Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 975

Chapter 975 White Lights Predicament

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“En? You’re really sent by White Light?” Ye Yuan said joyfully.

Ye Yuan already did not have White Light’s news for a very long time. If not for coming to save Yue Mengli, he would definitely have gone to find White Light straight away.

Now that Yue Mengli was already saved, and he even obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil unexpectedly, Ye Yuan was just planning on heading to the Demon Region to find White Light.

He did not expect that White Light actually beat him to it and sent someone to come and find him.

Bai Po said, “Young Patriarch made me tell Young Master Ye, do you still remember that little white tiger in the Endless Forest back then?”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he could not help being overjoyed and said, “It’s really White Light! You called him Young Patriarch? How is White Light doing now?”

Back then, when White Light suddenly left, Ye Yuan was very unwilling to part too.

The two of them started from the Endless Forest, and had always depended on each other for survival, and had never separated before.

Who knew that White Light’s departure would be several years.

But no idea why, White Light seemed to have become the White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch. This made Ye Yuan very surprised.

Ye Yuan had some understanding of the White Tiger Clan and knew that the White Tiger Clan had many branches. But there were three clans that were the strongest branches: Crimsonflame White Tiger, Suppression Martial White Tiger, as well as the Flowing Light White Tiger!

These three clans each had their forte. The Crimsonflame White Tiger was the most adept at controlling the power of flames. Suppression Martial White Tiger had herculean strength, while the Flowing Light White Tiger had speed as their forte.

If White Light became the tiger clan’s young patriarch, it was very likely the Flowing Light White Tigers’ young patriarch.

Of course, there was still another type of possibility, that was White Light became the White Tiger Clan’s collectively venerated young patriarch!

But Ye Yuan felt that a few short years of time, White Light probably could not accomplish to this extent.

Ye Yuan was currently rejoicing by himself when he suddenly discovered that Bai Po’s expression was not quite right, and his heart involuntarily sunk.

“Did White Light encounter any trouble?” Ye Yuan asked.

Bai Po nodded his head and said, “Actually, two months later, my White Tiger Clan is going to choose its next young patriarch. Young Patriarch White Light is one of the candidates for young patriarch. My Flowing Light White Tiger has been declining for many years. Originally, there was no hope. But Young Patriarch White Light’s appearance let us see hope anew. But didn’t expect that …”

“Didn’t expect that they all racked up his past and attacked him with White Light’s bloodline being impure as the excuse, right?” Ye Yuan followed up.

Bai Po was stunned and could not help looking at Ye Yuan in surprise.

“You … How did you know?”

The Demon Region was comparatively independent. Its news was also relatively out-of-touch to the Divine Realm. There was no reason for Ye Yuan to have heard of the White Tiger Clan’s matters.

But this Ye Yuan actually blurted out the difficult circumstances that Young Patriarch White Light encountered. Could it be that he was a seer?

Ye Yuan did not answer, but asked instead, “With White Light’s cultivation realm, he probably already broke through to Tier 9, right?”

Bai Po nodded and said, “Young Patriarch White Light is a rare cultivation talent. At half a year ago, he already broke through to Tier 9! Currently, his strength is already not the slightest bit inferior to the other two clans’ young patriarchs.”

Mentioning White Light, Bai Po was very proud too. The Flowing Light White Tiger clan had been on a declining trend for many years. White Light’s appearance brought them glory.

Ye Yuan said, “Then that’s right! Do you know how many years White Light used to cultivate from Tier 9 to Tier 9?”

Bai Po shook his head blankly. White Light would never talk to them about past matters, so they also did not know what White Light experienced prior to returning to the White Tiger Clan.

If not for White Light making him come and find Ye Yuan this time, he would not even know that White Light actually still had a friend among the humans.

“A … A hundred years?” Bai Po said weakly.

100 years was not that Bai Po felt that it was too long, but felt that it was too short!

Although the White Tiger Clan had divine beast bloodline, they also required several thousand years before they were able to cultivate to Tier 9.

Even geniuses needed at least several hundred years of time too. The other two clans’ young patriarchs cultivated for around 500 years and were already considered very impressive.

Bao Po discerned the meaning in Ye Yuan’s words. White Light’s cultivation speed should be very fast. Therefore, he boldly made a guess.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’re looking down on White Light too much! The first time I met him, he was merely just Tier 1. That was merely something that happened more than a dozen years ago.”

The moment Bai Po heard, his pupils involuntarily constricted.

He knew that Young Patriarch White Light’s talent was extremely strong. But he also did not think that he actually only used just over a dozen years to cultivate from Tier 1 to Tier 9.

Such talent was truly too heaven-defying!

Of course, if he knew that this freak in front of him also merely just used 10 years of time, and his strength was already comparable to Dao Profound Realm powerhouses, it was uncertain what he would feel.

Furthermore, the reason why White Light cultivated so quickly was all thanks to Ye Yuan.

If there wasn’t Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills, White Light would likely need at least a hundred years of time to be able to cultivate to his present realm.

“Therefore, White Light’s white tiger bloodline will only be above the other two clans’. This is probably also the reason why they joined hands to deal with White Light! And the only problem with White Light is that his bloodline is impure!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Bai Po’s eyes became wide saucers, looking at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

He somewhat understood now, the reason why Young Patriarch White Light wanted to find this young man.

He only just spoke a few sentences from the start until now, but Ye Yuan already guessed the tiger clan’s inner-struggle close to the mark by relying on these few sentences!

Such thinking, just thinking about it made people feel afraid.

“You tell me about the White Tiger Clan’s present situation first,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Currently, Bai Po was already utterly convinced by Ye Yuan. Hearing Ye Yuan’s instruction, he immediately did not hesitate either, hastily recounting the White Tiger Clan’s present circumstances.

The White Tiger Clan’s current patriarch was from the Crimsonflame White Tiger Clan. The White Tiger Clan’s elders association was also the Crimsonflame White Tiger Clan and the Suppression Martial White Tiger Clan being in the majority.

Although the Flowing Light White Tiger was one of the three great branches in name, they had actually gradually declined already and showed trends of being replaced by other branches.

The demon race valued bloodline the most, especially the White Tiger Clan, this sort of clan with extremely high divine beast bloodline purity, they were even more particular about this area.

Ye Yuan had long discovered that White Light was somewhat different from the ordinary White Tiger Clan, but did not think that this aspect actually became the obstacle to White Light becoming young patriarch.

Now, the elders association raised suspicions about White Light’s identity. Although the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan was extremely against this, nothing could be done, especially their power in the clan leaning to the weaker side. Right now, the pressure they experienced was tremendous too.

If it carried on developing like this, forget about contending for the position of young patriarch, likely whether or not he could stay in the White Tiger clan in the end was another matter altogether.

Ye Yuan’s expression was calm and did not express anything. He just said to Bai Po, “You go back and rest first. Tomorrow morning, I’ll follow you and head to the White Tiger Clan!”

Bai Po could not help being overjoyed the moment he heard that. Although Ye Yuan’s strength was a little weak, this resourcefulness might really be able to turn back the raging tides!

Sending away Bai Po, Ye Yuan went to find Yue Mengli.

Yue Mengli and White Light had lived together for a long time. Their feelings were not shallow either. Furthermore, White Light was Ye Yuan’s brother, she naturally would not stop Ye Yuan on this matter.

She did not have the slightest hesitation as well and wanted to leave together with Ye Yuan immediately.