

Casually firing out a spell, the door to the pill refinement room automatically opened revealing Ji Zhengyang's figure.

Seeing this familiar figure once again, Ye Yuan's eyes immediately became moist.

Ji Zhengyang entered with a faint smile. When he saw Ye Yuan's wet eyes, he could not help but be surprised. "Why is your face covered in tears, Yun-er?"

Ye Yuan who had transformed into Ji Qingyun was fully aware that this was inside an illusionary realm, but he still could not resist explaining.

"Father, when Yun-er was preparing the herbs just now, I used the Melancholy Gathering Grass and accidentally got the fumes in my eyes. That's why I'm like this."

Melancholy Gathering Grass was a ninth rank herb with extremely powerful stimulating effects. Even with Ji Qingyun's status as an Alchemy Emperor, if he got the fumes in his eyes, he would also cry nonstop.

Ye Yuan did not know why he would inexplicably come up with a white lie even though he knew perfectly well that the Ji Zhengyang in front of his eyes did not exist.

As expected, Ji Zhengyang laughed when he heard it. "Yun-er is overly careless. Even father dares not to overlook this Melancholy Gathering Grass. How could you be so careless?"

Ye Yuan quietly received this teaching. "Father is right. Yun-er will be more careful next time."

Ji Zhengyang let out a sigh and said, "Oh Yun-er . . . Father knows that you are infatuated with the Alchemy Dao, but there isn't only the Alchemy Dao in this world. Cooping yourself up in a pill refinement room all the time will do you no good!"

Ye Yuan once again replied respectfully, "Don't worry, Father. Yun-er knows when to stop."

Ji Zhengyang shook his head and said, "You, oh you. What do you want me to say about you? The Alchemy Dao is boundless and everlasting. Even if we pour our entire lives into it, it would be hard to even glimpse a ten-thousandth of it. Even if you really stepped into the Deity Realm in the future and become an Alchemy God, it is but another beginning. When alive, one has to take note of many other things. You will see that the vastness of this world far exceeds your imagination when you step outside of the pill refinement room. You should learn more from your senior apprentice brother about this point."

Ye Yuan's face changed upon mentioning his senior apprentice brother. The killing intent in his heart unconsciously welled up but was quickly pressed down.

The current Ye Yuan could not be compared to the past. If he did not even have this bit of shrewdness, how could he talk about revenge?

One had to know that what he was worse off than his senior apprentice brother was not limited to cultivation realm, but instead, he fell behind in all aspects!

And wasn't this illusionary realm an excellent place for Ye Yuan to temper his heart realm?

Although he knew that this illusion array was automatically activated, and nobody knew what was happening inside, Ye Yuan still did not wish to expose these things that were buried in the innermost part of his heart.

Firstly, it was to temper his heart realm. Secondly, it was to prepare for all contingencies.

After all, his origin was simply overly startling. If it was leaked, it might be hard to not arouse some big trouble.

And Ye Yuan's current strength was far from being able to protect himself.

However, Ji Zhengyang apparently seemed to have discovered Ye Yuan's flash of killing intent and was very puzzled.

"What's wrong? You had a conflict with your senior apprentice brother?"

Ye Yuan smiled and nodded. "Don't worry, father. It's just a small spat. It will be fine after this period of time."

Ji Zhengyang then smiled and said, "So that's the case. Then it's fine. A peaceful family will prosper. Small fights and arguments are fine, but if you two brothers turn on each other, this Medicine King Hall will decline sooner or later."

Ye Yuan secretly sighed. This was more than just turning on each other!

This scoundrel killed the master who imparted to him all his abilities and raised him for several hundred years. He even murdered his master's only son!

Such an unfilial son could not be tolerated by heaven and earth!

Ji Canglan!

When I return to the Divine Realm someday, I will definitely grind your bones to dust! '

"I will. I wonder why Father came to look for this child?"

Although the killing intent in his heart was billowing to the skies, Ye Yuan did not let out the slightest bit.

Ye Yuan knew that he seemed to have broken through in terms of his heart realm.

After hearing that, Ji Zhengyang smacked his own head and smiled wryly. "You see, I'm already old and muddle-headed. I forgot about the proper business after talking to you. Father has refined a half-step divine pill and was about to convene a Pill Appreciation Grand Assembly. When visitors from all around come to congratulate a few days later, you and your senior apprentice brother shall arrange all the matters. Don't treat the guests discourteously."

Hearing this, Ye Yuan's entire body trembled!

Just now, he was immersed in past events and completely did not think about what time the illusionary realm brought him to.

Only now that Ji Zhengyang mentioned it did Ye Yuan suddenly awakened. This so-called Pill Appreciation Grand Assembly was precisely when Ji Canglan revealed his fangs!

What Pill Appreciation Grand Assembly was this? This was simply a Father and Brother Killing Grand Assembly!

The so-called visitors from all around were also single-handedly arranged by Ji Canglan.

He really did not know how Ji Canglan operated over these few years to suddenly bring over dozens of Divine Kings. With the inside colluding with the outside, they swiftly brought down the Medicine King Hall!

The Medicine King Hall was also a top-tier power in the Divine Realm. Just the Divine Kings under Zhengyang Zi's command numbered over a dozen. But Ji Canglan had handled everything for several hundred years, causing the Medicine King Hall to fall apart immediately.

Ji Qingyun was oblivious to the outside world, so he was hoodwinked by everything that happened. Even after he reincarnated today, he still could not understand just how Ji Canglan did all those things under the eyes of the father-son pair.

When he closed his eyes to await death, he was seized with remorse over his usual indifference. But it was already too late for regrets. Ji Zhengyang was dead and his Dao dissipated!

Hence, the purpose of Ye Yuan's existence in this life was to do two things!

The first thing was to personally kill Ji Canglan and avenge this immense hatred. The second was to figure out just what force was supporting Ji Canglan from behind!

Ye Yuan believed that Ji Canglan would undoubtedly be unable to do this alone.

Wishing to overturn a colossal bring such as the Medicine King Hall? The force behind Ji Canglan must surely be powerful to the point it terrifies people at the sight of it.

But so what?

If he could not take revenge for Father, then what was the point of him, Ji Qingyun reincarnating?

He, Ji Qingyun, lived his life proudly. How could he possibly lead this sort of ignoble life?

Even if taking revenge was harder than reaching the heavens, Ji Qingyun would still try reaching this heaven!

Wasn't it just practicing martial arts?

Since Ji Qingyun was able to be hailed as the alchemist closest to Alchemy God during his previous life, he could become the martial artist most likely to step into the Deity Realm in this life!

How could a tiny little Nine Heavens Road thwart me, Ji Qingyun, on my heaven trampling journey?

"Don't worry, Father. It's only a small matter between Senior Apprentice Brother and me. This child will definitely work together with Senior Apprentice Brother and manage the matter of welcoming guests properly," Ye Yuan smiled and said.

Even as surging waves billowed in his heart, Ye Yuan obstinately did not reveal the slightest bit!

Ye Yuan did not permit even the slightest flaw in his heart realm. The more one was facing a powerful enemy, the more one had to maintain the steadiness of their heart state.

When experts exchange blows, what was fought was not only strength but also the strength of the heart!

"Haha! Then I can rest at ease," Ji Zhengyang laughed heartily and said with a smile as he stroked his beard.