Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Demon Race Messenger

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“Heaven Man Unity! It’s actually Heaven Man Unity! Those able to reach Heaven Man Unity in the heart realm in the Divine Realm can be counted on one hand! This boy actually comprehended Heaven Man Unity!”

“Heaven Man Unity, resonating with the Great Dao, one can merge with heaven and earth! Ye Yuan is merely 20 over years of age; how on earth did he cultivate?”

“No wonder he can undo the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s illusionary art! Turns out that he actually comprehended Heaven Man Unity!”

The group of divine kings looked at Ye Yuan with incredible shock, not daring to believe the scene that they saw earlier.

Heaven Man Unity, how many years has it not appeared in the Divine Realm? Today, it actually appeared on an over 20-year-old young man’s body. This was too inconceivable.

Heart realm this sort of thing was even harder to train compared to concept.

Although concepts were hard, as long as one was willing to spend time, they could more or less still comprehend a little.

The majority of divine king experts had their own supreme true intent. But the heart realm cultivation of divine kings, very few people were able to break through to Heart Like Monolith, let alone talk about Heaven Man Unity.

Heart realm this sort of thing was too fleeting and ephemeral, unable to grasp at all.

The Divine Realm had a myriad of cultivation methods, and it was also unheard of that anyone had a method to cultivate the heart realm.

“Zhou Jiao, what do you have to say now? I wonder if Heaven Man Unity heart realm can break apart the illusionary realm?” Yue Jianqiu said with a cold smile.

Zhou Jia’s expression was very ugly. He never would have thought that Ye Yuan was actually able to comprehend Heaven Man Unity!

This time, they really made a big fool of themselves.

People knew that Heaven Man Unity was formidable. But just how incredible, extremely few people were aware.

Even Zhou Jiao also did not know that Ye Yuan’s Heaven Man Unity was completely unable to help others break free of the illusionary realm.

But without a doubt, the higher the heart realm, the greater the immunity towards illusionary realms too.

Heaven Man Unity this sort of realm, barely anyone in the Divine Realm had attained it before. Therefore, the way people saw it, Heaven Man Unity should be extremely incredible. Helping others break free of the illusionary realm should not be an issue.

Zhou Jia sucked in a deep breath and knew that today could not carry on anymore, and could not help saying in a low voice, “Fine then. This matter is my Zhou Family’s fault. Brother Yue, the Zhou Family will definitely give some compensation later. Let’s go!”

Done talking, Zhou Jiao brought along the group of divine kings and left like a gust of wind.

Today, the Zhou Family could be said to have had an utter loss of face at Bright Moon City.

With this incident today, the Zhou and Yue two families’ honeymoon period was likely over already. From here on, how these two mighty Rank One Holy Lands were going to get along was something worth pondering.

Yue Family, a group of divine kings had their eyes glued on Ye Yuan. It was as if they were looking at a monster.

Fusing supreme true intents, Heaven Man Unity, Ye Yuan’s comprehension abilities were simply too terrifying.

“Oh, Ye Yuan, you comprehended Heaven Man Unity, why did you say earlier?” Yue Jianqiu said with a wry smile.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “You didn’t ask me either. Speaking of which, weren’t you guys all concerned about the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil? Didn’t you all get behind closed doors to discuss the moment I returned? Actually, inside the mystic realm, I fell for the illusionary art too. If not for comprehending Heaven Man Unity, I myself would also be doomed.”

Everyone could not help exchanging glances when they heard that. Looks like the Yue Family’s movements still could not hide from this shrewd brat.

“In that case, you really didn’t obtain the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil?” Yue Jianqiu said.

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Just what kind of form the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is, you yourselves don’t even know, so how would I know? It’s an existence that has once accompanied Deity Realm powerhouses before. Do you all really think that the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil is so easy to obtain? Just breaking free of that illusionary magic, I was already at death’s door. How would I still have the strength to go and subdue the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil?”

Everyone exchanged glances once more. Thinking carefully, Ye Yuan’s words were really reasonable.

For 100 thousand years, nobody had seen the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil before at all, let alone talk about subduing it.

“You, boy, when telling lies, your face doesn’t change, and your heart doesn’t beat faster, making it until even I myself almost believe it. But at least you have some knowledge and know that this seat isn’t to be trifled with!” inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil howled.

Ye Yuan made the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil restrain itself, causing his eyes to look no different from ordinary people. Hence, for others to want to see through anything from his two eyes, that was impossible.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “So what even if you are not to be trifled with? Aren’t you still suppressed by me obediently? Put away that pride of yours and best be well-behaved for me. Otherwise, what the consequences will be, you are aware of it yourself too.”

But the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil said lazily, “Heh, if you wanted to kill me, you’d have made a move long ago. Why is there a need to wait until now?”

“You came from the Ancient Era, and most likely know quite a bit of secret. Killing you is a bit of a pity. However … this young master isn’t as easygoing as you imagine. If you don’t believe, you can very well give it a try.”

Ye Yuan still had an indifferent tone. But the killing intent exuding in those words made the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil shiver without being cold.

His pupils constricted, but he did not dare to make a sound anymore.

These few days, he had been observing Ye Yuan all along. Ye Yuan was definitely someone decisive in going for the kill. Those words earlier were not exaggerating things to raise the alarm.

If he really had any devious thoughts, Ye Yuan would cut him down without the slightest hesitation.

“Actually, I’ve already given you a chance. if you’re still impervious to reason, then don’t blame me for not being courteous.”

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was currently in a daze, but Ye Yuan’s words made him shudder with fear.

This boy is too astute! Can’t hide anything from him! The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil hated Ye Yuan in his heart.

The moment Ye Yuan opened his mouth, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil knew what he was referring to.

Actually, on that day, his reconstruction of Ye Yuan’s eyes was not thorough at all and had a huge latent danger. If Ye Yuan kept using his ocular powers, as time passed, it would cause a tremendous burden on the eyes.

At that time, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s opportunity to get out would have arrived.

He originally thought that this matter was done seamlessly. He did not think that Ye Yuan was actually aware of it already.

How could he know that Ye Yuan was not only a martial path expert, but also his alchemy path strength was even more unfathomable.

The matters of the eyes, he could hide from other people but could not hide from Ye Yuan.

“Looks like it was us who had the yardstick of a petty man! Ye Yuan, you just have to stay in the Yue Family. With me, Yue Jianqiu around, the Zhou Family won’t dare to do anything to you!” Yue Jianqiu said.

Right at this time, someone suddenly came to report.

“Family Head, there’s a person outside who mentioned Ye Yuan by name and wants to meet him. He says that he’s … a member of the demon race.”

“Demon race?”

Yue Jianqiu could not help being surprised. Ye Yuan actually had connections to the demon race too?

But Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up when he heard and hurriedly made people bring him in.

But seeing the arrival, Ye Yuan was disappointed.

Ye Yuan thought that it was White Light who came to find him. But this middle-aged man before his eyes, he did not recognize him.

That middle-aged man was also sizing Ye Yuan up, his eyes likewise revealing a look of disappointment.

“Who is your esteemed self? What did you come looking for me for?” Ye Yuan inquired.

That burly fellow gave birth to disdain in his heart, and his attitude towards Ye Yuan also appeared slightly haughty as he said coolly, “This one is Bai Po. It was Young Patriarch White Light who made me come and look for Mister Ye.”