Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Divine Kings Astonishment

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“Yue Jianqiu! The Zhou and Yue two families have always been birds of a feather. Do you really want to ruin our two families’ ten thousand years of relationship for an outsider?” Zhou Jia said solemnly.

It was true that the two families were birds of a feather, but they were also not in perfect harmony.

The competition between two great family clans naturally could not be dispensed with. For ten thousand years, the two families coming to blows was also not rare.

But Yue Jianqiu smiled coldly when he heard and said, “Ye Yuan is not only my Yue Family’s son-in-law, he’s even Li-er’s savior. Handing him over to you, wouldn’t this Yue be ridiculed by everyone in the world? Furthermore, you came to capture people in all seriousness. When did you attach importance to our two families’ relationship?”

“You! Yue Jianqiu, looks like you’re really going to fall out with the Zhou Family today?”

“With that attitude of yours, so what if we fall out? Could it be that my Yue Family is scared of your Zhou Family?”

Both parties were ready to jump at each other’s throats. Over ten divine king powerhouses stood in the air. It was seriously too shocking. Each and every one of the martial artists below did not even dare to breathe heavily.

Nobody would have thought that the Zhou and Yue two families would actually get into such a mess for a junior.

This battle was bound to be the outcome of mutual devastation.

“Oh, pretty lively! My goodness gracious, so many divine king experts, this Ye has truly broadened his horizons!”

Right then, an extremely discordant voice sounded out. Ye Yuan actually tore through the air and came, arriving in the center of a bunch of divine king experts.

Bright Moon City’s martial artists all involuntarily opened their eyes wide. This Ye Yuan was also too reckless, right?

Up in the sky were all divine king powerhouses. The Zhou Family’s people were currently glaring at him like ravening tigers. This guy actually ran in the middle like nobody’s business to tease a group of divine kings.

When Ye Yuan appeared, Yue Jianqiu’s expression changed and he said with a cold snort, “What did you come here for? Nothing to do with you here, go back!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Aren’t they looking for me? How can it be nothing to do with me? Lord Father-in-Law’s protectiveness, this son-in-law has understood. But the Zhou and Yue two families falling out because of this Ye is not what I wish to see.”

Yue Jianqiu’s heart could not help plummeting. Why did this brat’s words have a hint of sacrificing one’s self for justice?

“Stop messing around! It isn’t your turn to meddle in the Zhou and Yue two families’ affairs! Quickly go back for me!” Yue Jianqiu said with a somber look.

But Ye Yuan ignored Yue Jianqiu and said to Zhou Jia, “Just spit out what you have to say! This young master’s time is very valuable.”

Zhou Jia’s face turned black, but he could not be bothered to argue with Ye Yuan. He asked in a solemn voice, “The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil should be in your possession, right? Hand over the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil and this seat will give you a way out!”

“Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil? You’re thinking too much! That thing has already not come into being for over 100 thousand years! How could it be acquired by me?” Ye Yuan said with an innocent look.

“If you didn’t obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, how did you, a measly little Phaseless Realm dispel the illusionary magic?” Zhou Jia said with a cold sneer.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhou Jia with a smile that was not a smile and opened his mouth to say, “Can I understand it like this? This Ye saved a divine king expert and the next patriarch successor of your Zhou Family, but you guys are forcefully imposing a groundless crime on my head now. Turns out that your Zhou Family are all a bunch of shameless people who repay kindness with ingratitude!”

The moment Ye Yuan said these words, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Although the strong reigned supreme among martial artists, repaying kindness with animosity this sort of thing was still beneath contempt.

Ye Yuan’s words forced the Zhou Family into a corner all at once.

Zhou Jia snorted coldly and said in a low voice, “Ye Yuan, don’t use fine rhetoric! Everyone knows that the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil belongs to the Vastsun and Bright Moon two cities! What capabilities do you, an outsider, have to occupy it?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Outsider? Heh heh, with that attitude of yours, even if I really have the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, why should I give you? My lord father-in-law is still here. You all, these shameless people, came to snatch things; do you really think that you’re impressive?”

“Heh, you finally admitted it! Brat, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is a misfortune and not a blessing to you! Better hand it over!” a Zhou Family’s divine king elder said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan gave him a sidelong glance and said, “Do you have a pig’s brain? I’m really skeptical, with your intellect, how did you cultivate to the Divine King Realm.”

That Zhou Family’s divine king was a hot-tempered one at a glance. Being triggered by Ye Yuan like this, he immediately became greatly enraged.

“Stinking brat, I’ll tear that mouth of yours!”

That divine king actually directly grabbed towards Ye Yuan in front of Yue Jianqiu.

“What a fine Zhou Bolong, you really dare to make a move!” Yue Lingyu directly matched up against Zhou Bolong without another word.

At a word of disagreement, both parties actually really exchanged blows!

The great battle of divine kings, the commotion was incomparably shocking. Even when separated by a far-away distance, the martial artists below were incredibly shocked too.

“Elder Bofeng, you’re responsible for taking Ye Yuan down. The others, attack!” Zhou Jia made a prompt decision and immediately instructed.

In terms of strength, the Zhou Family was indeed that tiny bit stronger than the Yue Family. Because the Zhou Family’s divine king experts were more than the Yue Family’s.

Today, Zhou Boping did not come. Presumably, it was because he did not have the face to meet Ye Yuan. But even so, the Zhou Family still had one more divine king powerhouse compared to the Yue Family.

Yue Jianqiu’s face turned cold and secretly cussed.

Ye Yuan this boy was really insensible. If he hid inside the city, the Zhou Family would not be able to do anything to the Yue Family at all.

But now, Ye Yuan was mixed up together with them. He could not run even if he wanted to.

Yue Jianqiu was just about to go and protect Ye Yuan when Zhou Jia already rushed over at full speed.

“Your opponent is me! Ye Yuan’s side, you don’t need to worry about it!” Zhou Jia said with a loud laugh.

In his view, Ye Yuan was simply a fool, to actually deliver himself to the doorstep. It saved him some trouble though.

The Zhou Family and Yue Family were both very familiar with each other and knew that the other party’s trump card was far from this.

Therefore, him suddenly sending out divine kings today was in order to catch Yue Jianqiu by surprise.

He did not think that it really worked out.

As long as they brought Ye Yuan back, he naturally had the means to investigate whether Ye Yuan obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil or not.

If he really did not, at most send him back later, then apologize to the Yue Family. This matter would also be considered settled.

As for the two families’ rift, compared to the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, it was seriously insignificant.

Zhou Bofeng being unoccupied at this time, was not long-winded either. He directly waved his hand and was just about to capture Ye Yuan.

This move looked casual, but actually, Zhou Bofeng did not hold back. A divine king expert’s utilization of essence energy already reached a transcendent realm.

This wave of a hand already used essence energy to lock down the space around Ye Yuan firmly. Even if he grew wings, he would not be able to escape too!

But right at this time, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly vanished from sight, and actually slipped away from his hands!

Seeing this scene, Zhou Bofeng’s expression changed drastically, and he said, “Merging with heaven and earth! Heaven Man Unity!”

The unexpected change that happened here landed in everyone’s eyes. The divine king experts who were currently fighting actually all ceased.

Even Yue Lingyu’s pupils constricted too, looking at this scene in disbelief.

She did not see how Ye Yuan killed Han Tong. This Heaven Man Unity, it was still Ye Yuan’s first time displaying it in front of the public.

Space vibrated. Ye Yuan’s figure already appeared ten thousand feet away.

He looked at the group of divine kings and said with a faint smile, “All looking at me for what? Well, don’t stop, carry on fighting!”