Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Swords Drawn And Bows Stretched

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Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Ruan Shuangzhou suddenly startled awake, sweating profusely all over.

This dream was too long …

When he saw Ye Yuan, his pupils constricted and he suddenly attacked, grabbing towards Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s face fell, and he said with a cold snort, “Refusing a toast only to drink to a forfeit!”

A terrifying aura came from within the void, instantly extinguishing Ruan Shuangzhou’s attack.

An enormous rock suspended in the air, akin to a sharp sword hanging high above.

Under the pressure of the massive rock, Ruan Shuangzhou felt that the bones in his entire body were almost splintering.

“Submit or die!”

Ye Yuan’s voice was very calm, but Ruan Shuangzhou did not doubt in the slightest that as long as he even dared to mutter a word of dissent, that huge rock would fall, smashing him into minced meat.

“I-I’m willing to submit!” Ruan Shuangzhou gritted his teeth and said.

The huge rock immediately concealed from view, as if it had never appeared before at all.

Ruan Shuangzhou placed his hands on the ground, kneeling on the ground, panting heavily for air, his entire body like he was dragged out of the water. That massive rock earlier was seriously too terrifying.

“Not reconciled to it? This life of yours was already picked up. If it wasn’t for me, you’d have long already fallen into the illusionary realm at the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm forever.” Ye Yuan said calmly.

Ruan Shuangzhou was startled. Only now did his brain wrap itself around it. When he woke up from the illusionary realm just now, the moment he saw Ye Yuan, he instinctively wanted to make a move to restrain him.

But he did not know that he had already come out of the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm long ago, and that he was taken into the Vast Heaven Pagoda by Ye Yuan.

In here, Ye Yuan was the true sovereign!

Even if he was a divine king expert, he had no choice but to lower his head too.

Ruan Shuangzhou was also very smart. He sorted out his thoughts very quickly, but he suddenly thought of a possibility. He looked toward Ye Yuan in disbelief.

“You … You obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil? N-No, this is absolutely impossible! The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil already hasn’t appeared for 100 thousand years!” Ruan Shuangzhou himself even somewhat doubted this conjecture.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “Obtained it huh? Considered so I guess. Although this fellow isn’t too well-behaved, at the moment, he is indeed under my control.”

Getting a definite answer, Ruan Shuangzhou sucked in a cold breath.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil really came into being!

But he suddenly discovered something, that huge rock earlier seemed to be much more terrifying than the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil.

That aura was simply able to decimate heaven and earth.

Which was also to say that the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was merely adding flowers to embroidery to Ye Yuan.

Just how many priceless treasures are on this young man in front of him?

“This life of yours is also considered saved by me. I’m a very fair person. Serve me for a thousand years. After a thousand years, I’ll return your freedom!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Ruan Shuangzhou froze but did not expect that Ye Yuan actually only wanted a thousand years of his time.

“Don’t use that sort of eyes to look at me. Whether you have the qualifications to serve me after a thousand years is still another matter altogether.”

Ruan Shuangzhou fell silent. These words coming out of the mouth of a Phaseless Realm martial artist was too arrogant. But he knew that Ye Yuan absolutely had the qualifications to say these words.

A thousand years later, just what kind of boundary Ye Yuan could reach, even he did not dare to imagine either.

After a long time, Ruan Shuangzhou sucked in a deep breath and opened his mouth to say, “Fine, I accept!”

In the Yue Family’s training room, several divine king elders were shockingly present.

Inside the defensive array formation, two figures were currently in the midst of a fierce battle. The waves of terrifying energy emitted impacted the grand array.

The few divine king elders looked at that beautiful figure inside the grand array, their eyes revealing a look of disbelief.

The one fighting with Yue Mengli was a Yue Family’s Third Level Dao Profound martial artist.

But currently, this Third Level Dao Profound expert did not have the slightest strength to retaliate under Yue Mengli’s battle soul’s attacks, and he was actually being overpowered!

“This is the Innate Battle Soul Physique? This is also a little too powerful, right?”

“Li-er is just Ninth Level Phaseless. If we wait until she reaches Divine King Realm, wouldn’t she sweep across opponents in the same realm?”

“Misfortune may be an actual blessing. Even if the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was obtained by that boy, with Li-er around, our Yue Family need not worry within these ten thousand years!”

After these divine king elders witnessed the terror of the Innate Battle Soul Physique, they finally changed their views.

Dao Profound Realm, one level, one world.

The disparity between each minor realm was even greater than the disparity compared to Phaseless Realm, an entire major cultivation realm!

Without heaven-defying means, it was virtually impossible to leap realms and battle.

But Yue Mengli directly crossed three minor realms to utterly suppress her opponent. This spirit physique was also a bit too terrifying.

Yue Jianqiu suddenly said, “Did Elders’ think about it? Ye Yuan already killed that Lin Chao without borrowing any external power! To talk about terrifying, that boy’s potential is the most fearsome!”

The moment these words came out, everyone was startled.

That sword of Ye Yuan’s, if not for Han Tong blocking it, it would definitely be able to kill Lin Chao.

But what Ye Yuan relied on was entirely concept comprehension!

Fusing supreme true intents, that was something that only Divine King Realms would mull over. Ye Yuan was just First Level Phaseless Realm at that time, and actually already comprehended it!

With First Level Phaseless boundary, he crossed a major cultivation realm to cut down his opponent.

Such strength, thinking about it made people feel frightened!

This was not some Divine Traversing Realm, Heaven Enlightenment Realm, but Phaseless Realm cutting down Dao Profound Realm!

“This boy’s 10-year agreement with Li-er, he went from a Lower Realms’ unknown junior and walked until today, and he still completed the agreement. I think he should be genuine towards Li-er! Ye Yuan this boy, once he steps into Divine King Realm in the future, his strength would likely be unimaginable! Li-er and his union, I think …”

Yue Jianqiu did not carry on talking, but he believed that the various divine king elders already got his meaning.

Each and every one of them fell silent. Clearly, they were evaluating the Yue Family’s gains and losses.

“But how are we going to give an account to the Zhou Family’s side? Even though it’s just a conjecture, the Zhou Family’s side probably won’t take things lying down, right?” a divine king elder said.

His voice had yet to fade when several terrifying auras enveloped the sky of Bright Moon City.

“Brother Yue, Zhou Jia came to visit. Please come out and meet!” Zhou Jia’s voice echoed out above the sky of Bright Moon City.

Yue Jianqiu’s expression darkened, and he said unhappily, “This Zhou Jia actually didn’t even give a warning in advance, and he is shouting and wrangling in Bright Moon City!”

Yue Jianqiu brought the group of elders and flew up. Zhou Jia brought along several divine king experts but appeared in the skies of Bright Moon City.

“Zhou Jia, what’s the meaning of this?” Yue Jianqiu said in a solemn voice.

Zhou Jia said, “Brother Yue don’t take offense. We’re here only because we want to find little friend Ye Yuan to ask about some things. The matter is of utmost importance and in somewhat of a hurry.”

Yue Jianqiu’s expression turned dark as he said, “In a hurry? Your lineup is clearly to force. Are you really bullying that my Yue Family doesn’t have people? Ye Yuan is my Yue Family’s son-in-law. You guys mobilizing forces like this, are you going to interrogate my Yue Family’s son-in-law?”

Zhou Jia just said indifferently, “The matter concerns the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. I believe Brother Yue is able to understand.”

Yue Jianqiu gave a cold snort and said, “Ye Yuan didn’t obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, whether you believe it or not is up to you! As for meeting Ye Yuan, I think it’s better to forget about it! Please return!”