Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Slapping

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The Demon Region was situated in the north-eastern direction of the Divine Realm. The land it occupied was extremely vast.

As one of the Four Great Divine Beasts’ races, the White Tiger Clan had extremely formidable strength. The territory they occupied was as vast as over ten major human regions.

Half a month later, Ye Yuan, Bai Po, and Yue Mengli, the three people finally arrived at the White Tiger Clan’s totem territory after passing through many areas.

The totem territory was a sacred ground that the White Tiger Clan collectively venerated. It was the entire White Tiger Clan’s land of inheritance. Its status was exceptionally special.

The White Tiger Clan, this sort of divine beast race, the branches were a lot. Normally, they were all scattered all over the land. Only when some major matters involving the White Tiger Clan happened would they gather at the totem territory.

At present, it was currently the crucial period of electing the young patriarch. Therefore, large groups of white tiger clan branches gathered inside the totem territory.

“Halt! Miscellaneous people are not to enter the totem territory! Otherwise, kill without mercy!”

Two brawny men with stocky and imposing builds blocked the three people’s path with fierce looks.

Bai Po’s expression turned cold, and he said, “Rong Lin, Rong Sen, what gall you guys have! When did I, Bai Po, become a miscellaneous person?”

That Rong Sen’s face revealed a look of contempt and said, “Lord Bai Po you’re naturally not a miscellaneous person. But these two … Pardon me for not remembering if I’ve seen you before, if I didn’t see wrongly, they should be humans, right?”

Verbally calling Lord Bai Po, but his words did not have the slightest hint of respect. Very clearly, the two of them did not attach importance to Bai Po at all.

Ye Yuan understood in his heart, these two burly men definitely originated from the Crimsonflame White Tiger or Suppression Martial White Tiger lineage. This was intentionally making things difficult.

Bai Po’s face was very grim as he forcefully held back his fury and said, “These two are distinguished guests that Young Patriarch White Light invited over. They are sworn friends for life and death with Young Patriarch White Light. How did they become miscellaneous people?”

But Rong Sen’s attitude did not change in the least bit. Instead, he said with a jeer, “Young Patriarch White Light’s friends? Heh heh, Young Patriarch White Light’s friends are actually humans! Doesn’t Lord Bai Po not know that the humans have a saying that went: those who are not of my race, are surely not of one heart and mind? Apologies, if Lord Bai Po wants to enter, please go ahead! But these two people cannot enter!”

This Rong Sen’s attitude was very haughty and did not show Bai Po any respect at all.

This actually carried the thick intent of shaming.

“You guys!” Bai Po was angered until he was livid with rage.

Slap, slap!

Rong Sen and Rong Ling were currently being pleased with themselves when all of a sudden, they saw stars in front of their eyes. Each person’s face actually had an added slap mark.

Ye Yuan’s slap used plenty of strength, flinging them until they spun around quite a few times on the spot before barely managing to stabilize firmly.

“This place is the White Tiger Clan’s totem territory! You … You actually dare to raise your hand and hit people!” Rong Sen glared at Ye Yuan and said.

Bai Po was stunned too. He did not think that Ye Yuan was actually so tyrannical, raising his hand to throw a slap at a word of disagreement.

However, these two slaps indeed vented one’s anger.

The Flowing Light White Tiger Clan was weak. Although Bai Po’s status in the clan was high, in this totem territory, he did not dare to be unbridled.

Rong Sen and Rong Ling were merely initial-stage Tier 9. Although they were not his match, he did not dare to make a move to strike them.

It was fine if he struck out, but if it left a handle for gossip for the other two clans, there would be everything to lose, but nothing to gain for the clan.

But Bai Po was also very shocked. With his strength, he actually did not see clearly how Ye Yuan threw the slaps just now!

Ye Yuan’s actions were too swift. Everyone did not react in time.

When did Phaseless Realm martial artists have such terrifying movements?

The Flowing Light White Tiger Clan claimed to be unparalleled under the heavens. But Ye Yuan’s movements just now, he actually did not see clearly!

“Two fools who defied your superior, giving you guys two slaps is already considered light! You should rejoice that I’m not a member of the tiger clan. Otherwise, the two of you would already be dead men now!” Ye Yuan said with a cold snort.

Rong Sen was still incredibly haughty just now. But currently, facing Ye Yuan, he actually had unspeakable fear.

Ye Yuan’s move just now was too fast. He did not see clearly at all. If Ye Yuan really wanted to kill them, they would indeed be dead men already.

This level of movement technique that merged with heaven and earth was completely not what he could catch up to.

One had to know that even a divine king like Zhou Bofeng had no way of catching Ye Yuan!

“I … I was just speaking truthfully. How is it defying my superiors?” Rong Sen defended himself with sophistry.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “According to what I know, the young patriarch’s position in the tiger clan is on par with Divine King Realm elders! As a candidate to be the young patriarch, White Light’s status is comparable to that of elders. The two of you made impertinent remarks about him, killing you guys … what’s wrong with that?”

Rong Sen’s face became deathly pale the moment he heard. If one really took it seriously this excuse of Ye Yuan’s was sufficient to kill the two of them.

The demon race’s rankings were even more stringent than the human race. Defying one’s superiors, this kind of accusation, was enough to die several times over.

“Also, you guys said that, those who are not of my race are surely not of one heart and mind. According to what I know, your patriarch and elders, quite a few people have had dealings with human martial artists. There are even some people whose friendly relations aren’t shallow. According to the meaning in your words, are each and every one of the tiger clan’s elders all traitors?”

Ye Yuan took his time to say, but Rong Sen and Rong Ling became drenched in cold sweat.

Although the demon race was relatively independent, the demon race’s upper echelons likewise had close dealings with the human race.

In his past life, Ji Qingyun had very friendly relations with a dragon race’s higher-up who even invited him to the dragon clan to be a guest.

This point, Rong Sen and Rong Ling were naturally aware.

If according to what Ye Yuan said, these two charges added up was enough for them to die a number of times over.

Just as the two of them were at a loss on what to do, a young man slowly walked over.

“What a sharp tongue your esteemed self has. Looks like you’re the reinforcement White Light went to invite?”

When Bai Po saw the arrival, his expression involuntarily changed, and he went forward to salute, “Young Patriarch Rong Xin!”

“Huhu, you went through great trouble, Bai Po! Looks like this brother arriving, Younger Brother White Light has an additional huge arm!” Rong Xin said with a faint smile.

Hearing young patriarch these two words, how could Ye Yuan still not understand the identity of this person in front of him?

This person was definitely one of the candidates for young patriarch too.

Those two people earlier were likely arranged by him in advance, to deliberately take him down a notch.

It was just that Rong Xin did not expect that a slap from him and a few sentences scared the two people until they wet their pants. He only showed himself to rescue the besieged against his will.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Whether it’s an additional huge arm or not is hard to tell. But if someone wants to bully White Light, I’ll break an arm of his!”

When Rong Xin heard that, a cold light flickered across his two eyes. But on the surface, he said with a light smile, “Brother is so arrogant! You got to know that this place is the White Tiger Clan’s territory. You humans have to pay the price for coming here to be arrogant!”

Ye Yuan looked at Rong Xin and said with a smile, “When I’m arrogant, the one who pays the price is generally someone else.”

“Big Brother!”

Right at this moment, a clear and melodious voice sounded out. A white silhouette arrived with a howl. Who could it be if not White Light?

“White Light! Parting for years, I didn’t expect that you’re already the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch!” Ye Yuan laughed loudly, and they hugged each other, leaving Rong Xin out in the cold at one side.