Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Discussing Countermeasures

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“Li-er will listen to Big Brother Yuan!”

Yue Mengli was a very clever girl. She threw the problem back to Ye Yuan like practicing Tai Chi 1 .

With Ye Yuan’s intelligence, how could he not perceive Yue Mengli’s unwillingness?

The Zhou and Yue two families were like birds of a feather, and always had advanced and retreated together.

Although Zhou Yan’s actions in the past made Yue Mengli very unhappy, he was after all the Zhou Family’s successor. If he died inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, it would surely stir up a mighty uproar, let alone that there was even Divine King Zhou Boping.

Ye Yuan could not give a hoot, but the Yue Family could not disregard the Zhou Family’s attitude.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Since that’s the case, spare their lives then. However, this is also the last time! If Zhou Yan dares to provoke again, he’ll have to suffer my wrath the next time! Even if Zhou Jia comes, it won’t cut it either!”

The pitiful Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil could only release Zhou Boping and Zhou Yan’s illusionary magic under Ye Yuan’s despotic might.

But before that, Ye Yuan put Ruan Shuangzhou away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda. But Ye Yuan instructed the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil to preserve his life.

Zhou Yan abruptly startled awake from inside the illusionary realm, appearing very ragged. When he saw Ye Yuan and the rest clearly, he heaved a sigh in relief.

“Yue Lingyu, what’s going on here?” Zhou Boping’s face was very grim as he asked.

He actually got caught in an illusionary realm unknowingly. The perils involved naturally need not be said. But now, it was actually calm and peaceful already. He obviously had to inquire about just what happened.

Yue Lingyu said, “This matter can’t be explained in a few words. It was all thanks to Ye Yuan. But Han Tong is already dead. So our mission is already considered completed. It’s a shame that the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror escaped through the void and we lost the opportunity to seize a divine artifact.”

Zhou Boping was alarmed in his heart, but noticed the main peak that was already shaved away by half, and was even more astonished.

To be able to shave away half of this enormous main peak, how horrifying did the battle previously have to be?

Even if he gave it his all, he might not be able to accomplish it too.

“Humph! The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror escaped through the void? It wouldn’t have been hidden away by some people, right?” Zhou Yan suddenly said with a cold snort.

The moment these words were uttered, Yue Lingyu’s and Zhou Boping’s faces changed.


A crisp slap sounded out. This slap was actually struck by Zhou Boping.

“Talk any more nonsense and you’ll go back and face a wall to reflect for 20 years! Also, the Bright Moon Competition is already over. In the future, you’re not allowed to pester Li-er anymore. This matter, I’ll tell your father. I believe he won’t refute me either!” Zhou Boping said coldly.

Zhou Yan receiving a slap, his cheek already swelled up. Zhou Boping was his great-uncle. He did not dare to be insolent. But his gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with hatred.

Ye Yuan had a calm look like he did not see it.

As long as he did not come and court death, Ye Yuan could not be bothered to haggle over it with him.

Zhou Boping’s face fell slightly, his gaze also staring fixedly at Ye Yuan.

Yue Lingyu’s words earlier, Zhou Yan did not perceive it, but he already discerned it clearly.

Yue Lingyu was warning him to not provoke Ye Yuan anymore. This situation currently was greatly related to Ye Yuan.

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan could not be provoked!

The prowess of the illusionary realm, Zhou Boping had experienced it profoundly. The reason why they were able to wake up was likely related to Ye Yuan too.

Zhou Yan capitalized on that he was a genius and looked down on Ye Yuan. But the current Ye Yuan could pinch Zhou Yan to death with one hand!

At least inside this Vastsun Bright Moon Realm, they could not make a move.

Zhou Boping’s and Zhou Yan’s wounds were both very severe, while Yue Lingyu was perfectly unscathed. If they really made a move, the outcome could be imagined.

After exiting the mystic realm, he would naturally inform Zhou Jia about this incident. What decision to make would probably need the divine king elders to come out and discuss together.

Returning to the Yue Family, Ye Yuan immediately chose to enter closed-seclusion. But the Yue Family’s seven divine king elders plus the current family head, Yue Jianqiu, carried out a meeting that very night.

These divine king elders all lived secluded lives and had little contact with the world, and had already not appeared in public for a very long time.

But the impact of the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm’s incident this time to the Yue Family was too great. Yue Jianqiu had no choice but to invite them out.

Yue Lingyu gave a detailed account of the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm trip this time to everyone.

But the matters of Yellow Millet Mountain, she did not speak in detail.

Not that she did not want to say, but she also did not know herself.

Starting from when she got caught in the illusionary realm to waking up in the end, what happened in this period of time, only Ye Yuan alone knew.

Of course, she also had the intention of helping Ye Yuan conceal it. Many details, she did not say it out.

Originally, she was planning on helping Ye Yuan conceal this incident. But since Ye Yuan agreed to save Zhou Boping pair, this matter could not be hidden at all.

Although Zhou Boping did not know what happened, he definitely faintly had some surmises regarding Ye Yuan.

Even though these guesses did not have any basis, this sort of thing, the Zhou Family would probably rather kill a thousand innocent than to let one off as well.

“Various elders, all state your views then! Towards Ye Yuan, what kind of attitude should our Yue Family have?” Yue Jianqiu said solemnly.

Truthfully speaking, he himself also could not get a handle on it right now. This Ye Yuan was too mysterious. He could not figure out Ye Yuan’s background at all.

If Ye Yuan really acquired the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, he would definitely be extremely unwilling.

“What kind of attitude can there be? This boy very likely obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. Hand it over, and he’s still our Yue Family’s son-in-law. Don’t hand it over, then he’s our Yue Family’s enemy!” an elder who was more hot-tempered said.

Another elder said, “This is likely inappropriate, right? Right now, everything is just conjecture. The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil hasn’t appeared in 100 thousand years. To be able to break free of the illusionary realm, Ye Yuan might have other means. If he didn’t obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, then wouldn’t we be maligning a good man by doing so?”

“Heh, maligning a good man? If he didn’t obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, how did Han Tong die? With just the likes of him, a Phaseless Realm, he can kill an emperor realm powerhouse who wields a divine artifact?”

The group of elders chimed in here and there, but each stuck to their own version. But the majority of the people still leaned towards finding trouble with Ye Yuan.

After all, the allure of the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was seriously too great.

Yue Jianqiu suddenly said, “Elder Lingyu, you had the most contact with Ye Yuan this trip. In your view, how great is the likelihood of Ye Yuan obtaining the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil?”

Yue Lingyu shook his head and said, “Honestly speaking, I feel that it’s virtually impossible!”

“En? How do you mean?” Yue Jianqiu said curiously.

Yue Lingyu slowly said, “Yellow Millet Mountain’s illusionary realm can make divine king experts fall for it unknowingly. How powerful it is can be imagined. Ye Yuan is only Phaseless Realm, what right does he have to subdue the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil? In my view, he definitely broke free of the illusionary realm with other means. As for that Han Tong, he was very likely killed by the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. Under the circumstances where there’s no evidence at all, making Ye Yuan hand over the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is a bit too compelling. Furthermore, truthfully speaking, having witnessed Li-er’s Innate Battle Soul Physique, this elderly self already doesn’t have much interest in the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil anymore!”